The Truth About Mass Killers the Elite Media Won’t Tell You

What we see in the elite media can be scary indeed. It is important to remember that conflict sells and amping that conflict is how they make their money no matter what the truth is or how it affects the country.

The truth is, and the photo below is just a small sample, is that most mass killers are not white. In fact skin color has very little to do with why mass shootings happen.

The overwhelming majority of mass killers have either been the untreated mentally ill or people with toxic ideologies such as various flavors of socialism/marxism or militant Islam.

In the cases of the last two shooters, the El Paso shooter was a socialist and eco-extremist who said in his manifesto that socialism cannot work if we have open borders and everyone can come here. The Dayton shooter was an ANTIFA socialist with a history of juvenile violence. So they both fit the profile like a glove.

The problem with socialist ideologies is that they are partly based on utopianism, in their minds only the evil can be against utopia which, to them, justifies their actions.

Another consistent theme of these mass shooters is Social Darwinism. Social Darwinism is preached in the public schools: There is no God, there is no ultimate accountability, humans are just animals and a random accident. Well how do animals treat each other? They tear each other to pieces…

non white mass shooters

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