Leftist film critics think those who liked “Red Dawn” are mentally ill. Sound Familiar? – UPDATED!

The elite media film reviews of the film remake of Red Dawn speak volumes of just who and what is in the elite media. The hostility is so great that they couldn’t help but reveal their collectivist politics in the reviews.

Did the idea of communists in America offend them? Not in the least. Did the idea of some American’s becoming sympathizers with and aiding the invading communists in the film make them even flinch? Nope.

What made the elite media positively furious? The idea of traditional Americans, including an active duty US Marine and three retired Marines, gearing up to act as an insurgent force to make the invading communists regret trying to gain a foothold in the United States.

In fact, so indoctrinated into the radical left are so many in the elite media including these film critics, that they present the exact same false narrative that communists throughout history have treated domestic dissidents who would dare oppose them; they present them or accuse them of being mentally ill.

Breitbart News:

The film’s critical drubbing was about more than just storytelling hiccups, says National Review contributor John J. Miller.

“Better dead than Red Dawn,” sneered the Washington Post’s Rita Kempley, who called the film “sick and silly.” Janet Maslin of the New York Times labeled it “rabidly inflammatory,” “incorrigibly gung-ho,” and “a virulently alarmist fable.” Bob Thomas of the Associated Press condemned its “bathos” as “unrelenting.” Perhaps these were the honest assessments of dispassionate reviewers….

The makers of Red Dawn, complained Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times, “spent too much time playing to the rabid anti-Commies.” You know: The movie must be awful because those icky conservatives approve of it. Even today, many liberals resort to knee-jerk denunciations: “Its guiding ideology is actually fascism,” wrote David Plotz of Slate in 2008.

That was then. This is the response the “Red Dawn” remake is getting from movie critics.

The Chicago Reader calls it a “Tea Party wet dream.” Time Magazine says “both movies play like hokey advertisements for the National Rifle Association, injected with high school pep rally enthusiasm.”

The Washington Post’s review says the film will be “red meat for tea party patriots,” as if Obama voters would rather allow an invading force take over rather than fight back.

Well film critics, we cannot speak for “all Obama voters”, but in your case the constant overt hostility you have shown over the years to American Exceptionalism leaves little doubt as to whose side you would end up aiding…just as Ronald Reagan knew all so well:

[Editor’s Note – I have seen the film, and even though it is not as good as the original, it is fun and worth the cost of a few tickets and popcorn. The biggest flaw in the film is that the film creators didn’t take a little more time to develop the characters to a point where you really cared about them. People make a story and stories are not as interesting when you don’t have a certain intimacy or identity with the characters.]


Kate Dalzell comments –  Goodness, what will these children think of next. Seriously, anything that has the slightest hint of pro-America or American exceptionalism throws these reprobates into a fear-based frenzy. Since they cannot self-govern, anything that opposes that which protects them from having to do so will induce such a tremendous amount of fear that they feel they must project, as a weapon, in order to maintain their therapeutic state. 

Kimberly Saunders comments –  Who wouldn’t like an America kicks ass over bad guys movie? I’d call it unAmerican and mentally ill if you didn’t like it.

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