Mueller Testimony Leaves Lawmakers, Media, Wondering Who Wrote the Report. Mueller Refused to Verify Evidence Report Based Upon.

After going through Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s testimony in front of Congress it became obvious, not just to lawmakers and the audience, but even to the hate trump fake news media, that Mueller did not write the report with his name on it. Many wonder if he even read it. Mueller was simply not familiar with the material in his own report. He could not answer dozens of basic questions about the report and several times contradicted what was in it in his testimony.

Editor’s Note: It is also clear by Mueller’s testimony that the man is a bit “infirm” and it is not our mission to humiliate a man who no longer has the ability to defend himself, but that facts are pretty rough on Mueller and his report. We have to tell it as it is as best we can. All in all, NBC News reports that Mueller deflected questions 198 times.

Everytime Mueller was asked about verifying the integrity of the evidence he based the assumptions of his report on…. namely the fake Steele Dossier, the now known fraudulent FISA warrant applications and individuals such as Joseph Misfud who Mueller called Russian Agents who really ended up being US intelligence assets that repeatedly lied to the FBI – Mueller’s answer was “That was out of my purview” or he simply refused to answer.

Mueller didn’t even know who Fusian GPS was in spite of it being in his report and in dozens of media mentions. Fusion GPS was the group that Hillary and DNC law firm Perkins Coie paid who in turn hired former British MI5 Agent Christopher Steele who claimed to have “Russian intelligence” to produce the fake dossier which was the basis for Mueller’s entire Russian investigation.

How is Hillary Clinton, her associates and the DNC immune to allegations of foreign interference in U.S. elections when they commissioned the foreign-sourced dossier and paid for it?

How does one spend over two years doing an investigation and yet have zero interest on the veracity of the evidence handed to you to investigate?

Below is a partial list of what Mueller said was not in the purview of his investigation:

1 – Russian lawyer Natalia Vesilnitskaya who met with Donald Trump Jr. to discuss laws about Russian adoptions had met with Fusion GPS the day before and after the meeting with Trump Jr. Mueller testified that her meeting with Trump Jr. was in his purview, but what she did the day before and day after was not.

2 – Fusion GPS is mentioned in the Mueller report as the “firm that produced the Steele Report (page 103 vol II)” but Fusian GPS is never mentioned by name. Interviewing Christopher Steele’s handlers at Fusion GPS or its owner Glenn Simpson was out of his purview.

3 – Hillary Clinton and the DNC role on manufacturing the fake evidence in the Steele Dossier.

4 – Perkins Couie.

5 – Any foreigners who were involved in the fake steele dossier

6 – The honesty of Christopher steele

7 – FBI abuse of the FISA Court

8 – FBI spying on Trump Campaign

9 – Deputy FBI Director McCabe’s plot to use 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.

10 – Activities between federal investigators and lawyers in the FBI and Mueller team  leaking to the media.

11 – Obama administration failing to do anything about foreign influence in our elections. No one from the Obama admin was even questioned and all this supposedly happened on their watch. yet, this was “out of his purview.”

I thought that the whole point of having a special prosecutor was to find out what happened with foreign influence in our elections…..I guess not.

But Paul Manafort’s taxes from years ago that had nothing to do with Russia was in Mueller’s purview big time.

If Mueller was not in charge, his deputy, a partisan hack named Andrew Weissmann likely was.

Weissmann has a history of playing fast and loose with legal ethics and also has a history of misapplying the Obstruction of Justice statute. Weismann’s interpretation of the statute was overturned in the Supreme Court 9-0.

Ine the Mueller Report, Weissman accuses Trump of obstruction for defending himself from the leaks put out by the Mueller team and accuses Trump of obstructing for merely defending his innocence and pointing out Mueller’s obvious conflicts of interest as Special Prosecutor as he was a material witness to some of the activities under investigation and he is one of James Comey’s closest friends.

Weismann also claims in the report that Trump, using the presidential powers granted to him under Article II of the Constitution, also amounted to obstruction. There is no obvious intent to obstruct in any of Trump’s actions, in fact he fully cooperated with the Mueller team when he didn’t have to. In short, there is no way that the legal interpretation of obstruction in the Mueller Report would hold up in the Supreme Court.

Even Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (Mueller’s boss) said that the DoJ did not agree with the Mueller’s Report’s legal interpretation of obstruction, as did Attorney General Bill Barr.

Obstruction? Mueller States That President Trump Didn’t ‘Hinder’ His Investigation ‘at Any Time’

Lastly, this legal mumbo jumbo about Mueller writing 180 pages in volume II of his report going on about “potential crimes” that may exist that were not charged. This violates every prosecutorial ethic in the book.

Our legal system wraps the accused in a cloak of righteousness, a presumption of innocence that is absolute unless proven otherwise beyond reasonable doubt in front of a jury. Yet Mueller goes on saying that he could not exonerate the President. There is NO legal standard in any American lawbook that contains the legal standard of “Not Exonerated.”

How many times do people need to be reminded that the American Justice System is *not* based on “Guilty Until Exonerated”?

It would seem that after Mueller’s enlightening performance in front of Congress any doubts that this entire endeavor was a fraud from the getgo are about to disappear.

Below is a list of the links, memes and video’s of the analysis and new revelations brought out by Mueller’s testimony. We encourage you to watch them all.

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