How could Trump incite an attack that was pre planned/started before his speech

The FBI says that some people who assaulted police, planted pipe bombs at both the RNC and the DNC (as if Trump supporters would do that) happened before President Trump gave his speech or happened well before his speech ended.

Also, incitement and such are clearly defined in our laws court rulings. Nothing Trump said is even close, of course to the left anything they don’t like is hate speech because they don’t care about definitions or absolute truth.

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The four types of leftists

by Chuck Norton

Leftists generally fall into one of four categories.

The Useful Idiot

This person believes the party propaganda put out for “the rabble” by the elite media and the academic left. They have also bought the seductive “reasoning” of appeals to envy (social justice, eco-extremism etc). They are not well informed but are SURE they are right. They are the poster child for the effectiveness of attitude change propaganda.

While useful idiots have been fooled, many of them are not unintelligent. In fact many of them are well educated in areas outside of political history, propaganda and mass media theory. Their ability to defend their world view crumbles easily under cross examination.

The Utopian

The Utopian believes the propaganda for the most part, but his primary motivation is the false belief that utopia through central planning is possible. At first they do not understand the level of coercive force required to achieve “utopia.” Early on, they do not understand that utopia requires the destruction of all that is different.

Eventually The Utopian comes to believe that those who oppose The Utopian’s efforts must be evil, therefore use of coercive force becomes easier to justify and an “ends justifies the means” mentality wins over.

The Elitist

The Elitist truly believes in their own intellectual and moral superiority. They believe that “rationality must be imposed from above” and by “above” they mean themselves and their allies. Many elitists have read some theory such as Hegel, Marx, grievance studies etc.

The Elitist is also motivated in part by envy as they are disgusted by wealthy business leaders, many of whom do not even have a college degree. The Elitist may even believe that he is more worthy of wealth and/or adoration. Their contempt for the merchant class causes them to engage in circular logic like “you didn’t build that” as they cannot accept that those who they despise might actually be smarter and/or harder working and more creative than said elitist.

The Elitist can also be a utopian. Most leftist college profs and many bureaucrats are elitists.

The Oligarch

The Oligarch can start as one of the previous three. Their belief in their own superiority goes beyond arrogance. They truly believe they are born to rule. Ironically The Oligarch is often the least ideological of the group. The Oligarch has come to understand that Marxism, envy, conflict theory, etc are all a means to an end. They see society as a chess board and feel morally justified in playing the role of the chess master (George Soros, John Brennan etc). Morality is whatever they define it as at any given moment.

The Oligarch will use whatever means he must, so a little fascism or corporatism is fine, a few payoffs or Chicago style corruption, the use of government to pick winners and losers, killing, destroying people’s lives, threats, bribery and thuggery are all tools The Oligarch will use.

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Lawless Judge: No bail for Jason Chansley “Because he is a symbol”

We are still looking for the statute in the criminal code for “being a symbol”…

Charge him for trespassing sure…but since police let him in that charge might prove difficult to stick.

Jason Chansley was escorted into the capitol by police which is on video. He and his friends thanked police which is on video. He and his friends prayed and sang inside the capitol. Again all on video. Almost every step he took was recorded. He attacked no one he harmed no one.

Yet the Judge in his case is holding him without bail because “he is a symbol of insurrection” – last we checked being a symbol is not a crime.

Charge him with trespass and maybe even disorderly conduct like they do most protestors and let the jury decide.

This is further evidence that our court system is broken. Too many judges do not even consider the law in their rulings and we have not just Democrats to thank for this, but Mitch McConnel, The Federalist Society and big academia for producing lawyers who think they can just make the law up as they go.

Sure he is a Qanon pinhead, but being a pinhead is not a crime.

For those of us who are old enough to remember, Star Trek has repeatedly warned us what happens when courts become politicized and when legislators, the media and the mob hold “Drum Head Trials”…

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Tucker: Dem lawmakers calling for “Secret Police” domestic agency

Democrat lawmakers want to start a domestic secret police agency to target their political opponents.

Grab this video before it is pulled down. Use a YouTube video online downloader to capture it. Tucker also verifies our previous post.

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VIDEO CNN Does Not Want You To See: “Insurrectionists” in Capitol Building Cooperated /w Police, Thanked Them, Prayed and Sang Songs.


