Your Corrupt Government in Action…..

These apparatchiks in the video below are IT employees for YOUR State Department. Some were also taking secondary paychecks from the Clinton’s that they did not disclose.

They broke the law by destroying documents that were under subpoena and then plead the 5th Amendment when called on it.

So the GOVERNMENT breaks the law and then the GOVERNMENT pleads the 5th to get out of it. Simply maddening. These particular staffers deleted emails and documents AFTER they were under subpoena.

It will literally take amending the constitution to prevent government employees from doing this in regards to their official duties.

One staffer who the Clinton’s hired privately to work on her illegal email server at home did testify however. Watch this.

Knowing how this government works you can be almost certain that he will be prosecuted for accessing classified information without the proper clearance.

Here is the FBI admitting in testimony that it is illegally withholding information from Congress. This is a must see!

This is how the Clinton’s work. They weaponize the entire process. They stall and stall, ignore subpoenas until a judge forces them, than they only partially comply, making other go back to court to get the rest. In several cases the underlings working for the Clinton’s have gone to jail (1, 2, 3, 4) rather than comply with judge’s orders, subpoenas etc.

Clinton crony violates subpoena:

State Dept IT staffer, who was also secretly taking a second paycheck from the Clinton’s, after being given immunity from the FBI, violates subpoena to testify. He will end up in jail for this. Why does he fear the Clinton’s more than he fears jail?

Of course, the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton was a sham and here is the proof. The FBI allowed Hillary to hire material witnesses to be her personal lawyers so they could invoke attorney client privilege.

That is an old trick. All that all DoJ would have to do is go to a judge and have the judge throw the material witnesses off the case as legal counsel. The FBI would not ask a judge to do so.

Fore more details read THIS and THIS.


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