Editors Initial Reaction to Mueller Report

Since today was my only day off I spent it researching the unredacted parts of the Mueller Report.

It is largely a political document being filled with speculation, unchallenged testimony and hearsay. It seems the point of the document was to repeat over and over that there was no solid evidence of collusion, but to also imply the opposite.

It also intends to blur the lines between simply defending ones self from Mueller’s unfair investigation, tactics and leaks to the media (most of which were lies), that this somehow means he sought to obstruct justice.

So Hillary and her people pleading the 5th, destroying 30,000 subpoenaed emails, computers, cell phones hard drives and documents does not even raise the specter of obstruction, but Trump using Twitter, pointing out Mueller’s unethical tactics, obvious conflicts of interest and violating attorney client privilege is somehow really bad. How dare he resist being accused of treason by a bunch of dishonest partisan hacks….

It is worth pointing out that the Trump Administration, in spite of legit protests, cooperated with the Mueller investigation, unlike the Clinton and Obama Administrations who constantly, claimed executive privilege (usually tossed out by the court 9-0), plead the 5th, ignored subpoenas, violated court orders, destroyed evidence, and obstructed in every means possible.

John Stewart of the Daily Show illustrates this obstruction pretty well.

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Why the Mueller Report Should Stay Secret Forever – UPDATED

Robert Mueller

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller

Imagine if your local prosecutor publicly accused you of crimes and leaked to the media lies and manufactured evidence that suggested your guilt, but when the time came to show his cards to the court he bailed?

Then he issues a report to the media and your enemies explaining how guilty you are, all without proving a thing, obeying the rules of evidence etc etc etc. But hey, in the process he used the taxpayer money to do all sorts of opposition research on you, some true some not true, about you and your friends, just to smear you.

This is why prosecutors and courts usually do not release this kind of thing and why the raw data from investigations and Grand Jury proceedings are kept secret (Rule 6E) as said information is full of one sided allegations and accusations that have not been properly vetted, challenged, or cross examined by the other side.

Democrats know this, heck all lawyers know this. Keep that in mind next time you see politicians yammering about transparency. It’s phony.

[Editor’s Note – I have seen that after reading this some people still do not understand, so let us paint a clearer picture:

The same reasons apply here as to why so much of the JFK Assassination evidence has been kept secret to this day – every piece of partial evidence, every coincidence, every false allegation and every piece of circumstantial evidence would be escalated to an accusation of murdering the President.

The result would be chaos, countless lives ruined with no chance of defending themselves. The presumption of innocence would be tossed out the window. This is why the Constitution guarantees a presumption of innocence, the right to face and cross examine your accuser, and a right to discovery.]

UPDATE – A prime example of the previously mentioned phoniness is provided by Democrat Jerrold Nadler who had a much different take on 6E covered evidence when President Clinton was impeached. Watch for yourself:

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Trump to Universities: Obey Free Speech Laws or Lose Funding

This is long overdue.

Fox News:

President Trump on Thursday signed an executive order to promote free speech on college campuses by threatening colleges with the loss of federal research funding if they do not protect those rights.

“We’re here to take historic action to defend American students and American values,” Trump said, surrounded by conservative student activists at the signing ceremony. “They’ve been under siege.”

“Under the guise of speech codes, safe spaces and trigger warnings, these universities have tried to restrict free thought, impose total conformity and shut down the voices of great young Americans like those here today,” he said.

A senior administration official said the order directs 12 grant-making agencies to use their authority in coordination with the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to ensure institutions that receive federal research or education grants promote free speech and free inquiry. White House officials have said it will apply to more than $35 billion in grants.

Public universities seeking funding would have to certify they comply with the First Amendment, which already applies to them. Private universities, which have more flexibility in limiting speech, would need to commit to their own institutional rules.

“Even as universities have received billions and billions of dollars from taxpayers, many have become increasingly hostile to free speech and the First Amendment,” Trump said.

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The Sobering Truth That Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez & Millions of Millennial’s Do Not Understand

I Grew Up in a Communist System. Here’s What Americans Don’t Understand About Freedom

by Carmen Alexe

Individual freedom can only exist in the context of free-market capitalism. Personal freedom thrives in capitalism, declines in government-regulated economies, and vanishes in communism. Aside from better economic and legislative policies, what America needs is a more intense appreciation for individual freedom and capitalism.

I was born and raised in communist Romania during the Cold War, a country in which the government owned all the resources and means of production. The state controlled almost every aspect of our lives: our education, our job placement, the time of day we could have hot water, and what we were allowed to say.

Like the rest of the Eastern European countries, Romania was often referred to as a communist country. In school, we were taught it was a socialist country. Its name prior to the 1989 Revolution to overthrow the Ceausescu regime was the Socialist Republic of Romania.

From an economic standpoint, a petty fraction of property was still privately owned. In a communist system, all property is owned by the state. So if it wasn’t a true communist economy, its heavy central planning and the application of a totalitarian control over the Romanian citizenry made this nation rightfully gain its title of a communist country.

Socialism Creates Shortages

Despite the fact that Romania was a country rich in resources, there were shortages everywhere. Food, electricity, water, and just about every one of life’s necessities were in short supply. The apartment building in which we lived provided hot water for showers two hours in the morning and two hours at night. We had to be quick and on time so we didn’t miss the opportunity.

Wrigley’s chewing gum and Swiss chocolate were a rare delight for us. I remember how happy I was when I’d have a pack of foreign bubblegum or a bar of delicious milk chocolate. I’d usually save them for special occasions.

Fruity lip gloss, French perfume, and jeans were but a few of the popular items available only on the black market and with the right connections. God bless our black-market entrepreneurs! They made our lives better. They gave us the opportunity to buy things we very much desired, things we couldn’t get from the government-owned retail stores which were either half-empty or full of products that were ugly and of poor quality.

The grocery stores were not any better. I get it, maybe we didn’t need to be fashionable. But we needed to eat. So, the old Romanian adage “Conscience goes through the stomach” made a lot of sense.

During the late 1970s, life in Romania started to deteriorate even more. Meat was hardly a consumer staple for the average Romanian. Instead, our parents learned to become good at preparing the liver, the brain, the tongue, and other giblets that most people in the West would not even consider trying.

When milk, butter, eggs, and yogurt were temporarily available, my mom—like so many others of our neighbors—would wake up at 2:00 a.m. to go stand in line so she’d have the chance to get us these goodies. The store would open at 6:00 a.m., so if she wasn’t early enough in line she’d miss the opportunity.

In 1982, the state sent their disciples to people’s homes to do the census. Along with that, food rationing was implemented. For a family of four like us, our rationed quota was 1 kilogram of flour and 1 kilogram of sugar per month. That is, if they were available and if we were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time when they were being distributed.

The one television channel our government provided for us often focused on programs related to crime and poverty in the western world. After all, people were poor and suffering because of capitalism, so we were told, so we needed socialism and communism to solve the inequalities of humanity.

Capitalism Advances Private Property

Considering the shortages created by the government-controlled economy of my birth country, I came to understand and appreciate capitalism, the one system that had the most dramatic effect in elevating human civilization.

The layman definition of capitalism is the economic system in which people and businesses engage in manufacturing, trading, and exchanging products and services without government interference. A free-market capitalist system works in a more efficient manner when not tampered with by government or central bank intervention in the credit markets, monetary policy, and interest rate fixing.

Private property and private property rights are at the core of capitalism. When in school, we learned that private property makes people greedy and is considered detrimental to society. Private property was associated with capitalism, the system that our textbooks claimed failed.

Allocation Of Resources

Romania was rich in natural resources, yet the difference between our standard of living and those from the West was quite dramatic. It was indicative of a flawed economic system that most countries in Eastern Europe adhered to during the Soviet Era. But one may ask why was there so much poverty when natural resources are so abundant?

