First Days of New Republican House Prove Lively!

UPDATE – The new House Rules The Twenty fought for have passed. 

To see in detail the Republican’s new agenda famed defense attorney Robert Gouveia explains it all here:

Jim Jordan holds his first hearing and exposes seven facts Dr. Fauci kept hidden while Democrats sit in silence:

What the 20 House Speaker Holdout Republicans Accomplished for You

This maybe one of the most important pieces you ever read here at PoliticalArena.

UPDATE – The new House rules The Twenty fought for have passed. 

Instead of having an open floor debates in the House and Senate as the Founders intended, for years we have a backroom deals where everything is decided and bills are written behind closed doors.

The leadership of both parties has so bastardized the rules that the entire process has no transparency. They eliminated transparency by shutting down what is called “regular order.” Bills are no longer marked up in public committee hearings, no amendments have been allowed to be introduced to bills on the House floor in years. No one sees bills until an hour before they are supposed to be voted on. 

Former Speaker John Boehner, as well as almost the entire Republican Party, railed against this lack of process:

The House and Senate were designed for open floor debate and floor fights over the issues, just like in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”

The Twenty Republican holdouts had to fight like hell just to get a portion of regular order restored on just appropriation bills to get a residue of transparency on how our money is spent. The rest of the Republicans were fine with the status quo.

Before the voting started when “The Twenty” went to McCarthy with the list of reforms below, which every Republican voter will recognize as promises the Republican Leadership has been making for years, but Kevin McCarthy and the rest of the leadership laughed them out of the room.

As part of this list is to have people on certain committees that are serious about investigating the crimes of the Biden Administration, the FBI and the intelligence community, as well as the subpoena power to back it up so the committee is not toothless, along with the aforementioned ability to amend appropriations bills to use the power of the purse to defund federal agencies who do not comply with Congressional oversight – this way congressional hearings are not just a show for the television cameras.

Without “The Twenty” these investigations would have been a sham. Remember, when they first asked for that subpoena power they were laughed out of the room by the Republican leadership…or shall we say “uniparty.” McCarthy was perfectly willing to let the Biden Administration cover up these crimes. 

Even President Trump’s lawyer, Jenna Ellis, praised the rules changes “The Twenty” were able to secure in writing: 

Another key provision “The Twenty” were able to get from McCarthy and the Republican Leadership is Freedom Caucus membership on key committees that control appropriations and oversight. The Speaker (McCarthy) normally hand picks cronies to sit on these committees so even if their was a partial return to regular order on appropriations the changes would have been meaningless. Glenn Beck explains: 

Do you see anything in this list of common sense reforms that is anything even close to “extreme?” Is there anything in this list that hasn’t been promised by Republicans for some time? 

Yet, “Republicans” in the corporate press attacked “The Twenty,” called them names and demanded that they drop their demands, get behind McCarthy and “Go After Biden,” but without their demands being agreed to, there would have been no “going after Biden” that could have made any difference.

The House appropriations process is essentially the ATM machine for the Treasury Department. It is an incredible amount of power. The reason why spending bills that are thousands of pages and dropped an hour before the vote has been done this way for years is because taxpayer dollars are being used to generate kick backs to the campaign coffers of politicians and to companies that get government contracts – contracts that drive up the stock price of these companies. The same companies that Members of Congress and their families have recently bought stock in by complete coincidence of course.

Because “The Twenty” stood in the way of this corruption members of The Swamp got really upset: 

At the end of the battle, Speaker McCarthy took credit for all he had been forced to agree too, and bragged how they are going to use the power of the purse and the subpoena to get the job done. Now you know who really deserves any credit at all:

Why Kevin McCarthy Must Not Become Speaker of the House

The facts, when examined objectively, make a case that is irrefutable.

When Kevin McCarthy joined the leadership the debt was $11 trillion, now it is $32 trillion. Time and time again Obamacare, Benghazi, illegal domestic surveillance, Devin Nunes getting subpoena power to get to the bottom on the Trump/Russia hoax, FBI/DoJ corruption, etc. Kevin McCarthy, with some of the other Republican leadership, joined with Democrats to steamroll Republicans.

McCarthy abused leadership PAC funds, which is our money, to back invertebrate candidates in open seats, when said invertebrates lost Kevin cut off funds from the conservative winners and let them twist in the wind and get outspent by Democrats up to 10-1. Because of what McCarthy did Republicans lost between 5-15 close House races that  could have been won, but he was afraid those challengers would oppose the “uniparty.”

