Limbaugh: Journalism Has Adopted a Special Kind of Stupid to Be This Acquiescent to the State

Every once in a while Rush Limbaugh has a monologue that is something really special and this, while a long read, is one of the best explanations of what is wrong with journalism that one may ever see. It is worth your time.

(Full Disclosure – This writer has been quoted in a Rush Limbaugh Biography)

Rush Limbaugh:

Have you ever noticed, ladies and gentlemen, how the… You know, I call them the left, the liberals, the Democrats, whatever. Have you ever noticed how they claim they love Mother Nature?  They just love it!  They don’t like humanity much because humanity destroys Mother Nature.  But they love Mother Nature.  But then when Mother Nature does something nasty, like give us a drought or give us a hurricane, it’s not Mother Nature’s fault.  No!  It’s our fault….

Read more HERE.

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