Biden White House Proudly Admits They Are In Collusion /w Tech Companies to Censor “Misinformation”

This more or less makes the tech companies a defacto agent of the federal government, thus making this a First Amendment violation.

The problem is that big tech are only doing this for the CCP and for the Democratic Party. 

Can you imagine the corporate media outrage if President Trump sent in the feds to stop social media from spreading the Russian Collusion Hoax? The Golden Showers Hoax, The Stormy Daniels Hoax, the Trump “didn’t pay his taxes” hoax? 

Yet social media banned newspapers and people who posted the TRUE story of the bribes, illegal drug use and sex parties with Asian girls that are on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Remember those 50 intelligence officials who lied and said that the Hunter Biden laptop story was “Russian Disinformation?” Think about it, those 50 people swore an oath to defend America and her Constitution and yet they all lied. It is yet another example of how the left does not see objective truth as a value. 

Big Tech also censored people who posted information about the Chinese laboratory, they have censored doctors and information that Big Pharma didn’t want you to know about and more. 

“Misinformation” is any story the left doesn’t appreciate.

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