Here is “Chewbacca Man” and the others in the Capitol Building. They are not being violent. They were let in by police as they made it clear that they were not a threat. They Prayed, gave aid to those who needed help, cooperated with police every step of the way while thanking them for their service repeatedly.

While there was some violence, after all about half a million people were there, the overwhelming majority of Trump supporters were a model of what good protesting looks like.

Watch this video, share it with everyone. The elite media and Democrats are just lying again. Special thanks to Newsmax for showing this video when no one else would.

They do not want you to see this ad from 2016 from Democrats urging Members of Congress to reject Trump Electors:

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Video captures man crawling out of govt hospital after dismissing his pleas for help

The government run Canadian hospital showed crass and callous indifference to this man’s suffering. They mocked him. They did this because the public is not who they are accountable to. They are accountable to a government bean counter who could care less, which is made obvious by what is seen here.

The government hospital tried to cover it up using every bogus reason they could. Their privacy argument is laughable as one has no expectation of privacy when serving the public on behalf of the state.

The discipline didn’t happen because the man was mistreated, it only happened after the two years of cover up eventually failed and the scandal went public.


David Pontone’s voice still shakes as he recalls having to crawl out of Toronto’s Humber River Hospital on his hands and knees.

“The pain was unbearable,” said Pontone. “To be able to walk properly was impossible.”

It happened on April 18, 2018, but involved a lengthy battle for his family to obtain video footage of the event.

The 45-year-old had gone to emergency, complaining of excruciating pain in his legs.

“They thought I was faking it because I was bipolar,” Pontone told Go Public. “There are no words to describe what I went through that night.”


An ambulance took him to Toronto Western Hospital in downtown Toronto, where a neurologist diagnosed Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a rare disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks the nerves.

Yours truly knows someone with this disorder. It most certainly is extremely painful, crippling and debilitating. See the rest of the story and the video HERE.

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This is What Rioting Looks Like: Leftist Violence on Inauguration Day 2016 (video)

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We Warned You: American Thinker Admits Many of Sidney Powell’s Claims Debunked

And this is why we said that Sidney Powell, who really meant well, was likely the victim of a Deep State disinformation campaign. We said it and explained why in detail on November 23rd

Look how far ahead of the curve we were on this folks.

While there are certainly problems with Dominion and election integrity, the stuff being fed to Powell had parts that were over the top and either demonstrably wrong or unprovable.

This will be used to discredit/smear anyone who criticized Dominion just as we predicted. This does not mean that Dominion is trustworthy or innocent of all. We certainly do not trust their products for good reason as there are legit bipartisan critiques of Dominion. Q Anon disinformation follows the same pattern and style.

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Reminder: Dems Objected to Electoral Vote Certification for the Last Three GOP Presidents

So why wasn’t it sedition and treason when Democrats did it? Where were the corporations stopping donations to democrats who did it?
This is why leftists do not debate – because they lie and anyone who does minutes of homework can find it.

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Sen. Graham releases newly unclassified docs on illegal FBI spying on Trump, slams ‘corrupt’ FBI investigation.

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Documentary examines FBI surveillance of Martin Luther King. How they tried to destroy him.

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Former Dem Congressman Displays Painting of Mao Over Fire Place

Look at the photo over former Congressman Harold Ford’s fireplace – It is Mao, the man who started the Chinese Communist Party and the biggest mass murderer in world history.
We keep telling you these people are communists….well there you go.

Here is former Obama Comms Director Anita Dunn, who will also serve in the upcoming Biden Administration saying that her favorite political philosopher is Mao:

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Jimmy Dore /w Tucker Carlson on the Impact of Leftist Censorship

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The Democrats’ Scorched Earth Hypocrisy

Jesse Watters – The Payback Playbook:

Miranda Devine of the New York Post:

What a difference a week makes. On Wednesday, we discovered that House Democrats actually support police. They are against mob violence. They believe in law and order. They believe in harsh punishment for rule breakers. They believe in accountability.

They care deeply about civility. They believe words matter. They abhor intemperate rhetoric. They are against coarse language. Fancy that.

They believe in a peaceful transition of power, at least this time, as opposed to 2016. They believe in the Electoral College. They believe in the legitimacy of the people’s vote.

They believe in walls, at least when it comes to protecting their own place of work. They even believe in bringing in the National Guard to quell civil unrest, at least when it comes to preserving their own peace.

