Minneapolis Police Shoot Black Man on “No Knock” Warrant (video). Textbook Example of Bad Policing.

“No Knock” warrants should be incredibly rare because so much can go wrong. People are killed by police when police enter the wrong address, they kill innocent bystanders in the house and in the case below legalized summary execution. 

In general we are very supportive of the police and that said we have consistently supported police reforms such as de-escalation training. 

Unfortunately the idea of “black man with a gun” conjures up a worst case scenario in the heads off too many police that leads to premature/excessive force – such as the black man who was looking a BB gun at a Wal-Mart and someone called 911 saying there was “a black man with a gun”. The police gunned him down from a distance on site. 

In the case below the man was disturbed from a dead sleep. In such a case any reasonable person would believe that their home is being broken into and would arm themselves which is then used as a pretext by the SWAT team to kill the suspect. A setup. This is why evil people make “SWATting” calls.

We watch the video below and are forced to ask how this scenario was not intentional. How is this not premeditated murder. 

The man in the apartment, Amir Locke, has the gun pointed at the ground with his finger extended OFF the trigger until he can assess the threat. Locke is doing exactly as any firearms instructor would train someone to do and is gunned down anyways. 

Locke was not named on the search warrant, had no criminal record and had a valid gun permit. 

We understand that police work is confusing and there are many times where they should get the benefit of the doubt. This is not one of those times. This shooting is not justified. 

Minneapolis again…..

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