Instead of having an open floor debates in the House and Senate as the Founders intended, we have a backroom deals where everything is decided behind closed doors – so that way the status quo remains the status quo.

The House and Senate were designed for open floor debate and floor fights over the issues, just like “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”

Now the narrative has so changed that we must abandon regular order just so we don’t see vigorous debates on TV? Anyone who adopts that narrative put out by the corporate media is doing something wrong.

The leadership of both parties has so bastardized the rules that the entire process has no transparency. Bills are no longer marked up in public committee hearings, no amendments have been allowed to be introduced to bills on the House floor in years. No one sees bills until an hour before they are supposed to be voted on. It has to stop.

Psychological Experiment Shows Just How Easily People Will Modify Their behavior to “Follow the Crowd” (video)

The same goes for “the narrative” put out on corporate/social media. 
Their strategy is simple, and brilliant.

Step 1: Ignore stories that don’t fit the narrative.

Step 2: Claim stories that don’t fit are “conspiracy theories” because no one is talking about them.

Step 3: Inflate stories that do fit the narrative.

Step 4: Repeat

Censorship in a nutshell: If you only see one narrative you are less likely to challenge it. Since it is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled, they will grip onto that false narrative hard so as to “not be wrong.”

ABC/CBS/NBC all ignored round six of the Twitter Files on their Saturday morning shows. The revelation that the FBI was working with Twitter to suppress content was not nearly as interesting to them as leftist journos being temporarily suspended.

Too many people will support “the narrative” even if the narratives are in direct contrdiction:

Dr. “The Science” Fauci Under Oath: “I don’t recall” 174 times.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt discusses his questioning of Dr. Fauci and how he claimed he did not ‘recall’ things on several occasions. 

The entire interview above can be seen at the Epoch Times HERE. If you do not subscribe, if there is one news organization you should subscribe to, Epoch Times is the one.

FBI’s Active Shooting Reports Regarding Cases Where Civilians Stop Attacks Off by Factor of 8-10x

Junk science is just as pervasive as bad journalism and is often more politicized. If you have honesty results in a  data set that happens to go  against the woke narrative your career is in jeopardy.

Crime Prevention Resource Center:

The shooting that killed three people and injured another at a Greenwood, Indiana, mall on July 17 drew broad national attention because of how it ended – when 22-year-old Elisjsha Dicken, carrying a licensed handgun, fatally shot the attacker.

While Dicken was praised for his courage and skill – squeezing off his first shot 15 seconds after the attack began, from a distance of 40 yards – much of the immediate news coverage drew from FBI-approved statistics to assert that armed citizens almost never stop such attackers: “Rare in US for an active shooter to be stopped by bystander” (Associated Press); “Rampage in Indiana a rare instance of armed civilian ending mass shooting” (Washington Post); and “After Indiana mall shooting, one hero but no lasting solution to gun violence” (New York Times).

Evidence compiled by the Crime Prevention Research Center shows that the sources the media relied on undercounted the number of instances in which armed citizens have thwarted such attacks by an order of more than ten, saving untold numbers of lives. Of course, law-abiding citizens stopping these attacks are not rare. What is rare is national news coverage of those incidents. Although those many news stories about the Greenwood shooting also suggested that the defensive use of guns might endanger others, there is no evidence that these acts have harmed innocent victims.

The FBI reports that armed citizens only stopped 11 of the 252 active shooter incidents it identified for the period 2014-2021. The FBI defines active shooter incidents as those in which an individual actively kills or attempts to kill people in a populated, public area. But it does not include those it deems related to other criminal activity, such as a robbery or fighting over drug turf.

An analysis by my organization identified a total of 360 active shooter incidents during that period and found that an armed citizen stopped 124. A previous report looked at only instances when armed civilians stopped what likely would have been mass public shootings. There were another 24 cases that we didn’t include where armed civilians stopped armed attacks, but the suspect didn’t fire his gun. Those cases are excluded from our calculations, though it could be argued that a civilian also stopped what likely could have been an active shooting event.

The FBI reported that armed citizens thwarted 4.4% of active shooter incidents, while the CPRC found 34.4%. 

Data: For convenience, a PDF of the Excel file is also available here and a webpage with the list and links to the underlying news stories. FBI Active Shooting reports are available here (2000-2013)here (2014-2015)here (2016-2017)here (2018)here (2019)here (2020), and here (2021). The updated FBI list of cases for 2000 to 2018 is available here.

