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74 Democrats join radical group to force Israel into dangerous concessions…

Via Breitbart News: In the midst of ongoing rocket terror attacks against Israel from Gaza and even Egypt, as civil war rages in Syria, and as the threat from Iran approaches the point of no return, 74 Democrats in the House of Representatives … Continue reading

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New IRS Rules Prompting More to Give Up American Citizenship

Reuters: “‘Truth, justice, and the American way’ – it’s not enough anymore,” the comic book superhero said, after both the Iranian and American governments criticized him for joining a peaceful anti-government protest in Tehran. Last year, almost 1,800 people followed … Continue reading

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Afghan schoolgirls poisoned in anti-education attack

And on the “multi-culturalist” angle….. Reuters: (Reuters) – About 150 Afghan schoolgirls were poisoned on Tuesday after drinking contaminated water at a high school in the country’s north, officials said, blaming it on conservative radicals opposed to female education. Since … Continue reading

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Human Events: Top 10 miscarriages of the Justice Department

This is ten, but only a residue….. Human Events: Ask yourself this: In which administration have there been more egregious miscarriages of justice than the following list? 1. Challenges voter ID laws The Justice Department has challenged state voter ID … Continue reading

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200 Jewish Students Receive Eviction Notices from Jihadist Student Activists at Florida University

Creating a hostile and intimidating environment on campus is not protected speech. It is intended to intimidate Jewish students, interfere with their education with such a threatening environment and is designed to infringe on their liberty interest. Florida should lower the boom … Continue reading

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Robin Leach: Obama is a dangerous socialist, trying to incite a race war (video)

The transcript is at Newsbusters.

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