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Bill Whittle: Why Voting for Mitt Romney is the Only Moral Choice (video)

Maybe, but is he trustworthy?

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Obama Administration prevents military from talking to Congress about embassy killings.

This is likely unprecedented. A president has never, so far in my research, prevented the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee in Congress from asking a member of the military direct questions. This is stonewalling. Fox News: Rep. Howard “Buck” … Continue reading

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How stupid do Democrats think women are? (video)


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Altruism and Totalitarianism

[Editor’s Note – With this column we are very excited to welcome a truly wonderful mind in the form of Kate Dalzell to Political Arena. In this column Dalzell takes apart an all to common false narrative, a subject that … Continue reading

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NEA General Counsel Bob Chanin 2009 – It’s Money & Power, Not Education (video)

It speaks for itself.

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