Sen. Cruz: Far-Left Judges Trying to Gum Up the Courts by Ruling Against Legal Trump Policy (video)

Lower court judges do not have the Constitutional authority to issue a nationwide injunction. The lower courts are not even in the constitution. The lower courts are created by an act of Congress and signed into law by the President to take the load off of the only court that is in the Constitution, the US Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court is the third co-equal branch of government, not the lower courts which are the creation of the other two branches. Yet lower district court judges are behaving as if they have the same authority as Congress or the President, they don’t.

What some lower court Democrat judges are doing is issuing a nationwide injunction on almost anything President Trump does. They know that in the end, they will lose, but they hope top drag it out in the courts until Trump is no longer President. This is why the administration keep’s asking the Supreme Court for these emergency rulings and of course, they are in favor of the President.

Senator Ted Cruz:

It’s clear there are a handful of activist district judges trying to stop
President Trump’s policies. Just look at the number of universal injunctions issued:
12 issued in 8 yrs of Bush Admin
19 issued in 8 yrs of Obama Admin
55 issued in just 3 yrs of Trump Admin


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