Father of Slain Navy SEAL Speaks Out: White House Handed Me a Pack of Lies (multiple videos)

[Editor’s Note – Cindy Sheehan lost a son in Iraq and the elite media put her on every day for many months. Obama ordered our forces to stand down and let Charles Woods’ son die in Libya fighting the enemy; and Woods can only get an interview on Fox News. Sean Smith’s mother got one interview on CNN and has had several on Fox. No one else want’s to interview her.] 

Imagine that you are Charles Woods and you learned that the administration left your son to die when they had an AC130 gunship overhead ready to fire and help. The story from the Obama Administration keeps changing.

First it was “we didn’t know” and “we had no idea” and “fog of war”. After word got out that the White House was watching what was unfolding in real time as they had drones overhead and they were in contact with people on the ground the story changed to “Obama told people to do everything that they could to help”. Now we know that forces in the area were told to stand down three times during the attack. We also have a credible but unconfirmed report that AfriCom Commander General Ham was going to violate the stand down order and help. He was placed under arrest by General Rodriquez about 90 seconds after he made the decision.

Now the story has changed again to we did not want to send our reinforcements into an ambush…. umm you don’t ambush an AC130 gunship… it ambushes you.

AC-130 Gunship
AC-130 Gunship

The AC130 has advanced computer aimed fire controls. Our men on the ground were in contact with that AC130 and had laser designators on the enemy targets. All the AC130 gunship had to do was pull the trigger, but something prevented them from doing so.

CIA Operators Were Denied Request for Help During the Benghazi Attack

Judge Pirro goes nuclear – Interviews Father of slain Navy Seal

Megyn Kelly plays Charles Woods’ interview with Lars Larson

Charles Woods with Megyn Kelly –

A generation of liars who have no morals – Charles Woods on the White House staff.

SEAL’s father Charles Woods on Hannity: WH officials “murdered” my son

A much better interview of Charles Woods with Glenn Beck

Woods to Obama: Better to die the death of a hero than to live the life of a coward

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