New Peer-Reviewed German Study: People Died From mRNA-Vax-Damaged Hearts 

mRNA vaccines cause myocarditis by leading your own immune cells to attack your heart, which can lead to sudden death by ventricular tachycardia or fibrillation. (Kateryna Kon/Shutterstock)

Medical pathologists from Heidelberg University Hospital in Heidelberg, Germany have published direct evidence showing how people found dead after mRNA vaccination died. As this team of six scientists explore in their study, these mRNA-vaccinated patients suffered from heart damage because their hearts were attacked by their own immune cells. This autoimmune attack on their own heart cells then leads to their damaged hearts beating so many times per second that, once the tachycardia unexpectedly started, they died in minutes.

The article, “Autopsy-based histopathological characterization of myocarditis after anti-SARS-CoV-2-vaccination,” was published on Nov. 27, 2022, in the journal Clinical Research in Cardiology, the official journal of the German Cardiac Society. The research team autopsied 25 victims of different ages who were found dead at home within 28 days of vaccination. They looked at their heart tissue under the microscope to find out why these people died of cardiac rhythmic disruption when they had no apparent underlying heart disease.

In the authors’ own words: “Our findings establish the histological phenotype of lethal vaccination-associated myocarditis.”

Histological phenotype means direct observation of microscopic tissue.

In a video analyzing the results, nurse educator Dr. John Campbell, who is based in the United Kingdom, told his audience: “This is peer-reviewed. This is proper science, and a definitive pathological diagnosis by a group of leading German pathologists.” Campbell’s video has been viewed 918,000 times. He has 2.58 million subscribers on his channel.

Your News has more details HERE.

You can read the actual study HERE.

Partisan Left Actor Tim Robbins Goes To “Anti-Lockdown” Event, Realizes Protestors Aren’t Nazi’s

It is so easy to let yourself get trapped in a false narrative. You see it in the media, you see it on Twitter, your “friends’ say it, so it must be true. 

This is why the left is so into censorship. If you only see one narrative you are less likely to challenge it. Since it is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled, they will grip onto that false narrative hard so as to “not be wrong.”

The narrative Poisoning propaganda worked on Tim Robbins. No one could tell Tim Robbins he was wrong. He had to figure it out on his own. 

Says Tim Robbins: So I went out to the protest not to join them, but to see what these people were all about, and I started talking to people. They were not a bunch of National Front Nazi’s like the press said. They wanted freedom. They were liberals. So I started doing some of my own research and it opened my mind as to what is going on…

The Donald Trump Tax Return Story Vanished Quickly. Here Is Why…

Despite Sanctions, Most Everyday Products Cheaper in Russia

Why are most every day products, and even some Western brands, cheaper in Russia than they are here?

Tucker Carlson explored the subject interviewing a journalist who went to Russia in part to see the effect, if any, the sanctions are having on the average Russian. As you can see, the average Russian is paying less for most everyday products than Americans and Europeans. 

Could it be in part because the global progressive left, led by the World Economic Forum, as a part of the Green New Deal, not only wants to eliminate fossil fuels, but wants to create food scarcity by cutting the number of farms in half, a plan that is much further ahead in Europe and other countries than it is here in the United States.

Russia has rejected the WEF/Klaus Schwab/George Soros crowd as being “anti-civilization.”

Here is a link to a shopping channel in Russia. Svetlana, a Russian YouTuber, admits that prices have gone up, but as you can see, not like price increases in the United States and in Europe. In one of her videos  Sventlana shows that after the sanctions many Western products disappeared from Russian stores, only to show back up under a different name within months. 

Her video also reveals how many of the products on Russian shelves are from Europe as they have both English and Russian language on them. So much for the sanctions. 

How to fix stability issues with high performance RAM with Intel processors.

If you are running an Intel Processor (10th gen Comet Lake, 11th gen Rocket Lake or 12th Gen Alder Lake) with DDR4 RAM and are having stability issues this guide can help.

[NOTE: While Intel “XXX Lake” CPU’s have similarities, this particular guide is for 10th, 11th and 12th gen CPU’s]

While many main boards support the fast, high performance RAM sticks, Intel doesn’t promise stability passed 3200mhz on the 10th Gen for example. When running super fast RAM chips you might not be able to run them at full speed and keep near perfect stability. Below are several tricks that can help.

1 – If your RAM speed is over 3400mhz is to try dropping the speed of the RAM in the BIOS by 100 megahertz – eg so DDR4 3600 RAM would run at 3500.

2 – Disable the XMP profile in the BIOS and the voltage and speed of the RAM manually. Let the AI on the main board pick the RAM timings. On most 10th gen Intel and better main boards the AI works well.

