4 thoughts on “Women calls 911: “We have no one to send you” then….”

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    This is why I AM a “gun zealot”. I don’t own an arsenal myself. I can’t give you a rundown of every gun in the world like some people can. I don’t particularly like guns.

    I like being able to protect myself and my family. Yes, I live in a state where large carnivores think humans might be tasty, but I also grew up in a town that didn’t have enough police officers to protect us from crime, so my mother had to scare away three men who went down the street and raped another girl. The only difference between Mom and that girl’s father who ended up getting his ass kicked and then having to watch his daughter be brutalized was that Mom had a gun and she wasn’t afraid to use it.

    It is absolutely ridiculous that this woman was unable to defend herself. The answer is not more cops, because if you have enough cops to deal with every crime, when there is no crime they have to justify their existence by harassing citizens and finding something to charge them with. The answer is the people being able to exercise their natural right of self-defense.

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