UPDATE – What Happened to Political Arena?

Cheers all! I wanted to let you all know that myself, your humble editor, and staff are alive and well.

We suspended  –  not terminated – operations for a number of reasons. Some of our staff, including yours truly, took work ghostwriting. It would not be ethical to compete against my own customers to put it bluntly. It is really nice to get paid for our work and still have the work out there for people to consume. Rest assured that if you read some of the more honest political writing out there you have likely been reading one of us from time to time.

The other reason is that other blogs, columnists and even Fox News hosts have repeatedly robbed us blind with no credit given. This site is not even monetized (yet) so proper sourcing and a little credit is greatly appreciated.

NOTE: We do not blame the Fox News hosts themselves as we understand that they have young producers who are desperate for material to submit. It is most likely that it is those young producers who rip us off and turn in our work as their own.

Ghost writing business has slowed down as of late as many blogs and writers who were once honest have simply gone off the rails this election. I will not ghostwrite things that I know to be directionally inaccurate. Yours truly has narrowed his number of clients to just a few and now only write for them from time to time.

Yours truly has never seen the elite media, columnists and so many once honest bloggers get emotionally invested, flawed and biased as this election season.

Who is honest? From our judgment Lifezette, whose editor is Laura Ingraham, is doing some great work. Tucker Carlson and Byron York have been doing some of their best work this election season. IBD, Washington Times, and the Washington Free Beacon are most always a good read. Daily Caller has some great work, but also some work that is not so great. Ditto with Daily Signal.  Anthony Watts is solid. Breitbart is point of view to be sure, and sure sometimes they miss, but they still deliver good information most others won’t. For education news from a traditional perspective EAG News and ISI usually have something worth your time.

Always check the Drudge Report.

Notice that the list above is pretty short….

I suspect that we will be back.