3 – Set the RAM voltage at 1.37v (instead of 1.35v). Just make sure the RAM does not get over 50 degrees Celsius. Below 41c is ideal for everyday use.

[NOTE: Normal non-high performance RAM has a voltage of 1.2v , Make CERTAIN your RAM is certified to use 1.35v.]

4 – One last trick is to set/raise the VCCIO voltage from 1.18v to 1..34v. VCCIO is the voltage for the memory controller (IMC) on your CPU. The faster your RAM the higher you will likely need to go and every processor behaves differently, especially if you did not win the silicon lottery on the quality of your particular processor. The CPU System Agent (VCCSA) can be raised to 1.21v – 1.31v. Just raise these voltages enough to gain the stability you need as more voltage can wear out a processor faster.

Best Reactions to Biden’s Insane “Lord of War” Prisoner Swap.

Viktor Bout is one of the most dangerous men in the world. The fact that the worlds biggest illegal arms dealer, who proclaims his hate for America, is able to do Putin’s bidding in a time of war, makes him even more dangerous.  

After Biden releasing the most dangerous arms dealer in the world back to Russia and leaving $80 billion worth of arms for the Taliban, we don’t ever want to hear the words “gun control” from any Democrat’s mouth ever again.

The most important and by far the most educational take is from Russian television. They are laughing at the United States and the wokesters in the Biden Administration.

Biden has put a target on the back of any minority who travels to a place of Russian influence:

Tucker Carlson and Jesse Watters /w Dana Perino  on The Five: 

Should President Biden be congratulated for making this clip from “Lord of War” true:

New Twitter Document Dumps: FBI Imbedded at Twitter, Candidates Shadow Banned, Weekly Censorship Meetings /w Biden Admin. More…

UPDATES – You can read the new reporting from Matt Tiabbi and Bari Weiss

Shortly after this writing Twitter released document Part IV with Michael Shellenberger. Michael reveals that the culture of censorship got to the point where Twitter targeted famous conservatives to come up with new policy violations that applied uniquely to them. 

Bari Weiss has posted Part V. She explains how even though Twitter understood that Trump did not break the rules, they went through pretzel logic to accuse him of inciting violence anyways.  This while other world leaders were literally calling for the killing of Jews and other groups who Tweets were not given a second look, or a first one for that matter. 

Tucker Carlson at Fox got around to explaining what we revealed to you days ago, that the Intelligence Community was imbedded at Twitter. 


Be sure to examine Part I of this unfolding story here:


Where to start? So much stunning information is coming out so fast that not even we are sure how to organize it. 

The Intelligence Community (IC), especially the FBI and ONI but including the CIA and Homeland Security, was heavily imbedded into Twitter. According to LinkedIn searches show the IC was well represented in the upper echelons of Twitter before 2019, but starting with the 2019 election season Twitter hired IC personnel, mostly with intel back grounds, at a furious pace. Many of these people were wise enough to purge their LinkedIn after Elon Musk announced his intention to uncover these files, but many were not and we saved every profile. 

[Editor’s Note: We also did similar searches for IC personnel at YouTube and Google and the list went on for dozens of pages.]

The excuse they used to ban President Trump is that in the context of his tweets over the last four years he was using “coded incitement to violence.” Keep in mind that to the woke crowd, and they say this all the time, words they don’t agree with “are violence.” All this in spite of Trump’s several tweets that day to protest peacefully.

This comes as no surprise as Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt’s lawsuit against the Biden Administration for coordinating with BigTech in a mass censorship enterprise showing regular meetings with the Democrat Party officials and the Biden Administration. Twitter executives were having so many censorship coordination meetings, including FBI, DHS, and DNI, that they started to hide them on their computer system calendars to make it was less obvious. 

FBI was scouring Twitter actively looking for information to censor that could harm Democrat’s, especially about Hunter Biden’s laptop and the unreliability of mail in voting, to censor. 

Conservatives and medical professionals who were effective or who merely bucked government’s propaganda narrative were put on black lists and shadow banned in various ways: 

Twitter had a secret censorship committee that engaged in censorship/moderation consisting of Vijaya Gadde, Yoel Roth, Jack Dorsey and Parag Agrawal. 

We know more about Twitter banning James Woods came about. It was spite.

Democrat’s who spread obvious disinformation were given a pass.

Jessie Watters Delivers the Perfect Summation:

See the comments section below for more!

Released Twitter Documents Prove Trump Correct About Democrat/FBI/ Corporate Media/BigTech/Deep State Collusion.

