Walid Shoebat: ABC, NBC, and CNN correspondents pushing Hamas propaganda

Hamas fires rockets at Israel for three years. Silence. Israel finally has enough and fights back. And NOW the world says, “Cease Fire.” – Jon Lovitz

Former Muslim Brotherhood terrorist Walid Shoebat:

We’ve already chronicled the egregious reporting over at CNN by Sara Sidner when it comes to what’s going on in Gaza. We can now add two more correspondents working for ABC and NBC respectively.

First, ABC’s Alex Marquardt tells George Stephanopolous that Palestinians believe they are firing rockets into civilian neighborhoods because they are “simply… defending themselves” and that “true peace cannot come along until Israel stops targeting people here in the Gaza Strip.”

Continue HERE to see the video reports.

It is not now, nor was this ever about land.

The Grand Mufti worked with Hitler to exact the “final solution” and try to kill every Jew..and that was before 1946.

So even when there was no land involved radicalized islamists were trying to genocide the Jews.

Most of the old “Palestine Mandate” that was drawn after WWI is in Jordan. So why is it that they never ask Jordan to give up some land…as they have plenty? Why is it that Southern Assyrians and Jordanians suddenly became “Palestinians” in 1946? Jews were living in that area as well so I guess this also makes them Palestinians by that standard. So how do you occupy yourself?

“Palestinians” were Jordanian citizens until 1988.

Maybe because it isn’t about was never about land, it is about killing Jews. As professed proudly by this Muslim girl:

See this video courtesy of Breitbart News:

On Tuesday afternoon, nearly 1500 Chicagoans gathered outside of the Thompson Center in downtown Chicago for a rally to show solidarity and support with Israel. The rally was quiet and peaceful, however, it did draw hostile opposition from anti-Israel protesters, who organized a counter protest across the street.

Aaron Cohen, Vice President of Communications for the Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago told Breitbart News, “Their (Hamas) vision of what the outcome should be, is to eliminate the state of Israel… Until both sides say we want to live in peace together and Hamas has a policy to destroy the state of Israel, this is what we are going to see.”

Cohen’s claim seemed to be proven correct, when I asked a Palestinian-activist student what the solution to the conflict is at the counter protest. She told me, “it’s our land, we are going to get it back sooner or later.” After pressing further as to whether or not she meant only Gaza or the entire state of Israel, she continued, “It’s Palestine, they just call it Israel, so yeah, the whole map.

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