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Obama in ’08: If Govt Mandated H’care Govt Could Mandate Buying A House (video)

Barack Obama on the Ellen DeGenerous Show in 2008: If mandating that everyone could buy healthcare would solve the healthcare problem, than government could just mandate that everyone should buy a house to solve homelessness. It isn’t that people don’t … Continue reading

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Another Department of Energy funded solar energy company goes bankrupt…

It is the same story over and over and over… a contributor or bundler for Obama asks for a loan from the taxpayers. He gets the loan, starts or gets involved with a solar panel company, they pay themselves big … Continue reading

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Steven Crowder vs Propagandist from Russia Today on American Self Defense Laws (video)

Lots of people watch RT online. It is very popular. But what most Americans do not understand is that the “hip and flashy” RT is actually “Russia Today” which is a mouth piece for chief oligarch Vladimir Putin. You will … Continue reading

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Obama’s attacks on the GOP budget proposal are surreal…..

The Republicans are proposing real budgets and the Democrats, in violation of the Constitution, refuse to pass any budget and haven’t for three years. This is a must see video at Real Clear Politics – LINK. “Virtually none of the claims he … Continue reading

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President Obama Stops Atlantic Coast Oil Drilling for Five Years

Thousands of jobs lost and now we are more dependent on the Saudi King he likes to bow to so much. Via Breitbart News: Yesterday the Obama administration announced a delaying tactic which will put off the possibility of new … Continue reading

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Mass Illegal Alien Voter Fraud Discovered in Florida (video)

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Corporatism in Action: Why an oil company backs Jerry Brown’s tax plan

By our good friend Chuck DeVore: Why would Occidental Petroleum, America’s fourth-largest oil company, donate $250,000 to a tax-hiking ballot initiative in California? California’s expansive state government has found itself chronically short of funds as much due to a 31 … Continue reading

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Chris Hitchens: I walked into CNN’s Crossfire Against Newt Gingrich and Walked Out Dazed (video)

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What Does Mitt Romney Believe? (video)

This is from the Democrats folks, unfortunately this add is reasonably honest. http://www.mittvmitt.com/

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