Sarah Palin: “ObamneyCare”


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1 Response to Sarah Palin: “ObamneyCare”

  1. crisap444 says:

    “Obamneycare” Brave words against Romney who created the most conservative plan that could get past the liberal Massachusetts legislature while not letting them completely take over the medical industry (which is what they wanted). All of his actions, unlike hers, were always trying to be more conservative than whoever he is working with…

    …the rest of her words are braver still considering Palin’s big government defense of a bridge to nowhere, her saying in the VP debates that education just needed more funding from the federal government (like any liberal in the pocket of the Teacher’s union would say), and still taking government dollars to subsidize her TV show.

    I also like how she says he hasn’t articulated what he is going to do. Apparently she didn’t listen to his speech at CPAC. But clearly she hasn’t really been listening to any of the candidates as she claims to just come up with the term “Obamneycare” right then and there when I think we all remember Rick Perry was using it just a few months ago.

    In a sane world the Tea Party would realize that this narcissitic demagogue is everything they’re supposed to be against.

    Political Arena editor Chuck Norton responds:

    Amazing. Look at the twisted pretzel like logic you have to go through to call the fiscal disaster that is RomneyCare “conservative”.

    What will you say next? It all depends what the meaning if “is” is?

    What you just posted is nothing new. Recently it was called Clinton speak, before that it was called Orwellian doublespeak. With conservatism like RomneyCare conservatism loses it’s meaning. There is nothing conservative or libertarian or even fiscally sane about RomneyCare as the studies we have posted and real world results have made clear. MIT’s Prof Gruber who was a chief economist for RomneyCare and ObamaCare, has now come out and said it will make costs rise, premiums more expensive and will over time make all private insurance so expensive it will be out of reach for most Americans – which is exactly what conservatives like me who really do understand economics said from day one.

    The real question I have for you “Crisap444” is this; do really believe the pile of nonsense you just posted? Because at least 2/3’s of Republican voters are not buying it for a moment.

    By the way, it is spelled “narcissistic”. Also, it is you who needs to start listening. It was Jon Huntsman who first used the term ObamneyCare, not Rick Perry. It is just that very few people listened to Jon Huntsman, which ended up being a real blessing


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