Economics is the study of the allocation of scarce resources which have alternative uses. Efficiency is thus of primary concern when the goal is economic progress.

In a centrally-planned environment, the various government individuals who are assigned the task of planning the economy could not possibly know how to properly allocate the scarce resources of an entire nation, no matter how smart or educated they are. Shortages are one of the consequences of improper allocation of the scarce resources.

The free market, however, through the multiple spontaneous interactions of businesses and consumers, directs the allocation of resources via the amazing process of supply and demand. It is precisely due to the profit and loss events that economic efficiency is stimulated.

Free Markets Attract Capital

Due to its profit incentives, capitalism encourages innovation. Innovation leads to progress and an increase in the standard of living. But progress and the climate which offers humans a high standard of living cannot be created without the capital to transform and turn resources into the final products that give us the—relatively—cheap energy and food, smartphones, fitness gyms, and overall the life we currently afford. Capital moves in the direction of less regulation, less government intervention, and less taxation. In short, capital moves to where there’s more economic freedom.

In contrast, communism, socialism, fascism, or just about any government-controlled system lacks the profit incentive. The people, who are the human resources, have no desire to engage in a business where the reward is not attainable (unless it’s done in the black markets). They accept the state and its bureaucratic cronies to dictate their faith.

Capital is chased away due to the high risk associated with governments who engage in high levels of controlling their economies and, often, corruption. The overall standard of living is dramatically lower than in most capitalist places, and the poverty is higher. Consequently, the collectivist country falls into an economic and social trap from which it is hard to escape. Only capitalism can save a nation from the failure of its central economic planning.

Capitalism Helps Us Be Better Individuals

Similar to the old Soviet lifestyle, let’s remember what the typical Venezuelan family of our times worries about on a daily basis. Food to put on the table and the safety of their children. They wake up in the morning wondering how many meals they can afford that day, where to get them from, and how to pay for them.

We, the lucky ones to live in a relatively free-market system, don’t have these kinds of worries. We go to work, get leisure time to be on Facebook, watch TV, be with our families, read books, and enjoy a hobby or two. In short, we have the personal freedom to engage in and enjoy a variety of life events because of capitalism.

But there’s another important motive to desire to live in a capitalist society. We are free to create and come up with all kinds of business ideas, no matter how crazy some might be. Because we don’t have to worry about tomorrow, we have—or make—the time to read, explore, and innovate.

Capitalism makes it possible for us to challenge ourselves, to have goals, and to put forth the sweat to achieve them. It gives us the freedom to try new things and explore new opportunities. It gives us the chance to create more opportunities. It helps us build strong character because when we try, we also fail, and without failure, how do we know we’ve made mistakes? Without failure, how do we know we must make changes?

Individual Freedom Can Only Exist In The Context Of Free Markets

Before immigrating to the U.S., I had to go through a rigorous process. One of the events was the immigration interview with the American counselor who, among many other questions, asked why I escaped Romania and why I wanted to come to America. My short answer was freedom. Then he posed the interesting question: “If America was to go through a period of economic devastation with shortages similar to Romania, would you still feel the same way?” I didn’t think too much about it, and I said, “Yes, of course, as long as I have freedom.”

In retrospect, that was a dumb answer on my part. After several decades, I came to believe that the human condition of individual freedom can only exist in the context of free markets. Shortages are created by the intrusion of the state into the complex activity of the markets, whether it’s price controls or poor allocation of resources.

When shortages are powerful and long enough to dramatically affect lives, people resort to revolt. Large revolts call for serious governmental actions including, but not limited to, eroding or completely eliminating individual rights (the right to free speech and to bear arms), the institution of a police state, and the enacting of a powerful state propaganda system. Capitalism is the path to the individual rights and liberty that build the solid foundation of a free society.

Is America A True Capitalist Economy?

The short answer is no. Most of the world refers to the American system as being a capitalist one. Based on my short definition of capitalism, it is obvious that it is not quite a pure one, and I wish to clarify that the U.S. is not a truly free-market capitalist system.

The economic policy of the 19th Century with limited regulations and minimal taxation attracted the needed capital to our country. The Industrial Revolution made spectacular advancements in human conditions due to the capital concentrated in the region. America lost its number one place due to legislating higher regulations, taxation, and protectionist policies.

But we are still enjoying some of the fruits today. Compared to many countries in the world, we still maintain stronger capitalist traits than most, however Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, New Zealand, and a few other nations who lead the way in economic freedom have surpassed us (see the latest statistics).

What America Needs

Aside from better economic and legislative policies, what America needs is a more intense appreciation of individual freedom and capitalism. Such a crazy idea is not acquired through public schools or becoming a public servant. Young people don’t need more years of schooling with more worthless college degrees and student loans in default. America needs more entrepreneurs and businessmen. It needs more people with drive and ambition, more self-starters, more innovators, more people who are willing to take chances.

It starts in our own backyard, in our home, in our small group, in our community. It starts with loving, involved, and dedicated parents who’d instill the values of personal responsibility and delayed gratification in their children. It continues with an education that entails both theory and hands-on practice in environments conducive to learning how to think independently and how to acquire life- and work-skills. It evolves into a purpose-driven life rich in learning and experiences. And this may be just the beginning of attaining the intellectual maturity to perceive the value that free markets and individual freedom afford most of us.

Carmen Alexe escaped Communist Romania during the Cold War. Her motive was individual freedom. She has close to 30 years in the lending industry, currently working as a Commercial Real Estate Consultant. She’s been a real estate investor since 2001. She’s also a passionate Salsa dancer. She’s a free spirit doing research on and practicing how to live free in an unfree world. She shares her zeal for free markets, individual freedom, and personal responsibility by writing on her blog.

This article was originally published on FEE.org. Read the original article.

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The Sobering Truth Why Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez Connects with Millions of Millennial’s

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez

Why is Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez so popular with Millennial’s? As foolish and naive as we may see her, there is one thing that she understands that rings true with millions.

There is ONE thing that the left is quite correct about. Many of our publicly traded corporations have become greedy and in spite of the fact that their companies are quite profitable they seek to screw their employees out of proper pay and benefits even if it is to the detriment of their own customers.

We see profitable corporations who deliberately run their employee retirement plans into the ground so they can dump them on the federal retirement insurance backup. These companies are ran by bean counters who never see a customer’s face or feel the hardship faced by their own employees or retirees.

You see shows such as “Undercover Boss” and the CEO is, more often then not, shocked to see how the employees of his own company are treated and how hard they struggle. They simply had no idea.

When you see millennial’s such as Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez talk about socialism, it is not just far left school indoctrination that put here there. Her entire adult life was during a time of economic hardship in the United States. Banks and insurance companies lied to everyone, many employers treated their employees like chattel, keeping employees rotating in and out so they could not eventually earn to much money, and paying employees so low that the employers were showing their own employees how to get on public assistance while having a full time job. There are companies that lobby for open borders so they can fire American workers to hire immigrants, illegal or otherwise, for pittance wages.

I myself have been offered jobs that take years of schooling and experience to get the required skills only to be offered a pittance wage. If this is what “capitalism” means than they want no part of it and who can blame them? Their view is not entirely without merit.

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Kellyanne Conway reacts to Mueller report, calls on Schiff to resign (video)

Kellyanne with Trump

Kellyanne Conway is the most talented political strategist alive today, rivaled only by Dick Morris.

Today Kellyanne went nuclear on lying Democrats and their elite media masters:

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders responds brilliantly:



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Lara Logan: Accountability begins with us, I am ashamed of ‘fake news’ being spread (video)

lara-logan sharp

Lara Logan, Sara Carter and Laura Ingraham hit the fake news networks right where it hurts:

More from Tucker Carlson:

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How to spot a Facebook Group “Troll” and why you should just ban them.

