Muslim Brotherhood Takes Control of Egypt; “Jerusalem Will Be Our Capital”

Remember that President Obama helped oust the pro-American Egyptian government and called it “The Arab Spring”. Well now it is done and as predicted by myself, Dr. Niall Ferguson and so many others as far back as February of last year.

Watch this video from February of 2011 and look and see how this disastrous chain of events has come about just as conservatives feared. Notice what Ferguson said about a Muslim Brotherhood regime that would be aggressive towards Israel in order to unite radicalized masses under the banner of external aggression.

A prominent Egyptian cleric when introducing the new President of Egypt in a campaign rally said that “Jerusalem will be the new capital of Egypt….

As it appeared that the Muslim Brotherhood was about to take power, they started giving women “virginity tests“,and they used armored vehicles against Egyptian ChristiansPresident Obama sold them 125 M1 battle tanks and tried to give them 800 million dollars. Obama is arming the Middle East to the gills.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the grandfather of Al-Qaeda and they are involved in raising money for jihadists here in the United States. The motto for the Muslim Brotherhood is:

‘Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our leader; the Quran is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

See our other Egypt coverage HERE for more details.

For a host of reasons this writer believes that this a part of a deliberate plan by the Obama Administration to undermine Israel’s security and ability to defend itself. Why?

1 – Polls of the Egyptian Street showed that almost 70% wanted Sharia Law and war with Israel. The administration denied these polls. The election results showed that these polls were accurate.

2 – The administration has radicalized antisemites such as Samantha Power and Robert Malley in prominent positions in the State Department.

3 – Obama made a speech advocating that Israel return to the indefensible 1967 borders.

4 – Any student of global security full well knows that the previous pro-American government in Egypt that Obama helped to remove from power was the lynch pin for Middle-East peace. Egypt  has a peace treaty with Israel that was signed by the previous government. The Muslim Brotherhood has made it clear that the treaty is shredded.

5 – President Obama’s attitude and other acts of disrespect have shown that there is a hostility towards Israel. So much so that even as far back in 2009 only 6% if Israelis saw President Obama and “pro-Israel”. See details HERE.

2 thoughts on “Muslim Brotherhood Takes Control of Egypt; “Jerusalem Will Be Our Capital””

  1. More Bullshit from your partisan crap – It isn’t even factually accurate.

    Political Arena Editor Chuck Norton comments:

    This is what the above commenter put down for his information: x

    Real mature isn’t it?

    Partisan? I wasn’t aware that the Muslim Brotherhood was a political party in our electoral process. Or could it be what we and so many others have reported for a long time, that the far left has allied with Jihadist groups against Western Civilization, which is why the commenter identifies the Muslim Brotherhood with his own party (Democrats).

    Said commenter is from Glen Mills, Pennsylvania (near DC).

  2. You are so right on this. I knew what was going to happen as soon as the first protests started in Cairo; it was as obvious as the light on that oncoming train if you weren’t a part of the moronic pundit class. The Ikhwan will find a way to maneuver the military out of power and seize it for themselves during the next few months and after that there will be war, and God help the world when that comes. Thanks Barack.

    Political Arena Editor Chuck Norton Comments:

    Be sure to see the above commenter’s blog entry on this subject at the link below.

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