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Ventura County abusing zoning to deliberately shut down small businesses… (video)

This is what happens when you elect eco-extremists to government. Via Reason TV:

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UPenn Professor: Cops are pigs, conservatives are schmucks, America is a perverse place, we need useful Marxist concepts….

And you think this is unusual? This is what a majority of college professors either fully endorse or are very sympathetic to. When The Wall fell in 1989 a few hundred million communists did not suddenly become libertarians. They had … Continue reading

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Caught on film: School officials abusing special needs student

This will turn your stomach: Via The Blaze: Not long after a New Jersey father filmed a number of teachers brutally mocking his autistic son, footage from South Carolina’s St. John’s Elementary is showing the school‘s behavioral manager and a teacher’s aide slapping, … Continue reading

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Western Journalism Center: Obama’s List of Firsts

Granted Western Journalism is a conservative outfit, but nonetheless the firsts that appear in this list are true. Western Journalism Center: First President to apply for college aid as a foreign student, then deny he was a foreigner. First President to have … Continue reading

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Ayn Rand on why collectivism is not about equality.

This is so good. Collectivists say that it is about equality, but in practice the collectivist makes it about everyone else and YOU sacrifice. YOU give up your labor, your money, your time, your livelihood…..for “others”…. you know… so it can … Continue reading

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