Oscar Awards Makes Identity Politics and Subject Matter a Must To Win

What brought this on? It could be the far left’s reaction to The Joker winning so many awards. The Joker is a brilliant film which stands out amongst so much nonsense with bad writing and no edge or nuance.

Here are the key categories. Notice “merit” is no where to be found.

Of course there is nothing wrong with diversity when it is organic and not forced as the key is to have a great story that makes sense. But this is not about inclusions and never was. The way the far left does diversity is not inclusive like the American Founders idea of a melting pot of people coming together under superior ideas, but rather the exact kind of divisiveness we are seeing in the media, riots and the rhetoric coming from the far left.

A fine example of such divisiveness and hate is coming form the far left in it’s attempt to cancel Gina Carano and ruin her career. So much for their claim to support strong women:

To see how the left reacted to The Joker see this video below:

Like we said, DIVISIVE:


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