Internet “Trolls” who come into private groups and message boards do so with a single goal in mind, to fatigue and/or bore honest contributors in hopes to prevent them from contributing. Their tactics amount to the internet version of a “heckler’s veto”. They hope to take over your message board or private group by driving the good people away. Their tactics are almost always the same.

internet troll

At first they start out civilly, they claim you are wrong and might post an outdated piece something with an anonymous source from the NYT or WashPo or an unverifiable opinion piece from a smear outfit like Think Progress.

When an honest contributor then posts superior evidence such as on the record statements, court documents etc, such evidence filled pieces are a bit more complicated, as it always takes more explanation to unravel a lie, then it does to simply make a dishonest accusation.

The Troll will post laughter, call someone a liar and then post again the same accusation or inferior evidence piece again, without actually responding to the specific points or evidence made by the honest participant. The Troll simply goes on as if the superior evidence was never posted in the first place and keeps repeating the same debunked nonsense in hopes of fatiguing honest participants into just abandoning the thread and going away. The Troll will also hope that readers of the thread or group will not take the time to read the entire thread carefully, fully understanding that the honest contributor will have longer posts most likely skipped by lazier readers because, as pointed out earlier, it takes more space to unravel a lie than to simply make a bogus accusation.

Then the Troll goes into rinse & repeat mode: tell people that they are liars, and then when faced with superior evidence otherwise simply ignore it, repeat their original assertion and/or make new accusations, throw in some virtue signalling – and THEN in the ultimate act of chutzpah, once the thread gets long enough, accuse the honest participants of not posting any evidence.

Eventually, someone calls out the Troll on their tactics and blasts their behavior. This is when the Troll calls for an administrator and pulls the victim card, claiming that the honest posters are being uncivil and picking on them rather than posting evidence. If said administrator does not read the whole thread carefully to see what is going on, they fall for it and scold or ban the honest contributor.

It gets better, the Troll will often start a new thread on the same subject complete with the same anonymous/debunked claims to start the cycle over again.

In thread after thread, the Trolls will do this over and over and over again until honest participants just move on for good, essentially all but shutting down participation in your group.

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Your Church is Gaslighting You Because You are Dishonest.

This post is a direct response to a piece that appeared on the Huffington Post titled “My Evangelical Church Is Gaslighting Me, But I Refuse To Fall For It Anymore.”

The article linked above is chock full of dishonest accusations and talking points that typically appear on MSNBC which cannot withstand five minutes of serious cross examination. I was content to let it go and simply blow it off as just another smear from the left that most anyone with access to an internet search engine could debunk for themselves within minutes, until I came across a section that enraged me personally:

In the summer of 2017, when the Republican Party began trying in earnest to repeal the Affordable Care Act and cut Medicaid funding, I cried out in protest. I have a medically fragile child, and insurance that covers his multiple pre-existing conditions as required by the ACA, as well as Medicaid, is one reason he is still alive today. But, for the most part, the Christians I pleaded with ignored me or made flimsy excuses for supporting the Republicans’ efforts to destroy the ACA.

There is a laundry list of directly implied lies in this paragraph that angered me personally and to understand why I first need to explain something about myself.

My adopted daughter had her first heart surgery when she was eight days old. To put it simply most of the plumbing that connected her heart and lungs was defective. My daughter went on to have multiple heart surgeries as well as multiple eye surgeries by the best eye surgeons in the world. My daughter has multiple severe to catastrophic medical conditions including being special needs.

My wife and I had good private insurance that was affordable, which was a blessing because the medical bills amounted to millions. We had occasionally encountered some resistance in getting everything paid for in a timely manner, so I went to Indiana insurance school and passed the state insurance exam on the first attempt so that I could become an expert in the insurance policy and laws. That expertise helped me to navigate an at times complex billing system, but in the long run, private insurance served our needs better than most anyone could have hoped for…….that is, until Obamacare passed the Congress by the slimmest of margins.

President Obama and Democrats en-bloc promised, “If you like your health care plan you can keep it”:

President Obama promised that health insurance would cost less than a phone bill:

The promises made by Democrats were so outrageous that they even made the left leaning Politifact’s Lie of the Year in 2013.

The affects on my family proved disastrous. We received a letter stating that in order to comply with the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) our employer based health plan was being canceled, the new ACA compliant plan, subsidized by my wife’s employer, was quite a bit more expensive and had larger deductibles, but we could still afford it.

Every year the premium increases and deductible increased jumped significantly, every year the money out of pocket for my daughter took more and more away from us, until eventually we could no longer afford the insurance and our daughter had to go on Medicare. We were not alone. Countless millions of Americans were put in the same boat:

Why didn’t we just buy an “affordable” Obamacare plan for our daughter? Because both my wife and I worked we did not qualify for the subsidy. Affordable meant premiums in access of $700 per month with deductibles up to $6,000.

doctor will not accept obamacareMy wife and I were forced to deal with a disturbing new realization. While we had private insurance we had access to the best doctors in the world for our daughter, but a great many doctors do not take Obamacare or Medicare, so the choice and quality of doctors became drastically limited.

More people lost insurance than gained it with Obamacare. What did the Democrats have to say? They said that it was a good thing because private plans like I had “are phony plans” (their words) and we were better off without it… well no we weren’t.

But what about pre-existing conditions Democrats shout?


Let that sink in for a minute.

Employer based health plans are group plans. Group plans by law, according to Public law 104-191 also known as HIPPA – Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act – of 1996 outlined in sections 2741, 2742 and 2744 the role that both health insurers and state regulators must play in ensuring coverage for those with preexisting conditions. That law was supported by both Democrats and Republicans for more than a decade before Obamacare.

The vast majority of Americans with insurance, my family included, already had coverage for pre-existing conditions with insurance bought through their employer. Plans that the so called Affordable Care Act took away from them. The simple fact is that it is Democrats who took pre-existing condition coverage away from countless millions of Americans, not Republicans. Millions more people lost their insurance than gained it with Obamacare plans and my family is among them.

In-spite of outrageously dishonest Democrat campaign ads this past election season, the Republican plan to replace Obamacare, the AHCA, includes $100 billion to insure coverage for pre-existing conditions.

The Huffington Post article goes on to blast Republicans for cuts in Medicaid funding. The Affordable Care Act only increased funding to state Medicaid programs for a set number of years until it incrementally sunsets, so Medicaid subsidies were already set to be cut by the Affordable Care Act, a law that passed without a single Republican vote.

At least the Huffington Post writer was careful enough not to mention the $716 BILLION the Affordable Care Act cut from Medicare in order to help pay for itself.

There is so much more in the Huffington Post smear piece that is easily debunked and all it would take is space and links to verifiable evidence, but for the sake of brevity I will pick just one other part to respond do.

Under the section marked “Purity and Politics” the Huffington Post writer states:

The church’s obsession with sexual purity defined my adolescence. The ethics of sexual behavior limited physical intimacy to the marriage of man and woman. And at the time, the political values of Christians lined up with this teaching. Bill Clinton’s infidelity was unforgivable as well as evidence of a political party embraced by Satan.

But when the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape leaked to a shocked nation in 2016, Christian Republicans doubled down on their support of a man who openly bragged about sexual assault.

“I don’t even wait,” Trump told the show’s co-host Billy Bush. “And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

I cannot read those words without having a visceral physical reaction. I am sickened by Trump’s words themselves…

It is certainly no secret that Donald Trump has a past of being a near stereotypical billionaire playboy. He was one and he acted like one. No one disputes this. My objection is the drawing a moral equivalence, or even presenting Trump’s behavior as morally inferior to the Clinton’s.

I hate to split hairs Miss Huffington Post writer, but “if they let you do it” it is not an assault. No one is saying or has said, “Donald Trump raped me.” In fact, Trump’s ex-girlfriends, in spite of the lies published by the New York Times, have defended (2) him.

