Fans React to the Epic Return of the REAL Luke Skywalker (video)

Step one of the retconning of the disastrous sequel trilogy. We already know how it will be retconned and no we aren’t going to tell you 🙂

But you will enjoy this as much as we did.

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Where Are the Democrat “Rule of Law” TV Grandstanders Now?

When Donald Trump signed some executive orders the elite media and Democrat lawyers said it was a constitutional crisis, undemocratic, “Trump is a Dictator” etc.

Biden is signing dozens of executive orders and is already breaking his campaign promises after only three days in office. Democrat’s are also moving to impeach a private citizen which is completely unconstitutional. Doing so is a Bill of Attainder which is expressly forbidden by the Constitution.

Chief Justice Roberts has refused to participate in the impeachment because rightly – the President is not on trial. VP Kamala Harris as President of the Senate will run at the trial which is also unconstitutional. Where are all the the media and “Rule of law” Democrats on the obvious conflict of interest here as Trump may be running against Biden/Harris in 2024?

These same people said that Mike Pence can’t certify certain electors in the Senate (even though there is a legal argument that he can) and went on and on about the apparent conflict of interest….now they are all mum.

Where are all these Democrat lawyers railing against Trump who grandstanded on TV talking about “the Constitution”, “Democracy”, and the “Rule of Law” now? What a bunch of phonies.

The Editor

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Glenn Beck Blasts Sen. Sasse for Revising Trump Record (video)

Glenn Beck starts out at a simmer but as the level of BS coming from Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska) impacts him he goes nuclear. This is beck at his best, passionate.

Lies of omission are still lies and Sasse is as guilty as they come when he explained why he hates President Trump. On top of that Sasse also lied through his teeth and Beck just isn’t having it.

The Blaze:

On the radio program Friday, Glenn said he was disappointed in Sen. Sasse for apparently forgetting all of President Trump’s accomplishments. Because, in reality, Trump has accomplished a lot more than many presidents before him.

Then, for anyone who may have forgotten President Trump’s achievements — or who simply hate the man so much they’ve ignored them — Glenn listed just some of the many things this president has achieved during his 3 1/2 years in the White House.

Watch the video below to hear Glenn’s message for all the Trump-haters who have forgotten Trump’s accomplishments, or you can read Glenn’s list HERE:

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Sharyl Attkisson: President Trump’s Top 25 Accomplishments

Legendary investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson looks at the Trump Presidency and reveals what she believes is under reported. We agree.

Sharyl Attkisson:

Daily — if not hourly — for four years, the media, analysts, political figures, operatives, and ordinary folk spoke out against President Trump and what they believe President Trump he has done wrong. In the eyes of many, it is quite literally: everything.

As Trump finishes his term in office, it’s easy to find negative, harsh assessments of virtually every facet of his policies and actions. The Atlantic, CNN and PBS are among those who have declared Trump to be the “worst president in history.” This side of the story has been well covered….

As we know, roughly half of the country feels differently, but their voices are not as well-represented on the news and the Internet. Most media outlets cannot seem to bear to publish anything that is not one-sided and negative about Trump and his term. This begs for a bit of balance, even if it’s dwarfed by the counter-narrative.

Built after consulting a variety of experts on the economy, national security, foreign policy and domestic issues, here is a short list that reflects “the other side” of the Trump presidency; one that is not so easy to find within today’s managed information landscape.

1. Executive order enacted Jan. 1, 2021 requiring hospitals to provide medical prices to patients upfront so they can shop around.

2. Reversing the ascent of the Islamic extremist terrorist group ISIS.

3. “Most Favored Nation” executive order so that the U.S. (through Medicare) would pay no more for a drug than what’s offered to foreign countries, saving the U.S. an estimated “$85 billion in savings over seven years and $30 billion in out-of-pocket costs.”

4. Moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to the capital of Jerusalem.

5. Building more than 450 miles of new and replacement border wall.

6. Leading U.S. to a level of energy independence (exporting more oil than importing for the first time in 70 years), allowing international policy decisions to be made with less regard to how an oil nation we once relied on would respond.

7. No new wars.

8. Drastic reduction in regulations, opening the door for entrepreneurs and businesses to succeed, expand, and hire more people. According to the Trump administration, they promised to eliminate two regulations for every new one, but actually wound up eliminating 8 old regulations for every 1 new regulation adopted, equating into an extra $3,100 a year for the average American household.

