Communist SJW’s at DC Comics Fired

Somehow communist/marxist Social Justice Warrior toxic cancel culture types got control of DC Comics and promptly ruined every character we know and love.

get woke go broke star wars

As is so often the case, they did not care about these iconic characters at all and just wanted to push communist propaganda (Attention Lucasfilm/Star Trek). As a result DC comic book sales came to a virtual halt, sales of merchandise suffered and DC themed comic book stores started going out of business.

Warner, who owns DC, is itself owned by AT&T. They don’t like losing money. The night of the long knives finally came when the communist SJW’s at DC decided to make Wonder Woman fat. The fan base went into revolt.

DC fat wonder woman

AT&T has agreed to let DC self publish with a whole new staff, if that doesn’t work AT&T will license the characters off to other writers and publishers.

Midnight’s Edge has more details in this video:

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