Bill Clinton has multiple, credible allegations of rape and genuine sexual assault against him. Two of the dozens of women who have spoken out are Juanita Broaddrick (2) and Kathleen Willey.

In the case of Kathleen Willey the Clinton’s hired thugs like Anthony Pellicano to threaten and silence various Clinton accusers. Willey was followed one day when she went jogging. A jogger ran up to her, threatened her, mentioned her children’s names in a threatening manner and spoke the name of her cat in the past tense. When she came home she found her cat dead on her front porch. While Donald Trump has a record of being a playboy in years past this occurred while Clinton was President of the United States.

Willey is not alone in reporting such incidences. According to Disk Morris, who was the Clinton’s closest political advisor for years, Hillary was the Chief of what he called the “Clinton Secret Police” that routinely threatened and intimidated those who could do them political harm. Morris really liked Bill Clinton, but has always said that Hillary is too corrupt to be President:


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Idiotic CNN Ruling a Staunch Reminder of Why Patronage Judicial Appointments Cost Judicial Legitimacy

People are losing faith in the government and it’s legitimacy, due in no small part to the fiasco that is our federal judicial system.

The courts and appeals process are overworked and have a huge backlog of cases largely in part to lower court judges who make decisions that they full well know have no basis is law or established legal tests and guidelines. Aside from political hacks, some judges are lazy, some have questionable mental health and some are just bad lawyers.

According to the SCOTUSBlog Statistic Archive the majority of lower court rulings as well as appeals rulings are overturned if they can make it to the Supreme Court. The following is the reversal rate for the ten judicial circuits:

6th Circuit – 87 percent;

11th Circuit – 85 percent;

9th Circuit – 79 percent;

3rd Circuit – 78 percent;

2nd Circuit and Federal Circuit – 68 percent;

8th Circuit – 67 percent;

5th Circuit – 66 percent;

7th Circuit – 48 percent;

DC Circuit – 45 percent;

1st Circuit and 4th Circuit – 43 percent;

10th Circuit – 42 percent.

This list does not even include the outright legal malpractice coming from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) that not only approved federal wire taps on political campaigns for clearly political reasons, it also approved search warrants covering millions of Americans at once with no probable cause, no accusation of a crime, and no due process, in spite of the fact that the 4th Amendments is clear that search warrants are to be specific to the time, place,  as well as specific items and persons to be searched, with probable cause, based on oath or affirmation by a law enforcement official.

This is why great legal minds should be nominated to all federal court positions, not just donors and political hacks.

Today’s ruling on CNN’s White House Pass goes against everything a law student is supposed to learn in a First Amendment case-law course.

Judge Timothy J. Kelly, a Trump appointee, ruled that Acosta’s First Amendment rights overruled the White House’s right to have orderly news conferences, Kelly also ruled that he agreed with the government’s argument that there was no First Amendment right to come onto the White House grounds. But, he said, once the White House opened up the grounds to reporters, the First Amendment applied. Judge Kelly also ruled that the White House violated due process.

Nothing in Judge Kelly’s ruling can pass long-standing constitutional tests as established by the Supreme Court and quite frankly, these rulings can not even pass the snicker test. Here is why.

1 – Acosta’s First Amendment rights overruled the White House’s right to have orderly news conferences…

This goes against long-established Supreme Court precedents that says that government can restrict time place and manner of speech if the reasons are compelling and make common sense.

For example, one cannot put a sign in the middle of a highway at rush hour or stage a mass protest on Interstate 5, because the primary impact of such “speech” is to disrupt, not to speak. In that same regard one cannot engage in a “heckler’s veto” – meaning one cannot stand up in the middle of class at school and start reciting the Declaration of Independence because it disrupts the class, prevents the teacher from doing his/her job and affects the other student’s ability to learn.

CNN’s Jim Acosta essentially does the same thing, he yells out things in the middle of events, he hogs the microphone and stages his protests in a presser so that other reporters cannot get a turn to quarry the President or one of his officials. OANN, a competitor of CNN’s filed a brief with the court stating that they agreed with the White House because there have been times when Jim Acosta’s antics prevented OANN from having a chance to ask any questions at all.

2 – Judge Kelly agreed with the government’s argument that there was no First Amendment right to come onto the White House grounds. But, he said, once the White House opened up the grounds to reporters, the First Amendment applied…

So, I can’t break into a movie theater, but once they open their doors to the public the First Amendment lets me shout my protests once inside….and all I have to do is claim that I am a journalist.

If there is anyplace on Earth where government has a compelling interest to maintain an orderly environment it is the White House.

The First Amendment is not a license to disrupt, never has been, and the courts throughout the decades have ruled so time and time again.

3 – Judge Kelly also ruled that the White House violated due process…

Due Process rights apply when one is charged criminally, or in cases where one is the target of an administrative punitive action like an IRS ruling against you or an Article 15 if you are in the military.

The government, specifically the President, gets to decide who has access to highly secured areas of sensitive government buildings. If a grade school bans me from coming on their grounds do I get to claim due process rights? Of course not. Who has access to secured government buildings is determined at the pleasure of those in charge of such buildings and secured areas. Judge Kelly’s opinion is even more silly than those who said that former CIA employees have a constitutional right to a security clearance and access to confidential information. In short, it’s nuts.

The White House should file an appeal immediately and Republicans should make certain that Judge Kelly never gets appointed to a higher court. His ruling is breathtaking in its idiocy and would receive a failing grade in most any First Amendment case-law course.


This case is quintessential example of why it is important to have good defense lawyers who understand bogus arguments and are ready for them. The President’s lawyers seem to have dropped the ball.

1 – CNN’s lawyers said that Acosta had his credentials yanked because of the CONTENT of his reporting, therefore it was the President Trump trying to regulate the content of CNN’s speech which would be a violation of the 1st Amendment.

This argument is easily refutable. CNN has plenty of reporters with government press passes, did they have their passes removed? The other CNN reporters put out the same content as Jim Acosta. Acosta is typical of the reporting at CNN. This was not about what Jim Acosta says, it is the fact the he disrupts, calls names, filibusters and prevents other reporters from having a turn. IF CNN’s lawyers are so confident that Acosta’s conduct is not the issue then why don’t they behave the same way to the judge and see what happens? If Jim Acosta had behaved that way in a church or a city counsel meeting etc he would be thrown out in a heartbeat, rightfully and legally so.

2 – Should the court decide who gets a white house press pass and who does not? What gives one reporter priority over any other? Rush Limbaugh, who does news and opinion from a different angle than CNN, has a many times the audience of CNN. Should he get a guaranteed White House Press Pass by the court? This is why Separation of Powers matters.


Article II of the Constitution states “The Executive Power rests with the President of the United States of America.” Who has access to secured government and military facilities is clearly an executive function.

There is no way to honestly make the case that the 1st Amendment or the 5th Amendment somehow gave the courts some magical power to violate Separation of Powers and dictate to the President who gets a security pass to the White House (his residence) and who does not.

Jim Acosta and CNN can publish all they want and broadcast all the fake news they like. They can protest President Trump all they like, but nothing in the Constitution mandates that Jim Acosta be able to do so within the President’s residence. The last I checked there is no judicial supremacy clause in the Constitution. All too often these judges outright deny reality, create their own construct, then demand that we acknowledge their artificial creation as absolute proof.

The judiciary is out of control. It needs to be reigned in and straight up defied when Constitutionally appropriate. This is one of those times.

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Obama and Clapper sought to scrub the Secret Clearance List in 2013. Democrats were all for it.

….and the media thought it was cool.

Politico 11/21/13:

clapper and brennan

“I write to express my concern about threats to national security resulting from the increasing number of people with eligibility for access to classified national security information, particularly Top Secret (TS) and Top Secret/Secure Compartmented Information (TS/SCI),” Clapper wrote in a three-page memo, dated Oct. 31 and cited at a Senate hearing Wednesday.