9. Expanding Republican reach among African Americans and other constituents who traditionally lean Democrat.

10. Cutting taxes in an initiative that benefitted every tax bracket.

11. Doubled the child tax credit.

12. Operation Warp Speed: accelerated development of coronavirus vaccines.

13. Eliminated the Obamacare penalty.

14. A series of trade agreements and changes seen as beneficial to Americans, including replacing NAFTA with USMCA.

15. Instead of 2-for-1, we eliminated 8 old regulations for every 1 new regulation adopted.

16. Provided the average American household an extra $3,100 every year.

17. Started the Space Force.

18. Instituted “Right to Try,” allowing terminally ill patients to use potentially lifesaving, unproven treatments.

19. Prioritized and made permanent funding for historically black colleges.

20. Brokered peace deals or normalization agreements between Israel and five Muslim and Arab-Muslim countries.

Keep reading HERE.

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Hilarious: SJW Nut-jobs Turn on Miley Cyrus

The SJW crowd wants to “cancel” Miley Cyrus because she said that breasts are prettier than – paraphrasing – most male parts. You can’t make this stuff up.

For what it is worth this very writer has a trans friend who enthusiastically agrees with Miley on breasts. Seriously, everyone has their own preferences from sexual to who makes the best cheeseburger. It does not make one evil. The smallest minority is the individual.

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The Federalist: Mitch McConnell Must Go

Voters and the rank and file GOP have realized that the leadership has been lying to them in favor of big money corporate and foreign interests. That rank and file are now rooting out the cancer. Why are rank and file Democrats (save one Tulsi Gabbard) not doing the same thing?

For The Federalist of all publications to say this. WOW!

Too many of GOP Majority Leader Sen. McConnell’s judge picks have betrayed the Constitution, his suggestions for staffers and appointees to serve in the Trump Administration ended up being incompetent or working against America’s best interests and McConnell’s family shipping business is all but completely under the thumb of the Chinese Communist Party which is an unacceptable conflict of interest.

The Federalist:

McConnell is playing a ridiculous game of footsie with the idea of convicting Donald Trump in his absurd impeachment. It’s a bridge too far and an obvious power play, and he lacks the power to pull it off.

American conservatives know that after Democrats all but cheered on violence and rioting for months, the idea that Trump incited an insurrection is pure nonsense. It’s a lie and McConnell’s parroting of it is disqualifying for leadership.

So why is McConnell playing along with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s charade of impeachment? He thinks he can get the conservative movement back on his and the Chamber of Commerce’s team.

And then there is this….

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AZ GOP Censures Sen. Jeff Flake, Gov. Ducey for Supporting Maricopa County Dems in Election Coverup

As we have previously posted in our election coverage, Sen. Jeff Flake has been opposing President Trump and the GOP Majority almost since he was elected. Governor Ducey sided with Maricopa County Democrats who kicked out GOP election observers and have resisted attempts at a forensic ballot analysis as well as violating court orders demanding transparency.

The Arizona GOP also re-elected Kelli Ward as State GOP Chair.

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NY Post: Biden’s COVID-19 ‘goal’ was already reached by Trump

You can’t make this stuff up folks….

This is Joe Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki. Most of the answers she gives are meaningless word soup and the lapdog Washington Press Corps just laps it up.

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List of 81 Election Fraud Cases And NOT ONE SINGLE COURT Has Allowed Evidence to be Argued

Jim Hoft over at Gateway Pundit has a scribd sheet with a listing of every court case. While 30 cases remain to be heard, so far not one has allowed evidence to be argued in court.

There are 81 court cases to date based on the 2020 election
In 45 cases President Trump was the plaintiff
In 34 cases President Trump is not the plaintiff
In 2 cases President Trump is the defendant
In 72 cases illegal voting is alleged
In ZERO of the 72 cases where illegal voting is alleged has evidence been allowed to be presented
30 cases remain active

How did we get so many corrupt judges? It takes both parties to do this and the GOP leadership, especially Mitch McConnel, is responsible.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Accurate List of 2020 Election Fraud Cases Shows 81 Cases Total, 30 Still Active – And NOT ONE SINGLE COURT Has Allowed Evidence to be Argued

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Legendary War Correspondent Lara Logan Blasts Democrat Congressman’s Racist Comments About Military

Legendary War Correspondent Lara Logan

Democrat Member of Congress Steve Cohen painted the US Military as a threat because it has too many white people. These people are nuts.

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I’m a Former Teacher. Here’s How Your Children Are Getting Indoctrinated

Douglas Blair left teaching and is now fighting marxist indoctrination at the Heritage Foundation.