They believe in guns, at least when their own safety is at risk.

They revere American history and institutional norms. They honor the Founding Fathers. Hah!

This is what we learned while watching the Democrats in the House impeach President Trump for the second pointless time in 13 months.

We learned that they, almost to a man and a woman, suffer from an acute case of hypocrite-itis.

Where have they been the past four years with these noble ideas that conservatives have been begging them to defend?

Perhaps if Democrats had not normalized and encouraged violence when organized BLM-Antifa mobs began rampaging through our cities, the tragic events of Jan. 6 at the Capitol would not have occurred.

Keep Reading HERE.

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Matt Gaetz Goes Nuclear on House floor: Big Tech! Big Egos! Democrats Lit Actual Flames (video)

Representative Matt Gaetz:

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Project Veritas gets Jack Dorsey on video. The censorship has just begun.

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Trump Receives Morocco’s Highest Award for Middle East Peace

Direct link.

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History: Every time the Left has taken power they move against free speech (Video)

Rabbi Dennis Prager was a Fellow at Columbia University’s School of International Affairs, where he did graduate work at the Middle East and Russian Institutes. He has taught Russian and Jewish history at Brooklyn College; and was appointed by President Ronald Reagan to the U.S. Delegation to the Vienna Review Conference on the Helsinki Accords. He holds an honorary doctorate of law from Pepperdine University.

Prager: The left is using the Capital protest as their Reichstag Fire moment to take power:

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According to CBS and the US Attorney’s Office, This Is An Advanced Military Tactic

First piece of evidence that the entire investigation is a farce.

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Famed Tech Inventor Shows Georgia Senate How Ballots Were Counterfeited and How to Detect Them (video)

Jovan Pulitzer invented the technology behind the QR code scanner, the code scanners used at grocery stores, the scanner that reads your dollar bill at a soda machine. In short, tech that involves paper or an object talking to a computer and then talking to a computer network like the internet is his. He invented the newest technology that detects counterfeit money and much of the technology that computers and your cell phones use today.

Linked HERE is a list of his patents and papers from Stanford University.

Pulitzer, in his testimony to the Georgia Senate, showed how ballots from Republican’s areas had the bar codes on them to track it to a signature verification but many from democrat areas did not, thus no way to verify the ballot to an actual voter. The bars printed on the ballots would also allow the machines to determine if the ballot came from a predominantly Republican area vs a Democrat area – now why would the voting machine need to know that?

Pulitzers machine can also tell if it had been folded to put in the mail in ballot, if it was put the the envelope and if the ballot was filled out by a machine or a human and even down to the type of ink pen used.

Here is his complete testimony.

Digital ID systems inventor Jovan Pulitzer testified at a Georgia State Senate subcommittee hearing on Dec. 30, 2020.

Pulitzer suggested all absentee ballots in the state of Georgia be forensically examined and fraudulent ones identified in just a matter of hours. He called on state officials to allow the examination.

One of the county’s polling managers previously told state lawmakers that she opened a box of mail-in ballots with a batch of 110 that were “pristine” and not folded, indicating that they were never put in secrecy envelopes, as is required.

Pulitzer said that he and his team can detect if that’s the case.

Security camera footage from election night shows that in Fulton County, what appears to be tens of thousands of ballots were counted in the absence of party or state monitors. The video seems to show that election workers scanned the same batches of ballots repeatedly. This could be a legitimate action when there’s a scanning error in the batch, such as when the ballots get jammed in the scanner.

In that scenario, the workers are supposed to discard the whole batch of scans and scan the ballots again, but the video quality makes it hard to discern if that was the case in each instance.

Pulitzer said that he and his team could detect if that was the case as well.

“We would be able to tell if they were folded, if they were counterfeit, whether they were filled out by a human hand, whether they were printed by a machine, whether they were batch-fed continually over and over, we can detect every bit of that,” he testified.

The ballot paper itself, when scanned, becomes a piece of code, he explained. Every time the paper is physically handled, such as folded or written upon, the code would change and the change can be detected.

The examination he proposed can be done expediently, he said.

“All of these problems that you’ve heard today can be corrected and detected now by the simplest of things. It takes you days or weeks to recount votes. Give me these 500,000 ballots, we’ll have them done in two hours,” he said, apparently referring to the 528,777 ballots cast in Fulton.