The hypocrisy is off the charts…

Just in case Politico scrubs it, here is a screen shot:

clapper clearence list 2013

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Stephen Miller’s Uncle Is an Immigration Idiot. I Know Because I Did Ten Minutes of Fact Checking.

This is our response to the outrageous propaganda hit piece that appeared in Politico entitled, “Stephen Miller Is an Immigration Hypocrite. I Know Because I’m His Uncle“.

NOTE: Politico’s politics chief secretly colluded with the Hillary campaign in the 2016 election (2) to the point of submitting his work to the campaign in advance for approval.

Politico’s hit piece starts with a single fact that essentially refutes the rest of the entire hit piece:

Wolf-Leib Glosser, fled a village where his forebears had lived for centuries and took his chances in America. He set foot on Ellis Island on January 7, 1903, with $8 to his name. Though fluent in Polish, Russian and Yiddish, he understood no English.

Before 1965, with only a few exceptions, the United States generally brought in about two hundred and fifty thousand immigrants per year and the demand for work in the early 1900’s and before was exponentially higher. In 1903, just a few miles inland from the coast or largest cities, our population was sparse with a nationwide population of only 80 million. By contrast 80 million is the population of New York, California and Florida today.

Since immigration reform in 1965 over a million legal immigrants per year have been let in by Congress which doesn’t count the unknown millions of those who enter or stay illegally.

In 1903 the United States did not have huge multi-trillion dollar welfare programs, today we do and that is why merit based immigration is key to not overwhelming our safety net which is exactly what is happening now. Our prison system is also being overwhelmed. ICE reports that of all the foreign born in prisons only 8% are citizens. Non citizen federal inmates are almost 22% of the entire federal prison population.

Those numbers will continue to get worse. Why? In 1903 immigrants were expected to learn English and become Americanized and embrace our way of life. They did. Today any attempt at prompting assimilation, including learning the language, are called racist, nativist etc by Democrats. That leads to balkanization which is one of their chief policy goals.

To get a better idea of the size and scope of the immigration problem, watch the video below:

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The Truth About Immigration Law & What the Elite Media Isn’t Telling You.

The elite media has been largely dishonest in reporting on this issue in order to attack President Trump.

1 – The elite media says that family separation and incarceration of illegal migrant minors started under President Trump because of his zero tolerance policy. This is not the case and they well know it. For example, the Washington Post March 11, 2015 under Obama, wrote about this very issue:
March of 2015 immigration under Obama WashPo

2 – The truth about family separation. The elite media leaves out all of the important details which bring clarity to this issue. The vast majority of Central American children who show up at the border are unaccompanied by their parents. The Border Patrol says that up to 85%, nearly 207,000 children from 2007 -2015 were unaccompanied when apprehended at the border; meaning that that an overwhelming number show up already separated from their family.

Parents who do walk their children across the North Mexico Desert can be prosecuted for endangering their children. The reports are that dozens die every month trying to cross the border. While an unknown number of Central American girls are sold into sex slavery via human traffickers, up to 80% of minor girls apprehended at the border have been sexually assaulted.

Parents can be detained until trial, but children can only be detained for 20 days because of the 1997 court ruling Flores v. Reno, at which time children are moved to a non-detention like facility or placed with any relatives that can be found in the United States, hence they are “separated from their parents”. Such has been the case long before Trump was President.

3 – Media reports of Trump backing down on “family separation” are wildly misleading. What they are not telling you is that Trump’s executive order states that the few minor border crossers who enter with parents must stay with their parents for as long as it takes, thus ending the separation, however, an executive order cannot supersede current law so this executive order will almost certainly be overturned by the courts.

4 – The conditions in which many illegal migrant children were held were much worse under Obama while Democrats and the elite media kept it quiet. The main reason for this is that more suitable and luxurious dorm like accommodations were not built up yet as they are today.

If you want to see some of the conditions that these children were held while Obama was president you can see for yourself HERE.

5 – President Obama said the same thing when he was in office that Trump is saying today. He also prosecuted many illegal border crossers:

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One of Anthony Bourdain’s Final Tweets About Hillary Clinton

Read it for yourself:

Here is a screenshot in case it is taken down:
anthony bourdain on HRC

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Victor Davis Hanson – Our Law-Breaking Intelligence Apparatus

A must read from Dr. Hanson. Much of what you need to debunk the CNN talking points (lies).   Via American Greatness:

One strange trait of the die hard NeverTrump Republicans and progressives is their charge that Donald Trump poses an existential threat to democracy. Trump, as is his wont, says a lot of outrageous and weird things. But it is hard in his 16 months of rule to findany proof that Trump has subverted the rule of law.

Most of the furor is over what we are told what Trump might do, or what Trump has said, or which unsavory character in Europe likes Trump. These could be legitimate worries if they were followed by Trump’s anti-democratic concrete subversions. But so far, we have not seen them. And there has certainly been nothing yet in this administration comparable to the Obama-era efforts to curb civil liberties.

While we understand those on the left refuse to believe that a constitutional “legal scholar” like Obama would even think of allowing the executive branch to go rogue, it is indeed strange that in almost every NeverTrump attack on Trump’s conduct, there is almost no recognition or indeed worry that we have been living through one of the great challenges to constitutional government in our history.

Does anyone remember that the Obama Administration allowed Lois Lerner (“Not a smidgen of corruption”) more or less toweaponize the IRS to help the Obama 2012 reelection effort? Does anyone remember Eric Holder’s surveillance of the Associated Press journalists and Fox News’s James Rosen? Why have conservative constitutionalists focused on what Trump has said rather than the strange treatment accorded to investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson by U.S. intelligence and investigatory agencies? Do we even remember the Benghazi pseudo-video narrative and the strange jailing of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula?

Is there even curiosity about why and how the departing Obama Administration suddenly and vastly expanded the number of agencies that could have access to classified surveillance in its aftermath? Do we remember the more than 20 times Obama warned before reelection that he was not a “king” and, as a constitutional scholar, could not by fiat offer blanket amnesties? Do the authorities in California realize that they are resorting to the extralegal states-rights arguments that South Carolina on the eve of the Civil War and Alabama in the early 1960s used to nullify federal laws?

But stranger still is what we already know of the 2016 election, and the lack of outrage from constitutionalists, who daily warn us of what Trump might do—when we already know what the U.S. government has done in violation of civil rights, constitutional principles, and likely federal laws. So far there is no information that Stephen Bannon ordered taps on reporters, or that Nigel Farage was hired by Trump to find Russian dirt on Hillary Clinton, or that Stephen Miller requested the unmasking of surveilled names associated with the Clinton campaign and then leaked them to the press.

But we do know that U.S. officials, including the head of the FBI and chief deputies in the Justice Department, misled a FISA court to obtain intelligence surveillance on U.S. citizens, by providing information that they knew at the time, but did not disclose to the court, was by their own private admission unverified, compiled by a foreign national whom they had used and fired as an unreliable informant, paid for by the Clinton campaign, and served as the basis for news accounts that were used in circular fashion to verify to the court the dossier’s contents.

We do know that members of the Obama intelligence and national security teams—Susan Rice and Samantha Power among others—requested the names of American citizens surveilled (likely obtained through improperly obtained FISA warrants) to be unmasked. Then someone illegally leaked their names to the press to damage the Trump campaign and his presidential transition.

We do know that FBI Director James Comey, in succession, has admitted that he in singular fashion took notes of a confidential one-on-one meeting with the president, briefed him on the existence of a campaign dossier on him, did not disclose that it was purchased by the Clinton campaign, assured him that he was not the subject of a FBI investigation at a time either he or his subordinates were leaking the opposite to the media, and then, after being fired, leaked those memos (at least one of which was classified) to the media to ensure the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the president, who turned out to be a friend of Comey’s, Robert Mueller. Comey by his own admission has also stated that he calibrated the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton to the likelihood of her election to the presidency. FBI directors in a lawful society are not supposed to do such things.