Here is his statement:

our children are being indoctrinated. The education system designed to teach them how to think critically has been weaponized by the radical left to push an anti-American agenda.

As someone who has worked in education for four years, I have seen firsthand how your children are being ensnared by the left and their teachers.

I worked with kids from ages 3 to 13 and saw the brainwashing that exists at all levels of education. The left uses a combination of propaganda and suppression to push kids into the ensnaring grip of socialism and anti-patriotism.

First is the propaganda. Teachers will assign work instilling the idea that the pillars of Western civilization were evil, and their memories deserve to be thrown in the trash.

Here’s an example. I was helping one of my elementary school students with a homework assignment about listing famous Britons throughout history. She already had some of the more obvious ones: Shakespeare, Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth.

“Well, how about Winston Churchill?” I recommended.

“Oh no, not him,” she replied. “He was a racist and didn’t think women should have rights. He wasn’t a good guy.”

I was floored. It clearly wasn’t something she came up with on her own. She was just regurgitating propaganda her teacher had taught her. All sense of nuance and critical thinking about the man who saved Europe from the Nazis was gone. Churchill committed “wrongthink,” so in the bin he goes.

Another way the left propagandizes is through the normalization of its views and positions as nonpolitical.

The Black Lives Matter organization is a prime example of this. Many of my colleagues wore Black Lives Matter pins and apparel to school in blatant violation of school rules forbidding political statements on clothing.

When I asked for a justification of the behavior, I was told it wasn’t political to support the group, it was a matter of human rights. The children would see these pins and clothes and connect radical leftist groups with basic human dignity. “How dare you question Black Lives Matter? I was taught this is a matter of human rights!”

But it isn’t just a matter of actively teaching that America and the West are evil. Suppression of “wrongthink” is equally as important to the brainwashing process. The lessons I was allowed to teach also were censored.

I was preparing a lesson on Thanksgiving involving Pilgrims and American Indians, with an activity centered on making paper teepees for arts and crafts. Cue the progressive panic.

Other teachers at the school were incensed that a non-Indian was “appropriating” Native American culture for an activity. Of course, these teachers weren’t Indians either, they just wanted to virtue signal.

The whole thing culminated in a hilarious incident where my colleagues tracked down the one teacher on staff who was one-sixty-fourths Native American and asked her if it was cultural appropriation. In her esteemed authority, it most certainly was. The school administrators pulled me aside and promptly nixed the project.

The suppression extends to American religious values as well. I would try to engage my students with folk stories from around the globe to teach them world history and other cultures.

Story time went on without a hitch until I decided to tell stories from the Bible. Other teachers began to complain I was preaching Christian values to the children and attempting to convert them.

Keep in mind, this wasn’t a problem when I was sharing stories from other ancient cultures throughout history. Stories about ancient India and China were fine and encouraged as “sharing unheard voices.” After sharing the story of the Tower of Babel, I was told to switch back to non-Christian stories or face consequences.

The young adults who today gleefully tear down statues of the Founding Fathers were incubated in our very own schools, groomed to burst from the education system and burn America down.

The left argues the great men and women who built this nation are problematic and must be destroyed. Conservatives must demand an end to the indoctrination of our youth or face a new American public taught since childhood that the country shouldn’t exist.

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UK Reform Party Leader Calls Out Mitch McConnell and Joe Biden

Nigel Farage is the man behind Brexit and one of the most influential party leaders in Europe. He calls out the disastrous Senator Mitch McConnel, the head of the corrupt establishment wing of the Republican Party, and Joe Biden for his outrageous hypocrisy on mob violence.

An interesting fact about Nigel Farage. Someone, perhaps Vladimir Putin, had managed to get communist apparatchiks installed in many of the key bureaucratic positions in the EU government and it had taken a very hard anti-democratic authoritarian turn. Nigel Farage and his UK Independence Party put a stop to most of it by shining the light of day on their activities and openly mocking them. His mocking was brutal. To say that Nigel Farage stopped “The Fourth Reich” we believe is not an understatement. This is how he did it. Watch and be amazed:

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POLITICALARENA: “Bill & Ted Face the Music” Review


We love the Bill & Ted movies because they are fun stories about the importance of living the Golden Rule – Be Excellent to Each Other!

Bill & Ted’s daughters seen here are far from perfect, but they strive to live up to that ideal and as such set a great example. And even though at times they fail, it is the journey towards that ideal that yields its own rewards and ends up saving the world. In the end the message is clear – if you want to save the world first you must start with you by being excellent!

