Progressives Have Most to Fear from Socialist Revolution

…and they are so ignorant of history that they don’t see the pattern.

The Bolsheviks purged the Mencheviks. Lenin purged his enemies, Stalin purged his, Hitler turned against his own Brown Shirts, Castro killed potential competitors, as happened in Venezuela. In Lebanon the militant Islamist’s slit the throats of the progressive secular leftists who helped them gain power first.

In any authoritarian revolution the most ruthless rise to the top. Progressives and leftist academics who march, scream and yell, and engage in subversive activity to foment revolution in the first place, think they will be in charge and when they find out they will not be they will be the first to get the real Marxist boot on their necks. After all, if they will betray their own country and now how to foment revolution they because the biggest danger to those who are ruthless enough to hold power. This is not a conspiracy theory, it is a pattern of history that holds true time and time again.

Or just ask Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler:

Timcast had a great discussion on this very subject. This is worth your time:

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