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Harry Reid Calls Harry Reid “Un-American” For Trying To Change Filibuster Rules (video)

Democrat Party Senate Leader Harry Reid then and now. What has changed? Back them he was in the minority, now he is in the majority… What if Bush had done this?

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Watch Union Thugs in Michigan (NSFW – Video)

This is how union paid far left thugs behave. Odds are most union members do not agree with this kind of behavior. If there was ever a reason to allow people to opt out of unions it is this:

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One month after the election the job losses are staggering…..

As reported by the Daily Mail, Florida restaurant owner John Metz says he will offset the costs of Obamacare by “adding a five percent surcharge to customers’ bills and will reduce his employees’ hours.” Obamacare is so filled with senseless … Continue reading

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