“Bill & Ted Face the Music” is great fun. Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves once again offer an outstanding performance, but what was unexpected is Samara Weaver and Brigette Lundy-Paine who brilliantly recreate the “Bill & Ted” magic and make it their own. We could not end this review without mentioning the outstanding performance of William Sadler, who we consider to be one of the greatest living performers, who somehow managed to exceed our already high expectations.

A product is usually great when the love is there and it shows. Well done.

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Reporting on Day 2 of Biden Administration

Putting on our CNN hat. Joe Biden has been in office just over two days. He signed a mask wearing executive order that applies to federal property and then promptly violated it. In two days there have been more than twice the number of COVID deaths than people who were killed on 9/11. Biden’s Keystone executive order killed over 11,000 construction jobs, socking it mostly to Alaskan Inuit Native Americans. The worst Democrat racism since Andrew Jackson. Canada is suing the United States for violating the Keystone agreement.

The Keystone executive order will also cost an estimated 42,100 supporting jobs. Biden’s order cancelling border wall and enforcement construction will cost 10,000 jobs.

China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia sent President Biden thank you cards.

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DIA Trying New Ways to Get Around 4th Amendment Protections To Spy On You.

Unclassified Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) memo: the DIA is purchasing your cell phone data to get around warrant requirements. Why get a warrant when you can just buy the info of millions of Americans? Troubling.

The DIA is the Pentagon’s own little CIA. They are not supposed to be engaged in domestic spying but they illegally are. This is why we encourage readers to use secure encrypted apps such as Signal, Protonmail and a good VPN service for your phone and PC (Protonmail offers that service as well. Its $9 a month.)

We have nothing to hide – BUT THAT ISNT THE POINT. The 4th Amendment is NOT a suggestion.

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Glenn Greenwald: The Corporate Establishment of Both Parties Wants to Go 1938

Trump fought these people. Never forget that.

And then this. We now know why Assange and Snowden did not get a pardon:

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YouTube Biden Inauguration Views Tanked, Gets Ratioed! YouTube Hides Listing!

299K views might seem like a lot, but in YouTube terms it isn’t. By comparison, Youtuber “Salty Cracker” usually gets more views on his videos.
On top of that the downvotes were so high that YouTube unlisted the video. It is still there but you have to know the link or the channel to see it.

This is the most popular president in history the media tells us…perhaps not.

Jeremy from Geeks and Gamers points out that Donald Trump trended on Twitter today, Joe Biden did not.

We went back later and screenshotted the page. Click to enlarge:

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President Trump’s farewell speech at Joint Base Andrews: We will be Back!

President Trump gives his thanks, expresses his gratitude and reviews his greatest accomplishments.

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Biden Day One: Help Russia & China by Destroying American Energy Jobs. Help Illegal Immigration by Stopping the Wall. Cancelling Initiative to Stop Marxist Propaganda in Schools.

How many thousands will lose their jobs in Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Florida, Louisiana and Texas?

Biden To Rescind 1776 Report On Day One – LINK

President Joe Biden plans to rescind the President Donald Trump administration’s 1776 Commission report on “patriotic education” just two days after it was released.

Biden is rescinding the report as part of a first-day executive order that is aimed at advancing “racial equity,” according to Fox News. The report has already been removed from the White House website, but is still available at the Trump administration archive website.

The commission was formed by Trump to push for a patriotic perspective in U.S. history education. It was, in part, a response to the New York Times’ 1619 Project.

About the NYT 1619 project – it is truly disturbing revisionist history:

Public Schools Are Teaching The 1619 Project in Class, Despite Concerns From Historians – LINK

New York Times Quietly Edits “1619 Project” After Conservative Pushback – LINK

Ted Cruz Posted:

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Left-Wing Terrorists Bombed The Senate In 1983 to Kill Republican Senators. Democrats Let Them Out of Jail.

The Federalist:

On his final day in office, Jan. 20, 2001, President Bill Clinton commuted the sentences of a pair of radical leftists serving time for bombing the U.S. Capitol building, where a 1983 blast shattered the second floor of the Senate wing.

Linda Evans and Susan Rosenberg each served 16 years of lengthy sentences, with Rosenberg escaping 42 years of a 58-year sentence and Evans cutting short a 40-year sentence by 24 years.

