Editor’s Live Blog of VP Debate

Editor: Biden’s Performance the Most Dishonest I Have Ever Witnessed – LINK

Chuck Norton – Joe is a very likable fellow. He always has been. Look at how fast he changed the subject to Bin Laden.

Chuck Norton – Ryan has good points, but he is being a tad scripted. But granted any normal human would be nervous.

Chuck Norton – Oh come on Joe, the Obama Admin was using the Embassy Budget to buy Chevy Volts for diplomatic staff… and its Ryan’s fault that the Obama Admin cut security in Banghazi? Gimme an effing break….

Laurie Blackert Harris – ONLY good point…he has to stick with the only thing they have..

Chuck Norton – Look this is the anniversary of 9/11…. and – Go Paul Ryan – totally correct.

Laurie Blackert Harris – I MEAN Bin laden dead… is the ONLY thing they have… then got our seals killed when they bragged about it… STUPID

Chuck Norton – OK the administration counted on watered down sanctions…. but to be fair, oil rich countries are VERY good at getting around such sanctions…. Saddam Hussien was getting around the sanctions and the UN was helping Iraq get around them with bribes all the way up to Kofi Annon’s son.

Chuck Norton – Paul Ryan is talking too much. Let Joe talk so he can gaff… because he always does….

Chuck Norton – Joe says that “we will not let Iran get a nuclear weapon and they don’t have a weapon to put uranium into” – OH COME ON – once they have the uranium making the weapons is so easy it is silly. I know as I have expertise on WMD’s.

Chuck Norton – Sanctions just give the illusion of doing something while Iran gets time to enrich uranium.

Chuck Norton – Joe says – Romney says “let foreclosures hit the bottom” the market needs to bottom out before it can recover. The problem came about and lingers because government is trying to prop up housing prices… and they are failing miserably in the process.

Kimberly Eason Saunders – Why the hell is Biden laughing all the time?

Chuck Norton – Joe pulls the old BS class envy card – so Ryan pulls out “This is not what a real recovery looks like” card and goes right into the “Five Point Plan” which are solid and simple talking points.

Chuck Norton – Wow – Paul Ryan did his “Mitt Romney is a good man” speech which was devastatingly effective. A YouTube moment that we are going to see for a long time.

Kimberly Eason Saunders – Ryan better come back on this one — show me something? Where’s your budget?

Chuck Norton – Wow the war and the prescription drug benefit caused the collapse Joe??? WTF – Wow such lies. Wow, even for a politician that is a whopper.

Chuck Norton – Wait a minute – so when Ryan’s office helps a constituent apply for stimulus dollars that is a policy position?? Joe knows better than that. It is the duty of every Member of Congress to help with such requests once the law is enacted. – This is terribly dishonest.

Kimberly Eason Saunders – Moderator sucks — she keeps changing topic and not let Ryan answer

Chuck Norton – Yes when Ryan is moving in for the kill she wants to change.

Chuck Norton – Wow the dishonesty is really getting thick. The fact checkers are going to cream Biden tomorrow.

Kimberly Eason Saunders –  interrupting again! UGH! I want to slap him

Kimberly Eason Saunders –  How many times has he said Martha? Good thing this isn’t a drinking game!

Chuck Norton – Biden is denying what his own Medicare Actuary is on the record saying.

Chuck Norton  – 28% of small business income vs 44% of that income Obama wants to take – that one hit home.

Chuck Norton  – Ohh these taxes on small business speech Ryan is going is devastating – another youtube moment.

Chuck Norton  – Reagan and Tip O’Neill – lets do what they did – smart

Chuck Norton  – Arguing statistics against Paul Ryan – Ryan will win every time.

Chuck Norton  – Getting in the weeds vs Paul Ryan is a losing strat Joe – Hit Paul Ryan on specifics ….Ryan can give them to you.

Chuck Norton  – Joe is right about the budget deal – Boehner got totally out foxed.

Kimberly Eason Saunders  – Gotta give Ryan credit for keeping his cool against this dimwit

Chuck Norton  – Joe Biden: Afghan security is THEIR responsibility not ours. A good point, but unless the Taliban is whipped they will own Afghanistan again and we will be right at square one. We are being too restrained in fighting the Taliban.

Kimberly Eason Saunders  – it is almost unbearable to watch Biden’s smug  face

Chuck Norton  – Let me be clear, either go ape on the Taliban and wipe them out whatever it takes, or take all our allies and those who want to leave (like all the women who hate the taliban) and we leave. We must NOT leave the innocent to twist in the wind.

Kimberly Eason Saunders  – Why is Biden yelling?

Rey Brandt  – Because he is losing?

Rey Brandt  – Just talk over the top Joe it’s not like the moderator will call you on it.

Chuck Norton – Joe knows how to sound assertive – even when he is just so full of it.

Chuck Norton – I think people tuned out after the medicare part of the debate – now only the politiwonks are watching.

Chuck Norton  – Both of them are wrong on this Syria thing……..

Chuck Norton  – LOL, Biden can take a pile of nonsense and make it sound like a good answer, but like I said, wow are the fact checkers going to skewer Biden tomorrow.

Kimberly Eason Saunders  – I am totally against forcing religious hospitals to cover abortions as it’s against their religious beliefs

Chuck Norton  – Ryan nailing them on the abortion mandate against catholic institutions hit home.

Chuck Norton – Oh wow, Biden is going to get hammered tomorrow – “That is a fact” Yes, it is today – BUT next year when the MANDATE KICKS IN then the mandate is the fact Joe. Then Catholic institutions will be forced to pay for abortions services and drugs etc.

Kimberly Eason Saunders  – LOL! Yeah, like Kagan had no hidden agenda? gimme a flipping break?

Chuck Norton  – I read Kagen’s law review article that argued against the First Amendment – it was scarey.

Chuck Norton  – OK all they are closing up – While both sides had a few factual deficits, Joe Biden was repeatedly and fantastically dishonest on several points. So much so that even I am a bit surprised. Ryan’s closing is devastating.

Rey Brandt Closing time to blame Bush!

Chuck Norton  – Joe was on an emotional roller-coaster and that is the ad to make against him – it comes across as insincere… as slick. Ryan had a few times where he was not asserting himself well.

Rey Brandt  – Best line? “If you can’t run on your record paint your opponent as someone to run from.”

Radical Islamists Shoot 14 Year Old Girl for Speaking Out for Good Education: Educating Girls is Obscenity

14-year-old Malala Yousufzai
14-year-old Malala Yousufzai

Fox News:

A Taliban gunman walked up to a bus taking children home from school in Pakistan’s volatile Swat Valley on Tuesday and shot and wounded a 14-year-old activist known for championing the education of girls and publicizing atrocities committed by the Taliban, officials said.

The attack in the city of Mingora targeted 14-year-old Malala Yousufzai, who is widely respected for her work to promote the schooling of girls — something that the Taliban strongly opposes. She was nominated last year for the International Children’s Peace Prize.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, calling Malala’s work “obscenity.”

“This was a new chapter of obscenity, and we have to finish this chapter,” said Taliban spokesman Ahsanullah Ahsan by telephone. “We have carried out this attack.”