Pictures Speak a Thousand Words About Diversity and Rhetoric…

Donald Trump’s Southern California Campaign Staff via LA Times
MSNBC Television Line Up 2012
The Washington Press Corps That Follows Hillary via Politico
President Obama’s 2012 Campaign HQ Staff via Daily Beast
Huffington Post Editorial Staff via Liz Heron


To Believe In An Ideal It’s Important To Understand When To Abandon It


“To believe in an ideal is to be willing to betray it. It is something that no Sith or Jedi has ever truly learned.” – Traya

It amazes me how much of the philosophy of Cicero is in both Star Trek and Star Wars. It was the Jedi’s unwillingness to bend the Jedi Code and rescue Anakin Skywalker’s mother that more than anything led to his fall to the Dark Side.

The Jedi Counsel was perfectly willing to let Anakin’s mother stay a slave, and then tell Anakin to ignore his visions of her suffering, only because the Jedi Code forbade attachments. How inhuman is that?

Ideals and laws and such are very important, but life itself is an exercise of exceptions. If it wasn’t all we would need is a book of rules to lead us and not leaders.