The FBI landed formal indictments on Evans and Rosenberg in the 1988 “Resistance Conspiracy” case for their involvement in the bombing of the Capitol along with five others. Evans and Rosenberg had already been in police custody for other crimes of the radical left-wing terror group May 19th Communist Organization (M19), named for the birthdays of Malcolm X and Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh. According to a historical chronology of the left-wing group by the Smithsonian Magazine, M19 also carried out successful bombings of an FBI office, the Israel Aircraft Industries building, the South African consulate in New York, and D.C.’s Fort McNair and Navy Yard.

“The attacks tended to follow a similar pattern,” the magazine reported. “A warning call to clear the area, an explosion, a pre-recorded message to media railing against U.S. imperialism or the war machine under various organizational aliases (never using the name M19).”

Rosenberg is now a prominent left-wing activist, who, early last summer sat on the board of Thousand Currents which poured $10 million into causes for social justice including Black Lives Matter, according to Fox News.

A historian interviewed by the Smithsonian described the group as an “offshoot” of Weather Underground, the domestic terror group led by Bill Ayers, who bombed the Pentagon and the Capitol in the 1970s and now lives as a prominent academic. M19’s acts of radical left-wing terror appeared to catch a sympathetic eye in Washington that would relieve its members of their time in prison.

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Scandal ridden “Lincoln Project” are grifters from a corrupt “uniparty” DC establishment (swamp).

The reason the TEA Party and other movement got their beginning is that the leadership of both political parties would talk harshly at one another, but worked together to enrich each other and their donors at our expense. This also includes putting foreign interests like the CCP and Mexico ahead of normal Americans.

These “consultants” while being paid by the McCain campaign actually worked against it. They leaked damaging lies to help Obama all because they feared Sarah Palin who had an impressive track record fighting corruption as Governor of Alaska. These consultants on the GOP side were paid big money in congressional races, by the RNC and as congressional staffers to encourage Members of Congress to say all the right things to get votes, but not actually follow through.

Then President Trump cam and spoiled the party. Trump repealed thousands of regulations that were designed to tip the scales for political donors and against legit competitors and ordinary Americans. These grifters whop found themselves without a political home started a pressure group that even gained the support of the Chinese Communist Party.

So they put on a phony cloak of righteousness and called themselves “The Lincoln Project.” They became a smear outfit second only to “Media Matters” in their ability to say anything, No smear was too low.

Eventually, corrupt grifters, being who they are, out themselves.

EXC: Anti-Trump ‘Lincoln Project’ Funneled Over $10 Million To Its Own Founders’ Companies

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Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll has Trump at 51%

And this is of “likely voters” so this is a real poll.

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NYT Already Revising History on the 2020 Antifa/BLM-Led Riots

And remember that Biden Staff and Kamala Harris were raising money to get the rioters and arsonists bailed out.

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How could Trump incite an attack that was pre planned/started before his speech

The FBI says that some people who assaulted police, planted pipe bombs at both the RNC and the DNC (as if Trump supporters would do that) happened before President Trump gave his speech or happened well before his speech ended.

Also, incitement and such are clearly defined in our laws court rulings. Nothing Trump said is even close, of course to the left anything they don’t like is hate speech because they don’t care about definitions or absolute truth.

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The four types of leftists

by Chuck Norton

Leftists generally fall into one of four categories.

The Useful Idiot

This person believes the party propaganda put out for “the rabble” by the elite media and the academic left. They have also bought the seductive “reasoning” of appeals to envy (social justice, eco-extremism etc). They are not well informed but are SURE they are right. They are the poster child for the effectiveness of attitude change propaganda.

While useful idiots have been fooled, many of them are not unintelligent. In fact many of them are well educated in areas outside of political history, propaganda and mass media theory. Their ability to defend their world view crumbles easily under cross examination.

The Utopian

The Utopian believes the propaganda for the most part, but his primary motivation is the false belief that utopia through central planning is possible. At first they do not understand the level of coercive force required to achieve “utopia.” Early on, they do not understand that utopia requires the destruction of all that is different.

Eventually The Utopian comes to believe that those who oppose The Utopian’s efforts must be evil, therefore use of coercive force becomes easier to justify and an “ends justifies the means” mentality wins over.

The Elitist

The Elitist truly believes in their own intellectual and moral superiority. They believe that “rationality must be imposed from above” and by “above” they mean themselves and their allies. Many elitists have read some theory such as Hegel, Marx, grievance studies etc.