Those in the intelligence community and certain political power brokers who engage in crime at the highest levels pay dozens of lawyers to see to it that smoking gun evidence is not just left laying around. 

What they did not count on was Elon Musk laying down $44 billion to buy Twitter and as a result Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg straight up admitting to Joe Rogan it was the FBI who was behind pressuring Facebook to censor the Hunter Biden Laptop story with all of the evidence of corruption and grifting the Biden crime family has engaged in. 

This led to a lawsuit my multiple state Attorney Generals to sue the federal government for blatant illegal censorship and FEC violations. When the court granted discovery the evidence showed a mass censorship enterprise of the Democratic Party, multiple Biden Administration agencies, tech companies, and corporate press. 

After years of lying about it the truth is coming out.




When Elon Musk bought Twitter corporate press journalists and Democrat activists en-masse predicted that with Musk bringing back those Twitter banned in their censorship efforts, that leftists would be banned for stating their views. Of course that didn’t happen. It seems that when the left gets power they want to use it to impose their will using authoritarian methods, it never occurred to them that center right conservatives would not do the same to them. To the left that is just how power is wielded.

Corporate media is taking different approaches to this story. Some engaged in the old tactics of lying about it over and over and over for as longa s they can, and when the truth becomes too overwhelming the say “Who cares this is an old story anyway.” Others such as MSNBC are sticking with the lie that the laptop story is “Russian disinformation.” Other media outlets are simply going on as if all of this never happened.

Some are calling the reporter, Matt Tiabbi, who is not a Republican at all, all sorts of names for reporting the story accurately.   

The corporate media, when accused by Trump of acting in alliance against him dishonestly, respond by acting in an alliance against him dishonestly.

The FBI/Intelligence Community Have People Imbedded In BigTech Companies. 

It just so happens that James Baker, the general council of Twitter, is the same James Baker who is a disgraced former general council to the FBI. Baker was a key player in the Trump/Russian collusion hoax. He was in large part responsible for the warrant applications, filled with lies, to the FISA Court to spy on the Trump campaign. Baker has such a long history of malfeasance and election interference that became public that he had to resign. He went right to Twitter where he played a key role in censoring the Biden laptop story. 

Just days ago, Baker was caught purging FBI references in internal Twitter documents and was fired by Elon Musk.

There is an old saying. Once IC (Intelligence Community), always IC. There are many references to various forms of that saying in books and films about the IC.

Remember the 51 “Former” intelligence community leaders who signed a public letter saying that the laptop story was Russian disinformation? They knew it was a lie and some even bragged about how effective the lie was at protecting Biden.

Twitter even had a Chinese agent on the payroll.

BigTech, according to documents revealed in a current lawsuit, even gave government actors a direct access portal to censor content themselves:
Tweet from former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Ric Grenell:

Tom Cotton to Kroger CEO: If You Embrace Woke Nonsense Don’t Come to Republicans Begging For Help With Your Merger (video)

Kroger has gone woke. They fired Christian employees for not wearing symbols promoting homosexuality (for which they were sued successfully), they push the phony and divisive DEI agenda on employees. Kroger embraces ESG/Green New Deal economic warfare from the World Economic Forum (WEF), which ironically for a grocery store, seeks to close 50% of the worlds farms and eliminate meat as a food source.

Kroger is in the process of a merger with a competitor which Democrats are skeptical of, so they came to Republicans asking for help. Senator Tom Cotton gave them the response they deserve: 

No, Trump Did Not Say He Wanted to Terminate the Constitution.

The corporate press is taking a partial quote and built a bogus narrative around it…again. If you will fall for this, you will fall for anything.

We went to Trump’s Truth Social page and looked for ourselves and this first thing we noticed is that the corporate press ignored President Trump’s follow up comment:

After seeing that the corporate press ignored Trump’s follow up comment completely. We examined his original comment to see it in the original context:

“A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution. Our great “Founders” did not want, and would not condone, False & Fraudulent Elections!”

If the Founders are great why would the Constitution need to get subverted? It makes no sense…until you read the statement again without the bogus false narrative.

Trump is simply saying that the fraud terminated the Constitution. He is correct.

Several states certainly violated the electors clause in the Constitution and that is not in honest dispute. The Supreme Court is taking up that case shortly – see Moore v. Harper.

The 1st Amendment was violated with big tech colluding with the FBI, DNC and the Biden campaign to censor people and the NY Post.

The 4th Amendment was violated with all the illegal domestic spying.

The 6th Amendment was violated when they lied to the FISA court and tried to manufacture the phony Russian collusion evidence and then bad judges tossed the lawsuits when Trump tried to stand up for his rights.

