Initial Jobless Claims Still Hover Around 400,000 Per Week!

Some recovery. Initial claims for unemployment have been between 380,000 and 415,000 (that is 400k lost jobs per week) every time we have checked for three years now. Democrats called the George W. Bush recovery a “jobless recovery” even when unemployment dropped well below unemployment under President Clinton.

Bloomberg News – More Americans Than Projected Filed Jobless Claims Last Week

CNBC – Jobless Claims Stay Elevated as Labor Market Gains Stall

UPDATE: US Economic Growth Slows to 2.2% – LINK

Congressman Allen West comments:

For those who continue to complain that “We the People”, mainly conservatives, are cutting government too much, this should put everything into perspective. I know liberal progressives dislike me because we promulgate the truth which for them is like sunlight on a vampire. America, we are becoming a socialist egalitarian welfare nanny state and hardworking American taxpayers are on the road to Serfdom.

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