We do know that the FBI placed some sort of an informant in the camp of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign in association with gathering information about data used by a foreign national and a paid operative of the Clinton campaign, Christopher Steele, in his effort to collude with Russians against the campaign efforts of Donald Trump.

We do know that the deputy director of the FBI is currently under investigation for lying to federal investigators, on at least four occasions, about his own conduct in investigating candidate Hillary Clinton—at a time not long after Clinton-related political action committees gave several hundred thousand dollars to the political campaign of his wife.

We do know now that both James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, and John Brennan, head of the CIA, knowingly gave false testimony under oath to Congress. Clapper has previously lied about the surveillance of American citizens; he has lied about his knowledge of the Steele dossier, and likely also lied about leaking its contents. Brennan had lied under oath to Congress about the U.S. drone assassination program, lied about CIA surveillance of computers used by U.S. Senate staff, lied about leaking the existence and promulgation of the Steele dossier, and lied yet again to Congress that the dossier was not used to prompt a CIA investigation into so-called collusion.

Again, the government’s two highest intelligence officials did not tell the full truth about their knowledge of the Steele dossier or their own roles in promulgating its contents. In a constitutional republic both such reprehensible officials who betrayed the public trust would be subject to criminal investigations for knowingly lying under oath to Congress and undermining the sinews of constitutional government.

We do know that senior Justice Department official Bruce Ohr met with the architects of the Steele dossier and that at the time his wife was working on the Clinton-purchased Fusion/GPS Steele dossier, information not disclosed as required by the law on a federal form.

Mueller’s special investigatory team, the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, and the media have not yet found any credible evidence of Trump-Russian collusion. Indeed, it is more likely that the indictments and confessions of some Trump campaign officials and Michael Flynn, on counts having nothing to do with collusion, either will be dropped, retracted, or will not lead to convictions, given much of the information used against them was obtained by misleading a FISA court judge and through improper conduct at the highest level of the FBI.

There is a reason why over a half-dozen top FBI officials either have been fired, reassigned, resigned, or retired. We have not yet seen the inspector general’s full report, but its publication may lead to more departures from both the FBI and the Justice Department, if not to criminal prosecutions.

If the present constitutional crisis really involves high federal officials and former federal officials who were colluding with foreign governments, then we have ample evidence that 1) Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation received large sums of money from Russian-related interests in association with ongoing requests to buy into companies that might control North American uranium stocks; that 2) John Kerry has met clandestinely with members and former members of the Iranian government to craft joint strategies to save the so-called Iran Deal, from which the president of the United States just withdrew; and that 3) Hillary Clinton’s campaign hired a foreign national to use sources from other foreign nationals to help subvert the campaign of her 2016 opponent.

We are all worried, on occasion, by nationalist and anti-democratic movements abroad in former democratic countries. We all sometimes wish Donald Trump would ignore personal spats and curb his tweeting and thus let his considerable accomplishments speak for themselves.

But that said, the current and chief threats to Western constitutional government are not originating from loud right-wing populists in Eastern Europe, or from Trump wailing like Ajax about the rigged deep state.

Rather, the threat to our civil liberties is coming from supposedly sanctimonious and allegedly judicious career FBI, Justice Department, and intelligence agency officials, progressive and self-described idealistic former members of the Obama national security team, and anti-Trump fervent campaign operatives, all of whom felt that they could break the law—including but not limited to illegally monitoring American citizens, and seeking to warp federal courts and even the presidential election because such unsavory and anti-constitutional means were felt necessary and justified to prevent and then subvert the presidency of Donald J. Trump.   

It is willful blindness for progressives and NeverTrump Republicans to overlook what has happened only to damn what has not happened. The dangers in America are not from transparent right-wing authoritarians (who are easily spotted in their clumsiness), but from mellifluous self-styled constitutionalists, whose facades and professions of legality mask their rank efforts to use any anti-constitutional means necessary to achieve their supposedly noble egalitarian ends.

This is the way democracies end—not with a loud boisterous bang, but with insidious and self-righteous whimpers.

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Words Matter. Trump Campaign Infiltrators Were Spies, Not Informants.

Please show this to all your friends because the media lies about this, especially on CNN, are outrageous:

1 – A SPY is someone who is sent in to infiltrate and inform surreptitiously and is often paid to do so – this is what they did to Trump.

2 – An INFORMANT is someone who was already there and would approach the FBI (for example) and inform as to what he had seen voluntarily.


…leaders of our institutions aren’t above engaging in spying. John Brennan spied on the legislative branch and lied about it to the American people. James Clapper spied on the American people through a domestic surveillance program and lied about it to Congress. Although the Obama administration never tweeted nasty attacks on journalists, it did spy on and prosecute them. It’s completely plausible that those in the upper echelon of law enforcement saw Trump as a threat, then used wobbly evidence as the pretext to investigate his campaign. If not, it’ll be good to clear their names.

“FBI used informant to investigate Russia ties to campaign, not to spy, as Trump claims,” read a truly silly New York Times headline last week. You can call it whatever makes you happy, but in the real world the act of furtively gathering information about someone else is called “spying.”

The Washington Post reported, for instance, that the informant was surreptitiously seeking information by “seeking out and meeting three different Trump campaign officials.” The spy, according to the piece, had contacts with the CIA. This is unprecedented.


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This is what manipulation by the elite media looks like:

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Star Wars: Ahsoka Tano & Anakin Skywalker

Anakin Accepts Ahsoka As His Padawan

Young Ahsoka vs Cato, a shape-shifting bounty hunter

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Ahsoka Tano & Anakin deactivating the bombs

Star Wars: The Clone Wars — Ahsoka Breaks Ryloth’s Blockade

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Ahsoka saves Anakin

Ahsoka, Anakin, & Kenobi Crash Land On Felucia

Ahsoka Thanks Anakin For His Training

Star Wars: Clone Wars Obi-Wan, Anakin And Ahsoka All Have Force Visions on Mortis

Ahsoka Instructs The Cadets On Corruption

Ahsoka Defends The Younglings From General Grievous

Ahsoka Tano Leaves The Jedi Order

Obi-Wan and Anakin talk about Ahsoka’s decision

Ahsoka Reveals Herself as Rebellion Agent Fulcrum

Darth Vader Finds Out Ahsoka Tano Lives

Ahsoka Toying With Imperial Inquisitors

Ahsoka, HE was my master….

Anakin, Now Darth Vader, Speaks To Ahsoka Tano Through the Force

Ahsoka vs Darth Vader (Notice how she saves him from the exploding temple before she is pulled away).

Before The Dark Times….

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Chuck’s Guide Recovering Your Flooded Car

So, you were in a hurricane and your car flooded and you DON’T have full coverage insurance, FEMA didn’t help you etc.

If you know a flood is coming:

Do NOT park on the street. The street is the most likely place to have deep water in any flood. It is also the most likely place your car will get towed by the city after a flood, or towed by other people who are just out stealing cars in the chaos.

If you are not sure about how high the ground you are on is, buy “Rhino Ramps” at your local auto parts store. Put them in front of each wheel and drive up them. This will get your car an additional foot in the air. Rhino Ramps are strong, cheap, and stack. They come in a regular and a heavyweight capacity.

When you get your car parked where you like disconnect the battery. Water is going to short out the electrical connectors on the lower part of the car, sometimes blow fuses and/or damage components or even fry your engine control module, body control module etc. If you don’t at minimum you will come out to a drained battery.

