Media/Democrats Lie About Trump’s COVID Comments (video) – UPDATED!

Usually we don’t cover what so many others are covering but in this case we are making an exception to make an important point. Pre-election “gotcha” books happen every single election cycle. They usually amount to nothing because they are almost always wrong or at best unverifiable gossip.

Remember all the Bush bashing books just before his reelection? If not just google it.

Bob Woodward’s book makes President Trump’s comments look rather shady when one listen to the selectively edited portions of it on CNN, but the extended audio clip makes clear that Trump simply wanted to put a lid on hype and emotionalism because he did not want to spread fear or panic. He wanted the American people to be calm and rational about a virus threat that was at that time still largely unknown.

Let it be clear, selectively editing audio to create/spin a false narrative is the same thing as lying and that is exactly what is going in here with this pre-election “gotcha.”

Before we go on, lets remember that when Trump acted early to set Chinese and Italian travel bans in effect Democrats called him racist, xenophobic etc etc. It was not President Trump who dismissed the CCP Virus threat as a nothing, it was Democrats and here is the proof:

Youtube, being the censor happy and partisan, banned the video compilation, but the raw videos are still online HERE.

After briefing the press on several major foreign policy victories for country, the media completely ignores such major news and at the two minute mark goes immediately to the selectively edited gotcha Woodward quote.

Press Sec. Kalyeigh McEnany actually gets the reporter to admit that she did not read the entire interview or even the rest of President Trump’s audio that CNN and others had cut off mid thought.

Think about that for a moment, a White House correspondent for a major news organization shows up with bogus talking points that she did not even take five minutes to verify and there she is accusing President Trump of lying:

Even Dr. Fauci says that this gotcha from the media is nonsense:

Jeremy at Geeks & Gamers does a great job pointing out the outrageous ongoing COVID double standard from the Democrat media:

President Trump talked to Sean Hannity about this:

UPDATE – President Trump announced updates to his list of possible Supreme Court nominees, but look how these reporters behave. By this time most of these same reporters had plenty of time to listen to the full audio and not the selectively edited clip repeated by the elite media, so they full well know the premise of their questions is simply a lie:

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