About 5 million ballots were cast statewide.

Pulitzer criticized state authorities for refusing to allow a full-scale forensic audit.

“This is the historical artifact of a voter. And states are telling voters, ‘You have no right to that,’” he said.

“The very voter that pays your salary, that paid for that ballot, that paid for that piece of paper, and paid for the machine that you’re running it in. And so those people that pay your salary, that you work for, and do this for, you’re telling them, ‘You can’t look at them.’

“That is both unacceptable and un-American.”

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Elite Media Lies/Hypocrisy on Political Violence Would be Laughable if Not So Orwellian

They are brazen about their intent, ABC News political director Rick Klein sees his job as “cleansing” President Trump’s 74 million supporters (He deleted the tweet).

Just what was Twitter’s reason for banning President Trump?

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To See Our Election Fraud Evidence Links Click Below

Election Fraud Evidence Mega Posts Page – CLICK HERE

This post is pinned to the top of the page.

List of 81 Election Fraud Cases And NOT ONE SINGLE COURT Has Allowed Evidence to be Argued – LINK

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NYT Knowingly Lies About ANTIFA in the Capitol Building. UPDATE – CNN Gives ANTIFA Rioter a Platform.

UPDATE – It seems that the rest of the world has caught up with us on this story. See the “update” section below.

This is ANTIFA Activist John Sullivan. He is a real piece of work as you can see here:

John Sullivan organized ANTIFA’s near the US Capital Before It Was Entered. He tweeted about BLM Buses in DC on January 6th:

There are about a dozen pics of this guy in the capital building and KUTV has video of him in thereLINK

ABC News ran video of him:

He was even on CNN:

But according to the New York Times neither he or his “activist” friends were even there!LINK

And of course Sullivan was let go without charges according to journalist Millennial Millie. For the record we also know that the police let the protestors in the Capital Building, so we are not sure the word “storming” is entirely accurate…

So much for the New York Times…

UPDATE – The rest of the world catches up with the story, better late then never guys 🙂
The FBI has arrested Sullivan and has filed charges.

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Political Careers Will End.

How many times has this happened? Republican’s like Pat Toomey and Ben Sasse say all the right things. Judge nominees like John Roberts, Amy Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, and Doug Souter promise to obey the Constitution and the moment they get into office they cannot even obey the plain text of it?

The time of political reckoning is at hand. It finally seems like the American people have figured this out. The merging of the US Government, mega corporations and the CCP have created a corrupt monster that must be defeated and exiled forever. They have not even taken power officially yet and they are already over reaching.

Look at this absolute nonsense that could not withstand even minutes of cross examination>>

Yours truly blogged for Pat Toomey and helped him get elected. We even follow each other on Twitter:

Radio personalities like Jim Quinn and Rose Tennant leveraged their massive audience to make it possible for him to get elected and after he got in the betrayals began and have been tolerated. No more.

As much as it pains me, if certain Republicans are a part of the swamp we must make sure that if they do not lose in the primary, they lose in the general. No more Mr. Nice Voter!

Do not vote a GOP straight ticket, study each candidate and if someone is a swamp creature like Mitch McConnell or Pat Toomey or Ben Sasse they must go…as painful as it may be.

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Q-Anon is Likely a Deep State Disinformation Campaign – UPDATED!

Editor’s Note: Think about it. Inspector General reports, court docs, and declassified documents prove that the Trump Russia Conspiracy hoax was literally a state run disinformation campaign ran by the FBI, CIA, DoJ, Hillary Clinton and Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee. So when we said that QAnon is a similar deep state disinformation campaign you might want to consider it.

The claims are based on a few “super sources”.

The claims are uniform across many groups and individuals and almost always invariably end up being wrong.

They told citizens that it’s OK and to “Trust the plan” (aka do nothing – getting citizens motivated into inaction is nothing short of a propaganda coup).

There are truths the corrupt fear. They add lies to such truths so when the lies are debunked, those spreading the misinformation along with the truth they want covered up are both completely discredited.

These “super sources” only leak to people who are not likely to sniff out the misinformation before it’s too late. This has the earmarks of a deep state disinformation campaign. Our CIA and State Department uses the same tactics against other countries.