Buy the following list:

Air Filter, Cabin Air Filter, a can of WD40, a spray can of QD Electrical Contact Cleaner, dielectric grease, Lysol spray. Buy a fuel additive that binds to water such as HEET and put it in the tank. Before and after the flood give each keyhole on the outside of the car a squirt with the WD40, use the included plastic straw so it squirts inside the lock – one or two small squirts is usually more than enough.

After the flood:

After your car floods, look on Youtube on how to remove your tail light and headlight assembly. Most come out easily. Dry them with a hair dryer or some other means. Take off the light socket connectors (and any other electrical connectors you can easily pop off and clean under the hood) and clean them with QD Electrical Contact Cleaner as it cleans and displaces water instantly. If you car has a distributor cap, pop it off and clean it as well. Get a small tube of dielectric grease (grease that doesn’t conduct electricity) and smush it right into the light bulb and electrical sockets. This keeps moisture out and helps dissipate heat.

NOTE: Do not touch the glass part of halogen light bulbs (in the headlights) with your bare fingers.

If the spark plugs wires/coil overs are easily removed and inspected (only do one at a time to not mix them up) do the same with them.

Do NOT attempt to start your car and hopefully you disconnected your battery earlier on. If possible, wait 2-3 days for your car to dry out. Remember that water got in your oxygen sensor connectors, the airbag sensors in your bumper, the ABS sensors on your wheels, transmission sensors and solenoids, power steering sensors on your rack etc etc. So just because your car LOOKS dry on the outside, doesn’t mean that it is. If you start your car prematurely it will pop a TON of engine codes, your check engine light will come on, and will do so until all is dry. You could also damage electrical components on your car.

Speaking of electrical, now is a good time to bust out your owners manual and find your car’s two fuse boxes. Most cars have one in the passenger compartment and another under the hood. Make certain the battery is disconnected. Pull out one fuse and relay at a time – clean the socket each fits into with the QD Electrical Contact Cleaner – remember just clean and replace one at a time. Just a small squirt is all it takes. If you can take out the door ajar switches in the door jam do so and clean them. A wet door ajar switch will drain your battery over night.

Open the trunk and check the spare tire well. Get all water out of there as it will smell up, get moldy in there and start to rust.

Check your air filter and cabin air filter, replace if any moisture is detected. A proper YouTube search can show you how.

Change your oil ASAP. Notice I did NOT say “check your oil”. Oil and water separate and if you pull the dipstick the oil on it may look fine and you may still have water in your oil which might not show until it is too late or some engine damage is done. If you hear “I checked the dipstick and the oil looks fine” the person you are talking to IS a dipstick himself.

Make sure when you get your oil changed that the chassis is lubed and that said 18 year old at quickie lube actually does the lube and does it good. Water in ball joints, U-joints, tie rods, center links, idler arms, arms etc WILL make them fail soon. Some older cars and trucks have wheel bearings that must be “packed” with grease by hand. Get it done.

The same all applies for the transmission fluid. Even if you just check the dipstick it won’t help. The water separates from the oil. Or you may have water in your torque converter. So get your transmission serviced ASAP. The damage from some water in the transmission might not show up for weeks. Spending a hundred dollars now beats buying a new transmission later. Just do it.

If you have a truck or a rear wheel drive car. Get the gear oil in your differential and transfer case changed. The above applies so just do it. If you have a power steering gear box, if there is any chance water could get in the same applies.


Water got in your car and that musty/moldy smell sets in. What do you do?

Get the car interior completely dry ASAP. After that is done by a couple of large cans of Lysol spray that kills mold. The mold spores get everywhere so you must spray EVERYTHING – the carpets, the seats, under the seats, the ceiling – ALL of it.

Turn on your air conditioning or blower fan and set it for “recirculate”. Find where it is sucking the air IN (not out) under the dash, take the Lysol and spray it right into where it sucks the air in. This will kill mold in your vents and your AC evaporator.

Wait for all to dry. At this point if you want to deodorize further you can use Carpet Fresh or baking soda on your carpets, just be sure to vacuum it all up soon after.

Lastly, go to your local auto parts store and buy Meguiar’s Air Re-Fresher Odor Eliminator. You have seen a bug bomb? Well this is an odor elimination bomb. It works, but only if you have already killed all of the mold. Follow the instructions on the bomb and be sure to put the vent/AC on recirculate when you use it.

Your car should now smell like new.

Last but not least:

If the problem is just too big and you take the car to a mechanic, keep in mind that with a flooded car THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES! Many shops simply will not work on flooded cars as any number of problems can creep up later – and this is why most insurance companies simply “total” the car. Don’t be “THAT JERK” who tries to get off cheap at the car shop and demands a guarantee that all will be well later, that is impossible in these situations.

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On Reince Priebus Resigning…

Did anyone notice that Reince Priebus’ ouster as Chief of Staff was NOT leaked in advance? It speaks volumes about who Reince brought with him.

I think that Reince is an OK guy, but he brought in people who are RNC fund raisers and creatures of that world. Trump’s whole campaign is FU to the big donors and their control of the leadership of both parties.

I understand why Trump tried to reconcile those two worlds but it isn’t happening. One must defeat the other. Either the government runs on the consent of the governed or it will be controlled by a rich elite. One wins, one loses.

No matter what one thinks of Scaramucci, it looks like he was right.


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Protected: LH: Cri

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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Forbes’ Hit Piece On Eric Trump Foundation Deceives Readers.

Trump St Judes

By the Editor

Good journalism is important especially when there is so little of it. While the networks have digressed into reporting mostly corrupted news tabloid infotainment, formerly respected news sources such as The Hill and Forbes have been falling into the same unethical trap in hopes of generating “conflict” and “red meat” for certain groups of readers in hopes of keeping circulation and click rates up.

While Forbes still does some good reporting, their employee, Dan Alexander, continues to post dishonest hit piece after hit piece. He uses the same technique that many other corrupted journalists do, instead of just making things up he delivers partial facts from an incomplete context and combines that with a false narrative.

One such hit piece, “How Donald Trump Shifted Kids-Cancer Charity Money Into His Business” is especially egregious.

The article, starts by insulting those who attend the Eric Trump Foundation (ETF) charity event at Trump National Golf Club. After giving Eric Trump the obligatory pat on the head for raising money for St. Judes Children’s Hospital, the article goes on to explain to the reader how the Eric Trump Foundation is some kind of criminal front to launder charity money right back into their own pockets. The article however, omits key facts.

The Trump’s allow the use of the their golf course for free. The article paints that out to be a lie because the golf course billed ETF for expenses, quite deliberately blurring a very important distinction:

Say I want to hold a charity awards dinner at your house and you offer up your home for free for the event. Does that also mean that you will supply the food, catering personnel, parking, lights, extra seating, PA system, music, security and cleanup at your dime? Of course not.

Not charging for the use of the golf course is one thing, but the course should be reimbursed for the employees it needs to have on hand at the event, parking, catering, top VIP level security, repairs to the course after the event, etc.

While acknowledging that the golf event raises millions, Eric Trump is blasted because the expenses for the event keep going up every year, the article all but straight up accuses the Trump’s of criminally skimming the charity for personal gain.

What the article omits is that as the Trump’s global fame has increased exponentially thanks to “The Apprentice” having been a number one rated show and their increased political status, so it also makes sense that the charity event grows bigger every year, with more people showing up, more VIP’s and celebrities, more television coverage, better entertainment, bigger awards, more security etc.

In 2015 the ETF Charity Event raised just over $2 million minus $320,000 for expenses, which means expenses for the Trump National Golf Event were only 16%. ETF as a whole only spends 13% of its revenue on expenses. To put this into perspective, Give.org rates an effective charity as one that spends no more than 35% on expenses.

There is your big scandal folks.

Also keeping things into perspective, why would the Trump’s risk their entire brand, lawsuits and all that goes along with it, just to skim say $20-50 thousand in charity funds per year when such an amount of money is literally a pittance to a Trump?

