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12-year-old to Rush Limbaugh: my school is trying to brain-wash me to hate coal

Via Rightscoop. See the video at the link below. http://www.therightscoop.com/outrageous-12-year-old-rush-caller-says-his-school-is-trying-to-indoctrinate-him-to-hate-coal/

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Pelosi trashes Romney for offshore investments; has offshore investments of her own!

Of course there is nothing wrong with investing in businesses and other ventures in other countries. The whole idea is to demonize Mitt Romney because he is wealthy. The Kennedy’s, Feinstien’s and Kerry’s are loaded too, but they are Democrats … Continue reading

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More information on Obama stimulus outsourcing…

Go to this website for some good information on the jobs the Obama Administration outsourced with billions of your stimulus money. http://www.obamanomicsoutsourced.com/ Related: Gov. Sununu destroys Andrea Mitchell while she struggles to defend Obama’s stimulus outsourcing (video) – LINK ABC’s … Continue reading

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ObamaCare promises access to “coverage” for those with existing conditions, but over time limits health care access…

And the cost of that coverage will go up exponentially even in the first decade after full implementation, so ObamaCare leaves you with not just limited access and even bureaucrats who can deny you access to healthcare, but over time … Continue reading

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