The lesson learned here is to never let a royally dishonest corporate press get you wound up in another one of their phony narratives.

The corporate press hates you and they certainly hate the Constitution. Be skeptical when all of the sudden they claim to be the guardian of Constitution for thirty seconds to spin their zinger before they go right back to undermining it.

Arizona Election Disaster Update!

See our previous Arizona election coverage here: 


Arizona Election Disaster. Machines Stop Working on Election Day. Thousands of Voters Turned Away. Attorney General Intervenes. Counties Refusing to Certify. Legislature Strips Katie Hobbs’ Powers.

The election tabulators and printers were not only not certified properly according to law, but they were working during early voting only to have 62% of them fail on election day, the day when the vast majority of GOP voters turn out.

Lines went on for over three hours. Voters who could not stay were told to simply go to another “election center,” but when they showed up they were told they already voted at the previous election center because they had already “checked in.”

See our previous piece on the Arizona Election HERE – including video testimony form poll workers and voters.

Katie Hobbs, the Democrat candidate for Arizona Governor, refused to debate and hardly campaigned, but as Secretary of State she was in charge of the election. She refused to recuse herself.

Hobbs’ lawyers have refused to cooperate with requests for transparency and answers to what happened and went so far as to engage in dirty tricks such as filing ethics complains with the Arizona Barr against state lawyers when the Attorney General got involved. 

Witnesses have come forward saying that Katie Hobbs’ workers, who are STILL counting votes, have been curing Democrat ballots beyond the legal deadline.

The state legislature has stepped in and stripped Katie Hobbs of her Secretary of State powers and stripped her of her legal staff save one legal advisor and handed the powers to the Attorney General, who as of yesterday is refusing to certify the election. 

Says the Attorney General in their letter posted below, which we encourage readers to examine in full, “These complaints go beyond pure speculation, but include first-hand witness accounts that raise concerns regarding Maricopa’s lawful compliance with Arizona election law.”

Ballots are missing because uncounted ballots on election day were mixed with already counted ballots. It gets better, Maricopa never finished actually “counting.”

As it stands right now countless thousands of voters were disenfranchised on election day. Other Arizona counties, seeing what is going on, are refusing to certify their elections as they suspect that Maricopa cheated.

The video below was from several days ago when the number of downed machines was believed to be 48%, but VERY much worth your time:

The Problem at Disney is not the CEO. It is the Board.

Bob Chapek was not the most competent CEO Disney has ever seen to be sure, but he did try to lessen the woke nonsense that was causing Disney to lose money hand over fist. The Board of Disney stopped him and snapped Chapek back into woke compliance. Now the board is blaming him for company losses.

The Disney Board brought back former CEO Bob Iger, who is a big time Democrat’s that started Disney down the woke abyss when he was CEO before Chapek.

Doomcock and Midnight’s Edge, two YouTube channels who have demonstrated that their inside sources are reliable time and time again:

Credible study finds little to no health risks related to eating meat

So, “the science” was wrong.

Actually if you have done the homework, you know that it was manipulated….worse, it was bought. Look up where the big money that went into the American Heart Association came from.

The Blaze:

A new scientific study claims to have found little to no health risks related to eating red meat. The study says previous studies that claimed there was a link between red meat consumption and health issues are based on “weak evidence.”

Researchers at the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) released a study titled: “Health effects associated with consumption of unprocessed red meat: a Burden of Proof study.” The paper was published in Nature journal in October.

The scientists declared, “We found weak evidence of association between unprocessed red meat consumption and colorectal cancer, breast cancer, type 2 diabetes, and ischemic heart disease. Moreover, we found no evidence of an association between unprocessed red meat and ischemic stroke or hemorrhagic stroke.”

The authors of the study noted, “While there is some evidence that eating unprocessed red meat is associated with increased risk of disease incidence and mortality, it is weak and insufficient to make stronger or more conclusive recommendations.”

The scientists developed a star rating system ranging from one star (no correlation to health risks) to five stars (the most dangerous). The study out of IHME determined that none of the numerous studies linking red meat to health risks rated higher than two stars. A two-star rating would mean the behavior is associated with health risks between 0-15%.

French PM Macron Picks Fight With Italian PM Giorgia Meloni, Instantly Regrets It (video)

French PM Emmanuel Macron is a corrupt, duplicitous worm in the pocket of Klaus Schwab and the WEF. He slandered Italian PM Georgia Meloni who is an anti-corporatist which puts her at odd with much of the EU. PM Meloni always punches back twice as hard as she is hit.

