Why the DoJ Deep State is Fighting Sharyl Attkisson Tooth and Nail


As most Political Arena readers are aware, the US Government under the Obama Administration spied on many reporters, including veteran CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson.

When Attkisson was reporting on President Bush she was a hero, when she reported on President Obama accurately she became a pariah and CBS, under pressure from Democrats, willingly stopped airing her work.

The Obama Administration illegally hacked CBS’s computers, hacked Sharyl Attkisson’s computers and likely put her home under electronic surveillance. After CBS admitted they were hacked, their protest ended there. Does anyone believe that if Trump or Bush had done this CBS would have just let this go so easily?

Since CBS bailed on Attkisson (a warning to other reporters who would dare report accurately about the wrongdoing of any powerful Democrat), she is suing on her own and raising money to fund the lawsuit by herself.

Since filing her lawsuit the DoJ and “intelligence community” have directly violated court ordered discovery and have been hiding evidence in violation of the law for years.

Even appellate court judges have been compromised as two of them actually had the temerity to rule that the fact that the government would not comply with court orders and violated discovery was Sharyl Attkisson’s fault – you read that correctly. Attkisson is appealing that court’s Wilson Fisk like ruling to the higher en-banc appeals court.

Senator Charles Schumer had a warning for those who would take on the “intelligence community” as Sharyl is:

Wisely, Attkisson has found a television gig on a smaller network and works hard to keep a high public profile because just keeping it real, people have been victims of Arkanside for a lot less.

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