For example, there is demonstrable statistical and eye witness evidence of fraud in at least six key states. Election laws about signature verification and having observers of both parties actually observing were broken and are absolutely winnable in a court of law (if a court would have the guts to hear them). But combine that truth with a near impossible to prove conspiracies – when the fantastic conspiracy theory gets shot down it brings down the credibility of genuine truth being uttered with it.

Very smart and educated people have been victims of state disinformation campaigns and we mean that sincerely. Being educated does not mean one is educated in propaganda techniques. Studies have shown that the higher educated one is the more likely they are to fall for certain propaganda techniques.

A good misinformation campaign includes just enough falsehood to undermine the truth. When even Alex Jones is calling out Q-Anon as coordinated misinformation, you have to stop and think.

As long time readers of PoliticalArena are aware, the propaganda techniques, mass media and attitude change theory used by Germany, Russia, China, and our own government against foreign adversaries are a research specialty of ours. The type, pattern, goals and consistency of disinformation coming from Q-Anon (and from Sydney Powell) are textbook examples of such propaganda.

Stop spreading Q-Anon disinformation. Q-Anon followers believe they are helping America and President Trump, but in reality those who spread it are enabling his enemies.

UPDATE  – The Communist Bolsheviks used a similar psy-op against those who favored the Russian Romanov monarchy. They spread rumors that the military was going to take over and restore the monarchy and put the offending Bolsheviks on trial. In short they told them to trust the plan and motivated millions of their enemies to do nothing.

They even called it “Operation Trust.” Sound familiar?

Via Chris Menahan:

“Operation Trust” was a Bolshevik counterintelligence operation run from 1921 to 1926 aimed at neutralizing opposition by creating the false impression that a powerful group of military leaders had organized to stop the communists’ takeover.

Here’s an except on the “Trust” operation from pages 13-14 of Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn’s book, “New Lies for Old”:

Click to enlarge.


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Trespassing Equals Terrorism and Insurrection Now?

Tea Party activists from 2010 were called violent hate groups by Dems and the elite media. BLM/ANTIFA rioters, looters, arsonists and killers in 2020 were called “mostly peaceful”

When the Kavanaugh protestors breached the Capital and the Senate building the media praised them. Occupy lefty types have “breached” the Capital and government buildings since the 1960’s. Remember sit ins? Bernie Sanders bragged in his book how he occupied government buildings in mass protests, if one were to believe the rhetoric on Twitter and from the Democrats it seems Bernie should be facing domestic terrorism charges.

There is a breathtaking double standard here.

It is important to keep in mind that Capital Police opened the gates and opened the front doors. Nobody tried to burn the place, there was no graffiti and the property damage was minimal.

Out of almost what, half a million protestors, a few dozen entered the capital? After the police opened the gates most stood on the steps and sang the national anthem. I saw one photo of a little old lady in the Capital who just followed the crowd who was in there waving her little flag – a seditious insurrection?

I am not “justifying” anything, what I am saying is that a little perspective is helpful.

Getting passed the silly rhetoric – what exactly are we talking about here? Trespassing? In some cases disorderly conduct? …In other words the same thing “Occupy” type protestors like Bernie Sanders have done since the 1960’s. Protests are supposed to make government uncomfortable as that is the idea.

Idiotic propaganda being used to create hate and raise funds on Twitter

Trespassing is now terrorism? Insurrection? There is a ton of case law that defines these things so legally that is a non-starter. The rhetoric used by the left on Twitter is simply designed to divide and create hate. Accusations of terrorism and sedition are just bad propaganda. The Supreme Court’s Brandenburg test makes it nearly impossible to legally apply sedition to a speech.

Don’t be fooled. Big Tech isn’t shutting down accounts due to “risk”. They’re trying to control what you read, think and believe. They want control and fear as that means power. Don’t let them win.

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Media/Dems Brazenly Lying About Events in DC – EVIDENCE – UPDATED!

Related – NYT Knowingly Lies About ANTIFA in the Capital Building – LINK

We could explain it…as the posts, video and pictures speak for themselves. They are lying to you. It gets better. No one “had” to break into the Capitol Building (although some ANTIFA did anyway through a window), the police opened the gates and let people in. We have the video – LINK.

Editor’s Note: Remember how the elite media and Dems constantly called the TEA Party movement “violent” with no evidence or proof of arrests/convictions? – LINKLINK

They are brazen about their intent, ABC News political director Rick Klein sees his job as “cleansing” President Trump’s 74 million supporters (He deleted the tweet).