According to Dan Alexander, author of this hit piece so carefully worded to just avoid a

Dan Alexander Forbes
Dan Alexander

libel suit, he and his pals at Forbes could not conceivably need $320,000 to run (their words) “a golf tournament”, and they know because they asked the lead golf instructor at Trump National too.

Last we checked, neither Dan Alexander, nor the lead golf instructor, have any experience running huge media celebrity charity events.

Alexander’s Twitter feed is typical Trump-hate fare complete with Russian conspiracy theories.  Why Forbes employs someone like this can baffle anyone who took J-School ethics seriously.

The other big scandal mentioned in Alexander’s hit piece is that some of the money raised by ETF is given to other charities so all of it does not go to St. Judes. How nefarious. What Alexander omits is that this is not unusual among charities in the least. One needs to look no further than to the Red Cross, who shares a portion of its donations with various charity partners around the world.

If someone would like to investigate a criminal enterprise posing as a charity, the Clinton Foundation may prove a promising target.

By libeling the Eric Trump Foundation, Forbes is not likely to damage President Trump, but it is likely to impact the donations coming ETF, which only serves to hurt the children served by St. Judes.


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Editor: Why Trump is Right About Paris Climate Accord

President Trump is going to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord tomorrow.
The elite media culture is going to completely lose their minds. International corporations who have invested in “climate change” regulations as a tool to lock out cheaper competition and innovators will display a phony panic.

UPDATE – For example, here is Apple CEO Jim Cook on the Paris Accord:

Apple products are made in China—which as part of the Paris Accord is conveniently exempt from carbon limits.

There are a few facts that you need to know.

1 – If everyone who wanted the Paris Accord actually agreed to it the result, in theory based on computer models that have never accurately predicted temperatures in real life, might affect the temperature by a tiny fraction of a degree over hundreds of years.

2 – But in reality the Paris Accord is based on junk science which is why Global Warming Alarmists have simply given up on debates with real scientists and climate realists as they always lose.

3 – Europe is already in deep violation of the Paris Accord as their CO2 production levels keep rising.

4 – But no one cares about Europe. The Paris Accord is about sticking it to the United States.

5 – Most of the world is not signed on anyways (or simply signed on and ignored it like China) so by complying with it all we are doing is hobbling our economy while others sit back and laugh at us.

6 – The Paris Accord would have required the United States to pay less productive countries direct payments because they produce less than us. The United States would be forced to subsidize third world dictators and tyrannical regimes like Venezuela who would use that money to murder political opposition etc. We are $20 trillion in debt.

7 – No matter what the media says, CO2 is not a poison or pollution. It is vital for life. Plants use it for food.

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Editor: The FBI Director is Dirty.

This FBI Director is dirty.

Hillary Clinton’s personal assistant and gate keeper Huma Abedin sends Anthony Weiner all of Hillary’s emails who puts them in a folder marked “Insurance”. This includes classified information.

The law is clear about mishandling classified information. The law says specifically that criminal intent is not necessary, simply being negligent is enough to be prosecuted, yet here is the Director of FBI establishing the “I didn’t know I didn’t know I didn’t know” defense for government law breakers….. so long as they have power.

Are we to believe that the people who are made to take classes and refresher courses on how to identify and handle classified information are the same people who, according to FBI Director Comey, had no idea how to identify and/or handle it at all, while constantly breaking the rules for personal gain? This includes lying about it, defying court orders subpoenas and other actions which shows obvious intent to conceal wrong doing.

Keep in mind that people in the military who simply mishandled a single document or photo, with no ill intent, are in Leavenworth Federal Prison right now.

I had access to secret information when I was in the military and I knew how to identify handle this information better than anyone in the leadership of Hillary’s State Department according to this FBI Director.

I call bullshit.

UPDATE – Aside from the articles and videos linked in the comments below, this pretty much sums up what a joke the FBI investigation had become:

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Trump moving Steve Bannon off NSC wise and effective.

steve bannon white house

Steve Bannon

Raw political operatives should not sit in top national security positions.

Bill Clinton did not have his chief political advisor, Dick Morris, on his National Security Council (NSC). George W. Bush did not have Karl Rove on his NSC. This writer thought that it was rather odd that Trump put Steve Bannon on his.

Politics and National Security often present a conflict of interest as we have all seen with Obama’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, who was in reality nothing more than a raw political operative and thug. Rice used her position as head of the NSC for political reasons. Rice survielled Donald Trump and his campaign, spread parts of the information around in hopes to damage him. In doing so she is likely guilty of multiple felonies and for the sake of the country, if guilty, this writer hopes to see her remaining productive years spent in a federal penitentiary.

Steve Bannon is a political strategist, PR genius and an ideologue. In this writer’s view he is the right ideologue in the right place at the right time. The NSC is not the place for a chief political operative as recent events have shown.

Trump has moved former Texas Governor Rick Perry into the NSC and as an expert on the Texas border just as construction of the wall is about to begin there may be no better place for him at this time.

Trump prides himself on putting the right people in the right places. As he learns in his new job we are seeing him do just that.


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All it takes for evil to triumph….

This is one of the most important scenes in film history IMO.
Dax to Worf: The Klingon Empire deserves to die. You are the most decent and honorable man I know and if you are willing to tolerate and cover for corrupt leaders like Gowron then what hope is there for the empire?
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How much does the Obama Administration care about cyber security?

How much does the Obama Administration care about cyber security?

Answer: The Obama appointees outsourced administration of the Office of Personnel Management to a Chinese IT firm who promptly handed full administrative access to the Chinese Government – this includes full information on every federal employee past and present and almost everyone with a security clearance.

Remember that.

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Laura Ingraham Laughed Through Outrageous Obama Farewell Speech

The speech was great theater, too bad the results of his presidency wasn’t.

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ARS Technica: White House fails to make case that Russian hackers tampered with election

Just read for yourself as many of the best IT experts are saying the very same thing.

ARS Technica:

Talk about disappointments. The US government’s much-anticipated analysis of Russian-sponsored hacking operations provides almost none of the promised evidence linking them to breaches that the Obama administration claims were orchestrated in an attempt to interfere with the 2016 presidential election.

The 13-page report, which was jointly published Thursday by the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI, billed itself as an indictment of sorts that would finally lay out the intelligence community’s case that Russian government operatives carried out hacks on the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and Clinton Campaign Chief John Podesta and leaked much of the resulting material. While security companies in the private sector have said for months the hacking campaign was the work of people working for the Russian government, anonymous people tied to the leaks have claimed they are lone wolves. Many independent security experts said there was little way to know the true origins of the attacks.

Sadly, the JAR, as the Joint Analysis Report is called, does little to end the debate. Instead of providing smoking guns that the Russian government was behind specific hacks, it largely restates previous private-sector claims without providing any support for their validity. Even worse, it provides an effective bait and switch by promising newly declassified intelligence into Russian hackers’ “tradecraft and techniques” and instead delivering generic methods carried out by just about all state-sponsored hacking groups.

Continue reading HERE.


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California Senate Votes 28-8 to Exempt Itself from California Gun Laws

Guns for the elites but not for the rabble….

Via California Political Review:

The California state senate agrees with Charlie Rangel that they “deserve” to own guns but the citizens do not.

They voted 28-8 to exempt themselves from the gun-control laws that apply to the rest of the California.

You think maybe this will cause Californians to rise up? NOPE! It happened 5 years ago and since California has passed a plethora of other gun laws…that only apply to citizens.

Yes, you heard me right! The exemption was created in 2011 and the California legislature has passed a number of gun laws since. Pretty easy when you are passing bills that do not apply to you!

It is not the only special privileges California legislators provide themselves!

They do not pay red light camera bills or for gasoline!

How does it all happen so easily in California?


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