Foreign Policy Mag: Obama lied about standing up for tough Iran sanctions….

You mean they lied? So much for “standing strong” against Iran’s nuclear weapons program…..

Foreign Policy Magazine

The Obama administration often touts the Iran sanctions it once opposed. In the final presidential debate Oct. 22, President Barack Obama said his administration had “organized the strongest coalition and the strongest sanctions against Iran in history, and it is crippling their economy.”

The new Iran sanctions still must survive a House-Senate conference over the defense authorization bill, during which conferees may try to change certain portions of the new sanctions regime. Hill aides predict the White House will try to alter the new sanctions during that process, in what they would likely see as an effort to water them down.

“The truth is that the U.S. Congress continues to lead a comprehensive and unrelenting international sanctions program against the Iranian regime despite a comprehensive and unrelenting campaign by this administration to block or water down those sanctions at every move,” a senior GOP Senate aide told The Cable. “We beat them 100-0 last year and while they tried to kill this amendment more quietly this time, we beat them again 94-0. Hopefully House and Senate negotiators will stay strong and resist the administration’s strategy to dilute these sanctions in conference.”

One thought on “Foreign Policy Mag: Obama lied about standing up for tough Iran sanctions….”

  1. That’s funny, is that why Paul Ryan cowered and quivered when going against Joe Biden in the VP debate on foreign policy? Secondly, do you know that sanctions are a careful balancing act? That there are ramifications to, and only to, the people of Iran, a large chunk of which stands in opposition to the regime’s policies and this particular program? Maybe, just maybe, an administration has to take such things into account to minimize blowback. Surely you knew this, or did you genuinely think that the administration was saying ‘No’ because Obama is such a dove when it comes to foreign policy and national defense?

    [Political Arena Editor Responds:

    So what you are implying is that the Obama Administration is so beyond brilliant and has a position that is so nuanced that not even the leadership of his own party is smart enough to figure it out. The sanctions on Iran are unanimous in the Congress. To spell it out, this means that the Obama Administration’s position could not even garner a single vote form anyone in either party or the two independents in the Senate.

    Obama is no dove to be sure, in fact that way he has been arming the Middle East he is turning it into a powder keg. He is also undermining and helping the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow more secular governments that were in favor of maintaining peace with Israel. Jordan is next.]


    Editor’s Note: I just posted on this bloggers wall:

    Obama White House Pays Women 18% Less… and His 2008 Campaign Did too….

    Since you came and commented on my site I thought I would return the favor.

    With all due respect, nothing you have said here can withstand ten minutes of honest scrutiny. I am not calling you out as a liar, rather the problem is that you are not trying to penetrate beyond the surface of the Frankfurt School type narrative you have parroted in your piece.

    Your link about equal pay for women leaves out the undeniable fact that the way the bill is constructed is designed to flood the courts with discrimination lawsuits that essentially cannot be proven. So women will not benefit from this bill, in fact they would be harmed because in fear of such lawsuits fewer women might get hired.

    You see, lawyers get paid something whether they win or lose and the trial lawyers lobby is perhaps the most powerful lobby in the Democratic Party. If you look at how the bill is crafted, it is done in such a way not to benefit women, but to make lawyers rich.

    Really, just because a politician names something that “Government is here to help you act” doesn’t mean that said politician is actually trying to help YOU.

    By the way, Jim Crow laws were passed and supported by Democrats. The KKK was the militant wing of the Democratic Party. When Blacks and Latinos run as Republicans the Democrats throw every racial attack in the book at them… or didn’t you see what they did to Michael Steele, Miguel Estrada and Allen West? And on women, did you see what the Democrats did to Sarah Palin, they actually accused her of FAKING a pregnancy and that her son Trig is “not really her baby” etc.

    Here is a short list of the sexual attacks the Democrats made against her:

    And here are more since then:

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