WalMart Shooter Socialist Manifesto as Linked on Drudge Report – UPDATE: Dayton Shooter Another Socialist

I just read the Walmart Shooter Manifesto as linked on Drudge Report. He hates Republicans & Democrats. He wants universal government healthcare & guaranteed government income. He thinks socialism can’t work if we have open borders & anyone can come here. He is an environmentalist who hates corporations.

He attacked Walmart because its a corporation and seemed to be to be an easy target that likely would not have people who would fight back.

So your basic Social Darwinism/National Socialist stuff combined with a few policy talking points.

I still would like to know why it took 20 minutes for someone to engage the active shooter.

The only CCL member reported nearby was a US Army active duty soldier who was grabbing children and running them to cover/safety.

UPDATE – Someone posted online yesterday that they have a relative in the FBI who said that there would be a coordinated attack across the country by this group. I fear that may be so as the Dayton shooter is also a socialist:


One consistent theme of these mass shooters is Social Darwinism

Social Darwinism is preached in the public schools:
There is no God, there is no ultimate accountability, humans are just animals and a random accident. Well how do animals treat each other? They tear each other to pieces…

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