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So Hillary, Let Me Get This Straight…..

“None of my emails had the classified header and border “- Hillary Rodham Clinton So Hillary let me get this straight. I take a classified document complete with the border and header markings, and then I open up my email … Continue reading

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Hillary’s “Deplorables”Comment Planned and Scripted….

We have found several video’s of Hillary calling half the the country, including a wide majority of our veterans, “deplorables.” This was not just some “gaffe” that she apologized for. Here is Hillary on Israeli Television:

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Your Corrupt Government in Action…..

These apparatchiks in the video below are IT employees for YOUR State Department. Some were also taking secondary paychecks from the Clinton’s that they did not disclose. They broke the law by destroying documents that were under subpoena and then plead the … Continue reading

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Donald and Ivanka Trump Dependent Care Plan

I am hearing some VERY sloppy arguments on talk radio about Donald and Ivanka Trump’s new plan to help with child care and working families. Arguments like, Your grandparents and their parents didn’t have these benefits so why should you? … Continue reading

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Organized Groups Turning in Forged Voter Registration Forms

Check your voter registration, especially if you live in Indiana. WHY? Because a group calling itself the Indiana Voter Registration Project (DEMOCRATS) turned in forged voter registration forms with changed addresses so that they would apply for an absentee ballot … Continue reading

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