One thought on “TOTALLY AWESOME: Thomas Peterffy – Freedom To Succeed (video)”

  1. To Thomas Peterffy: The USA is certainly not going to become a socialist country under President Obama or any other politician. The government will not control the means of production or any businesses. We do run a health care system for our military but that is not socialism. You may have grown up with the evils of a devastated post-WWII economy and you regret that your people did not have enough gumption to work to restore their country without being bribed. You lived under communism, not socialism. What you are missing is an experience living in a plutocracy. The rich get richer and more powerful, everyone else is left to sink into poverty. This country has had that experience from the Civil War to the 1930s. The right-wing forgets this hard lesson – at their own peril. You are not the person to speak to America about economic control systems. Your experience is not an American experience, the Hungarians are not Americans. You have no experience with equates to that of America. You need to study our history first and not just try to conflate your un-American experience with our republic.


    Political Arena Editor Responds:

    Phyllis, I have news for you. Corporatism is the brother of Socialism. Does it really matter if government takes over business or if they just run it through regulations and overpowered bureaucrats? Sure one may be a shark and the other is a killer whale but they both behave exactly the same if you are a seal.

    We have nationalization of banks, GM, energy etc either by government buying into them with bailouts, or just taking them over through regulation. Much of our banking and mortgage industry is essentially a GSE.

    Also, Mr. Peterffy has done more in America in the American system than the overwhelming majority of Americans. If anything his vast business experience in America gives him a credible perspective, and his experience growing up in the Eastern Bloc gives him the contrast to make what he says quite credible.

    Phyllis, respectfully, it is you who needs a lesson in American history if you believe for one moment that the Democratic Leadership is even slightly interested in taxing the super rich.

    The Democratic leadership has NEVER been interested in taxing mega corps and the super rich, what they are very much interested in is taxing small to medium sized domestic businesses and the productive middle class, which I call the “producer” class.

    And I am about to show you the irrefutable evidence. There is a reason that mega-corps and the super rich very much favor contributions to the Democrats. Read below if you dare.

    The taxes Democrats propose to “soak the rich” always seem to miss those who they demagogue for not paying their fair share. They have been “soaking the rich” for decades and keep missing the target. Why?

    Veronique de Rugy: The Alternative Minimum Tax Targets the Productive Middle Class, Not the Rich

    Obama’s Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner: Taxes on ‘Small Business’ Must Rise So Government Doesn’t ‘

    If George Soros is so into promoting socialism, why does he go to such lengths to enrich himself often at the expense of others

    White House Connected GE Pays No Tax on $14 Billion ….Again!

    Top 20 Industry Money Recipients This (2008) Election Cycle – Who is in the back pocket of Wall Street?

    Wall St. Made More Money In 2.5 Years Of Obama Than 8 Years Of Bush

    Under Obama: Family Income Down. Jobless Claims High. Government Spending Up. Super Rich Getting Richer

    Corruption: Most Stimulus Funds Spent in Democrat Districts…

    Obama: Largest Wall Street Money Recipient, Hands Out Jobs to Contributors

    CNN: Obama Attacking Private Equity At 6am, Fundraising With Private Equity At 6pm (video)

    Americans Making Over $50,000 a Year Paid 93.3 % of All Taxes in 2010

    The Democrats are all about picking winners and losers. They oppose economic freedom and believe themselves to be our social engineers. It is cronyism on steroids. This brings us to Norton’s First Law:

    Big business loves big government as big government taxes and regulates the small and medium sized competition out of the competition. One of the bad results is domestic inflation inflation, so those living off savings and the poor who are hardest hit.

    By the way, if you read just the first link above you will find out that billionaire John Kerry paid 12.34% federal taxes on $5,072,000 income. For a guy who is all about taxing the rich he sure is good at avoiding paying. John Kerry and the Democrats demagogued the Steve Forbes Flat Tax plan as a tax giveaway to the rich; the Forbes rate was 17.5% so under the Forbes plan Kerry would have paid much more. John Kerry was the Democrat Presidential Nominee in 2004.

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