The bottom is what the elite media and Democrats call mostly peaceful.

This was Washington DC set aflame by BLM/ANTIFA again called mostly peaceful. Photo Credit The Metro UK

As far as the legitimate protestors who were let into the Capitol Building by police who just showed up and protested inside the building….it is important to remember that “Occupy” has done this very same thing for years and the elite media praised them:

Notice the legit protestors did not burn anything down or paint graffiti all over the walls on the Capital, as that is not who Trump supporters are.

The media is telling is that the National Guard is in DC right now to protect from the Trump mobs….ummm what Trump mobs….this video is just a few  hours old at the time of this posting (Thursday Jan 7th):

And you might ask yourself, why the elite media isn’t showing you this. After the police opened the gate to the Capitol Building the Trump supporters stood on the steps and sang the national anthem.

Do you see how reality is radically different from the narrative they are trying to spoon feed you?

Remember the good ole days when the left loved real political violence?

Editor’s Note – We removed the paragraph about “Bison Hat Man” because there is a credible dispute as to his identity. He certainly has appeared at BLM/ANTIFA events as he has been photographed at them. There are other reports that are not immediately refutable that say he is a q-anon guy who just shows up anytime he thinks he can get on camera. We do not wish to paint him in a false light so until we can get to the bottom of his identity and intent we are keeping that part invisible.

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Stop The Hype – What Happened Today Was Mild by 2020 Standards

Oh no! A few people, and reportedly most were ANTIFA, broke into the House chamber and took video of themselves mocking the Speaker of the House on the House floor.

So what. Occupy has pulled stunts like this for years. It is largely symbolic.

After the fraud that voters have been through, the reveal of how corrupt the courts are and how the corrupt big money interests have too much influence over the leadership of both parties, a few people storming the bastille is mild compared to what could have happened.

Keep in mind that leftists broke into the Capitol to protest Kavanaugh and the media treated it like it was just fine:

That said, it seems the worst thing that happened today is that allegedly a police officer killed a protestor by wrongfully firing his weapon out a window which struck Ashley Babbitt in the neck and killed her.

No businesses were burned down, Trump supporters were not hunting down political opponents or murdering retired police chiefs like the media excused ANTIFA/BLM for doing. Whole swaths of the city were not burned down. Biden campaign staffers were paying the bail of the looters and arsonists.

What you have here is case of hype and media idiocy trying to create narratives that are simply not justified by the facts. Here is a video of Trump supporters protecting the police from ANTIFA – LINK

In short we agree with Tim Pool but include the Dems and elite media in this:

Famed attorney Robert Barnes, who is a political insider and was in the Capitol during todays events has a great perspective:

As did Scott Adams:

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Data Scientists: Public Data Shows 432,000 Trump Votes Removed in Pennsylvania Election (video)

They say that all of the anomalies have gone in favor of Biden and have not been explained, addressed or refuted. They say that the recounts were done in such a way that was like recounting counterfeit money.

Related – Non-Partisan Group of Data Scientists Testify Showing Massive Fraud in Georgia (video) – LINK

The Data Integrity Group, a group of data scientists, has been dissecting publicly available data on the presidential election in multiple states. Most recently, in Pennsylvania, they found over 432,000 votes were removed from President Donald Trump in at least 15 counties.

Time-series election data shows Trump’s votes decreasing in various counties at many time points, instead of increasing. In an election, as you count votes, you typically only see vote increments, not decrements—unless some error occurred that needs to be assessed.

The group also testified before the Georgia Senate that more than 30,000 votes were removed from President Trump in Georgia.

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Non-Partisan Group of Data Scientists Testify Showing Massive Fraud in Georgia (video).

UPDATE – Data Scientists: Public Data Shows 432,000 Trump Votes Removed in Pennsylvania Election – LINK

Here is their qualifications and testimony as delivered to the Georgia State Senate. Please watch the entire video. This is devastating. They demonstrate precincts that had votes that are statistically impossible, but also enough votes that were flipped from Trump to Biden to overturn the election result.

UPDATE – The ballots in Georgia which are supposed to be preserved for 22 months, after the Georgia Senate demanded an audit the Democrats took those ballots, loaded them on trucks and destroyed them illegally.

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