Acting DNI Joseph McGuire fired by President Trump

President Trump fired acting DNI (CIA squish), Joseph McQuire. Why?

Aside from the fact that he has been covering for the fake whistleblower and the ICIG who changed the rules to allow hearsay evidence in complaints he took it upon himself to tell Adam Schiff’s committee that Russia was trying to influence the 202 elections of behalf of Trump – so of course Schiff immediately leaked it to the press.

The problem is when pressed for the intelligence showing so, signals intelligence, phone intercepts or other raw intelligence to back it up the office of the DNI came up with zero.

Via Catherine Herridge at CBS:

CBSNews says briefers pressed for evidence to back up claims Russia “trying to help POTUS in 2020.” Asked if there was signals intelligence – such as phone intercepts or “SIGINT” – to back up claims, the source said briefers had none to offer.