Trump 2024 Announcement Best Speech Trump Has Ever Delivered. “America’s Comeback Starts Now”(video).

This was the most solemn and measured and effective speech we have ever seen from Donald Trump. He covered the issues in a way we have not seen before. A stark contrast to the panicky “V for Vendetta” like speeches  we get from Joe Biden accusing his political opponents of being enemies of the state.

Explaining further will not do justice to the event so we encourage readers to just watch. 

Kari Lake’s Team Speaks on Charlie Kirk Show About Election “Problems” in Arizona

30% of the printers and voting tabulators were not working in GOP areas in Maricopa County. Federal law says that those machines have to be tested and certified and have an error rate on no more than .002% or 1 out of 500.

Exit Poll and Political Analysis of the 2022 Midterm. What Was GOP Leadership Thinking?

UPDATE Dec 22, 2022 – Blake Masters Confirms much of what PoliticalArena reported below:

What We Learned From Exit Poll Data

Newly registered voters favored Republicans 54% to 46%.  Nevada, New York, Florida. Ohio and Indiana all moved toward the GOP significantly. New York is now a competitive swing state and there are now four more Republican members of Congress from New York State. 

Young voters, often called Gen-Z, went for Democrats for several reasons. The far left indoctrination in the schools is obviously a factor. Many Gen-Z believed thee hyped rhetoric about the “end of democracy” that came from the Democratic Leadership and their corporate media allies. 

While most younger voters are moderately pro-choice on abortion, favoring some limits but not a total ban, the idea of leaving it to the states or referendums of the people was tolerable to them, what was not tolerable was Lindsey Graham’s efforts to have Congress ban abortion nationwide. Democrats really took advantage of that. 

Younger voters also tended to support more gun control efforts. 

The unnecessary COVID lockdowns, the lies from BigPharma, the corruption in the CDC/FDA/NIH were only an issue in states where governor and other state candidates made an issue of it. The same goes for CRT and the Democratic Party’s efforts to sexualize very young children with pornographic materials.

The economy, crime and other kitchen table issues had an impact where state candidates made the case.  State GOP candidates did much better than Congressional candidates across the country. 

In areas where there was not a Kari Lake, Ron DeSantis or a Lee Zeldin at the top of the ticket, Republican’s and Independents did not show up to the polls as much as anticipated.

So why did this happen? 

There was never going to be a “Red Tsunami” in Congress. The Republican’s picked up 14 seats in 2020. Gerrymandering in the states left fewer competitive congressional districts to fight over and errors in the previous census resulted in several seats going to Democrat states that should have went to Republican.

In spite of all this Republican Congressional candidates under performed. 

Republicans Had No Coordinated Nationwide Communications Strategy. 

The Democrats have the presidency and the corporate media. The current Republican leadership at the RNC, Senate (Mitch McConnell) and the House (Kevin McCarthy) had no effective nationwide communications strategy. 

The GOP leadership was all but completely absent from the conversation in this election.  Governor candidates such as Ron DeSantis, Kari Lake and Lee Zeldin were able to take up some of the slack, but they are still just state wide candidates. 

Look at the vote shenanigan’s that have been going on in Arizona, Pennsylvania etc. Do you hear from the RNC, Mitch McConnell or Kevin McCarthy at all? 

To the Average Voter There Was No Donald Trump.

Social media and corporate media have all but locked out Donald Trump.  The average voter had next to no exposure to him. Unless you are a political junkie, watched Newsmax, went to a Trump rally,  or have a Rumble Account you were just not exposed to him except what is reported in corporate news which has been one slander after another. 

Republican Leadership at the RNC, Senate and House Campaign Committee’s Used Your Money To Firm Up Fiefdoms and Settle Scores Instead of Getting Republicans Elected. 

The Congressional Leadership Political Action Committee’s (PACS) ran by Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy, which are huge cash cows, played games with funding challenger candidates. They all but locked out any genuine America First candidate who they saw as a threat to their power, and if they were against all these endless wars, Mitch McConnell simply cut them off. McConnell said that the most important issue in the election was supporting Ukraine. 

McConnell pulled millions from Senate challengers such as Blake Masters and even used Republican funds to help non-Republican incumbents like the corrupt Lisa Murkowski in Alaska to help her defeat a real Republican Kelly Tshibaka. Tshibaka was the chosen candidate of the Alaska Republican Party. That race is now going to a runoff election.

