MRC: ABC Hypes Gingrich Connection to Freddie Mac, Ignores New Fannie/Freddie CEO Bonuses

And just who was it that made sure that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could get those fat bonuses? Why it was Chris Dodd the former Democratic Chair of the Senate Finance Committee (be sure to watch the videos in that link), who just happened to be the number one recipient of their money. In fact Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have funneled over $200 million of your money to Democratic Party interests and that was just as of 2008. The same people that protected those bonuses for AIG are the same ones who did this.


Boehner goes nuclear when he finds out that language was illegally inserted into the bill giving the AIG execs big bonuses with our money. This goes all the way back to the language in the failed Stimulus Bill.

This is the speech that Leader Boehner was referencing in the beginning of the video above


Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac paying $210 million in bonuses with your money and no outrage why…..

The Fannie Mae/Goldman Sachs lobbyists revolving door in the White House continues.

Top 20 Industry Money Recipients This Election Cycle – Who is in the back pocket of Wall Street?

Reminder: Big Business Loves Big Government (especially Democrats)

Big Business Buying Influence With Democrats: Google Pays 2.4% Federal Taxes

CBS news decided not to mention the Dodd Amendment in its coverage…is anyone surprised? – LINK

Media Research Center:

Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich

ABC’s World News on Wednesday and Good Morning America on Thursday both reported on the revelation that Newt Gingrich received almost $2 million while consulting for Freddie Mac over an eight year span.

Yet, the network ignored the fact that the company (with a Democratic President) is still giving massive bonuses and will now be asking the federal government for an additional $6 billion.

On World News, Jon Karl highlighted only the Gingrich connection, highlighting attacks by Michele Bachmann.

Yet, while ABC focused on this, NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell explained, “So, here’s what set off the latest round of outrage. $13 million in bonuses for the two mortgage giants that had to be bailed out by taxpayers. Now these bonuses come after Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac actually lost $4 billion last quarter.”

So, while NBC’s Andrea Mitchell offered snarky comments, such as insisting that Gingrich is “trying to explain his gold platted, insider status,” at least NBC allowed that the company still had issues, separate from their relation to GOP presidential candidates.

On CBS’s Evening News, Wyatt Andrews noted the “bipartisan anger” from Republicans and Democrats over the latest news.

Speaking of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae CEOs, Andrews added, “Fannie’s Michael Williams and Freddie’s Charles Haldeman, earned $9.3 million and $7.8 million over two years, which gives them, Republican Darrell Issa said, the best taxpayer-financed jobs ever.”

On Thursday’s Early Show, Jan Crawford mentioned the congressional investigation during a Gingrich segment. GMA only focused on the Republican presidential candidate. NBC’s Today did the same.

A transcript of the Evening News segment can be found HERE

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