Rush Limbaugh awarded the Medal of Freedom at State of the Union

So here we go with the lies about “Rush Limbaugh is a racist” blah blah…

The simple truth is this; Rush Limbaugh has the complete transcript of every show he has ever done on his web site. He does this so people can look up anything he has ever said for themselves in context.

The “quotes” alleging that LImbaugh said “racist” things are made up. Anyone can go to read the transcript and see for themselves.

Some other things they say Rush has said are snippets presented in a false light. For example the “Barack the Magic Negro” song was about a famed Democrat who called Obama that in the campaign and Rush was making fun of Democrats for being racist and making everything about skin color.

Rush Limbaugh has always had a message of optimism that anyone who works hard and has a good heart can succeed.

Limbaugh’s reaction: I am going to spend the rest of my life trying to earn it…

When bothers this writer is the behavior of certain Democrats during the State of the Union. When Trump announced the lowest recorded unemployment for women, and most minorities in history the Democrats sat on their hands:

Democrats also did not stand for that adorable little girl from the inner city who got her opportunity scholarship to escape a failing public school. Is is because she is black you Democrats? Partisanship is one thing, but there is something seriously wrong with today’s Democratic Party:

UPDATE – Kellyanne isn’t having it….