The Elitist is also motivated in part by envy as they are disgusted by wealthy business leaders, many of whom do not even have a college degree. The Elitist may even believe that he is more worthy of wealth and/or adoration. Their contempt for the merchant class causes them to engage in circular logic like “you didn’t build that” as they cannot accept that those who they despise might actually be smarter and/or harder working and more creative than said elitist.

The Elitist can also be a utopian. Most leftist college profs and many bureaucrats are elitists.

The Oligarch

The Oligarch can start as one of the previous three. Their belief in their own superiority goes beyond arrogance. They truly believe they are born to rule. Ironically The Oligarch is often the least ideological of the group. The Oligarch has come to understand that Marxism, envy, conflict theory, etc are all a means to an end. They see society as a chess board and feel morally justified in playing the role of the chess master (George Soros, John Brennan etc). Morality is whatever they define it as at any given moment.

The Oligarch will use whatever means he must, so a little fascism or corporatism is fine, a few payoffs or Chicago style corruption, the use of government to pick winners and losers, killing, destroying people’s lives, threats, bribery and thuggery are all tools The Oligarch will use.

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Lawless Judge: No bail for Jason Chansley “Because he is a symbol”

We are still looking for the statute in the criminal code for “being a symbol”…

Charge him for trespassing sure…but since police let him in that charge might prove difficult to stick.

Jason Chansley was escorted into the capitol by police which is on video. He and his friends thanked police which is on video. He and his friends prayed and sang inside the capitol. Again all on video. Almost every step he took was recorded. He attacked no one he harmed no one.

Yet the Judge in his case is holding him without bail because “he is a symbol of insurrection” – last we checked being a symbol is not a crime.

Charge him with trespass and maybe even disorderly conduct like they do most protestors and let the jury decide.

This is further evidence that our court system is broken. Too many judges do not even consider the law in their rulings and we have not just Democrats to thank for this, but Mitch McConnel, The Federalist Society and big academia for producing lawyers who think they can just make the law up as they go.

Sure he is a Qanon pinhead, but being a pinhead is not a crime.

For those of us who are old enough to remember, Star Trek has repeatedly warned us what happens when courts become politicized and when legislators, the media and the mob hold “Drum Head Trials”…

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Tucker: Dem lawmakers calling for “Secret Police” domestic agency

Democrat lawmakers want to start a domestic secret police agency to target their political opponents.

Grab this video before it is pulled down. Use a YouTube video online downloader to capture it. Tucker also verifies our previous post.

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VIDEO CNN Does Not Want You To See: “Insurrectionists” in Capitol Building Cooperated /w Police, Thanked Them, Prayed and Sang Songs.


Here is “Chewbacca Man” and the others in the Capitol Building. They are not being violent. They were let in by police as they made it clear that they were not a threat. They Prayed, gave aid to those who needed help, cooperated with police every step of the way while thanking them for their service repeatedly.

While there was some violence, after all about half a million people were there, the overwhelming majority of Trump supporters were a model of what good protesting looks like.

Watch this video, share it with everyone. The elite media and Democrats are just lying again. Special thanks to Newsmax for showing this video when no one else would.

They do not want you to see this ad from 2016 from Democrats urging Members of Congress to reject Trump Electors:

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Video captures man crawling out of govt hospital after dismissing his pleas for help

The government run Canadian hospital showed crass and callous indifference to this man’s suffering. They mocked him. They did this because the public is not who they are accountable to. They are accountable to a government bean counter who could care less, which is made obvious by what is seen here.

The government hospital tried to cover it up using every bogus reason they could. Their privacy argument is laughable as one has no expectation of privacy when serving the public on behalf of the state.

The discipline didn’t happen because the man was mistreated, it only happened after the two years of cover up eventually failed and the scandal went public.


David Pontone’s voice still shakes as he recalls having to crawl out of Toronto’s Humber River Hospital on his hands and knees.

“The pain was unbearable,” said Pontone. “To be able to walk properly was impossible.”

It happened on April 18, 2018, but involved a lengthy battle for his family to obtain video footage of the event.

The 45-year-old had gone to emergency, complaining of excruciating pain in his legs.

“They thought I was faking it because I was bipolar,” Pontone told Go Public. “There are no words to describe what I went through that night.”


An ambulance took him to Toronto Western Hospital in downtown Toronto, where a neurologist diagnosed Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a rare disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks the nerves.

Yours truly knows someone with this disorder. It most certainly is extremely painful, crippling and debilitating. See the rest of the story and the video HERE.

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This is What Rioting Looks Like: Leftist Violence on Inauguration Day 2016 (video)

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