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American Doctors: ObamaCare pushes Grandma over the cliff! (video)

NEVER forget THIS.

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Obama’s “All White” Campaign Staff…

Washington Beacon: A photo of Obama’s “army” originally posted on the campaign’s Tumblr site and run in conjunction with a BuzzFeed story on the Obama campaign reveals a stunning lack of diversity among the president’s Chicago staff. The Obama campaign’s … Continue reading

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New Study Shows University of California Run by Leftist Radicals

The National Association of Scholars study can be found here: http://www.nas.org/images/documents/A_Crisis_of_Competence.pdf http://www.nas.org/images/documents/Noindoctrinationorg_UC_courses.pdf Brietbart News: Think a University of California degree is worth its weight in gold? Think again. According to a new study, you might want to rethink that second mortgage needed … Continue reading

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