Gov. Sununu destroys Andrea Mitchell while she struggles to defend Obama’s stimulus outsourcing (video)

We all knew that NBC was in the tank, but wow this is a sight to see. This interview was so factually lopsided he just ends laughing at her.

At the end, what Sununu says about small business is true. Most small businesses exist as labors of love that don’t make profits and/or just exist on paper. The small percentage of small businesses that actually have employees do 70% of the hiring in this country.

As far as outsourcing, Bain was able to help almost 80% of the companies it invested in and only a small number of them engaged in heavy outsourcing. NBC and the Democrat media complex thinks that the American people will be more interested in what Mitt Romney does with his own money, than what Barack Obama does with yours. Some estimates show that $29 BILLION of your “Obama” stimulus dollars went overseas almost directly. That dwarfs anything that Mitt Romney did with his money or Bain’s.

The RNC has a website called Obamanamics Outsourced that lists how many jobs Obama outsourced to other countries using your tax dollars.


President Obama said that stimulus jobs could not be outsourced but…

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