McConnell also spent millions of your Leadership PAC funds against Conservative Congressman Mo Brooks when he ran for Senate in Alabama just to settle a score because Brooks thought current Congressional leadership lost it’s edge. Joe O’Dea, a RINO squish who was the hand picked candidate of Mitch McConnell in the Colorado Senate race was crushed by 300K votes. McConnel spent millions of your GOP donations in that race instead of races that were much closer and more winnable.

The word we are getting from our party contacts is that McConnell was hoping that the Democrats would keep control of the Senate because he feared new blood would not vote for him as GOP leader.

Kevin McCarthy pulled funds and worked against American First candidates such as Karoline Leavitt in New Hampshire who likely would have won if give proper funding from the Leadership PACS that most people donate to in those “Send us many and help take control of Congress” emails we all get. Leavitt made it very clear in television interviews that McCarthy did not want her to win. The House Republican Leader favored the Democrat.

More analysis after the tweets below:

Blame Trump?

 The “Bushie” establishment Republicans who want more endless wars and to go along to get along as they have since Newt Gingrich left office are telling the same story as the establishment Democrat’s and the corporate media. These are the same people who have been lying to you about hoax after hoax for years to keep you distracted. 

The establishment narrative is almost always wrong. 

Remember Trump has had almost no vehicle to defend himself for almost two years. The Republican Leadership was obligated to take up a national bully pulpit to combat the Democrat’s fear mongering and hoax’s and they just plain sat on their hands.

Trump endorsed candidates as of November 9th is 174 wins to 9 losses. Does he get credit for the 174 wins National Review or are we just ignoring that for the purpose of the narrative today?

Trump is largely responsible for turning the Republican Party from a “Bushie” country club party into a multi-ethnic working class party. There would have bene no Ron DeSantis, Kari Lake, or Lee Zeldin. If not for Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the primary reason the Republican Party isn’t all but extinct. 

Why is it that only Trump endorsed candidates who lost are talked about, what about the numerous House candidates handpicked by Kevin McCarthy lost races the consultant class had expected to win, including Yesli Vega, Rhode Island Republican Alan Fung, and Cassy Garcia? There were 25 House races that were decided by less than 5% of the vote, several that could have been won if your GOP resources were used to actually win seats.

What About 2024?

It is WAY too early to even be having this discussion as the 2022 votes are still being “counted,” but since everyone else is doing it we might as well have our say. 

A Word of Warning:

If you don’t think whoever a likely 2024 Republican nominee is wont be demonized, investigated, accused of raping six girls, and likely raided by the FBI is fooling themselves. 

These are the same people who made Mitt Romney out to be a “Harvey Weinstein” serial rapist because he had actual women in his binder of people he was considering for cabinet positions for his administration should hen have won.

The Republican candidate will be illegally spied upon, his/her lawyers will be spied upon if not raided by the FBI themselves. His associates will be fraudulently accused of crimes. 

Every Republican President will be impeached by Democrat’s in Congress if they have the power. This is the “new normal” Democrats have created and too many Republicans have not yet figured out.

As we all can see, the establishment is trying to create a Trump vs DeSantis narrative.  While the establishment does not know if it can control Ron DeSantis, they know very well they cannot control Donald Trump. If DeSantis proves to be honest and steadfast the establishment will not hesitate to accuse him of crimes, pay six women to say he “touched” them, completely gaslight and controversialize him. 

Election Integrity

You keep hearing this from establishment types, “It’s the election denial that cost us the election.”

Ron DeSantis said that there were major problems in 2020, He said that the process was convoluted and not transparent which invites problems. Broward County Florida is famous for election fraud not just since the “hanging chads” scandal in Bush v. Gore. There are books written about vote fraud in Broward County going back decades. DeSantis made election integrity a major part of his agenda and reformed how elections are done in Florida. DeSantis won by 19 points.

By and large Republican candidates who said that elections need to be transparent and auditable with reasonable checks such as voter ID and signature verification, even if just just to eliminate any confusion, did well. Just because some lost does not mean this was the issue they lost on. Georgia also passed election integrity reform and Republicans in state wide office did well.

Those pushing such a narrative are effectively telling us that the same people who committed the list of hoaxes we pictured above, used the FBI to meddle in elections, labeled parents terrorists, engaged in a mass illegal censorship enterprise with BigTech, and accuse Republican voters of being actual “n@zi’s, would never dream of messing with an election.

Look at the states that do not have mass mail in voting (which creates an environment conducive to illegal ballot harvesting) they moved right, the states with mass mail in balloting largely did not….in some cases bordering states, but we are confident that is just a total coincidence.

“If you are not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” – Malcolm X