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Bill Whittle: Weaponizing Government Against Citizens (video)

This is a must see…. more of the Democrats’ War against freedom of speech and the First Amendment. Bill Whittle: Weaponizing the Government

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Senator Dick Durbin to Walgreens: Stay in Illinois or else….

Senator Durbin is the second most powerful Democrat in the Senate. Illinois has the highest taxes in America so companies are leaving in droves. Time to whip out the thug card…. National Review: Score another victory this week for the … Continue reading

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Video: Kay Hagan Campaign Workers Willing to Aid Non-Citizens Vote Illegally

Multiple North Carolina Democratic Party Campaign Workers Willing to Aid Non-Citizen With Felony Kay Hagan Votes… Including Kay Hagan’s campaign manager who is running to be a judge. Special thanks to Project Veritas for yet another explosive video proving vote … Continue reading

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Govt to study ‘social pollution’ (Political Speech) on Twitter

As we have stated in the previous several posts, the government has no business regulating, or even trying to regulate political speech. What you will read below is the beginning of several very creepy efforts to destroy freedom of political … Continue reading

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Hourly Earnings Down Under Obama While Rich Get Richer

A great reminder that leftism, as a philosophy, was designed expressly for the purpose of eliminating the middle class, who in publications they used to call the “bourgeoisie.“ Senate Finance Committee: For Immediate Release October 08, 2014 Fact Sheet: Obama … Continue reading

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Arizona Sheriff: 36% of illegal alien criminals turned over to Obama Administration come back

So much for the Obama repeated promise that the border has never been more secure… Via Breitbart News: See the video HERE. Maricopa Co., AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio reported that 36 percent of the criminals his sheriffs turned over to … Continue reading

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Former CBS reporter: Govt bugged my computer, planted classified docs in operating system

[Note: This post is pinned to the top of the page. Please scroll down for the latest posts and updates.] See part one of Sharyl Atkisson’s revelations HERE. Buy her book HERE. Read every word below. UPDATE – USA Today: … Continue reading

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Americans Renouncing Citizenship Continues at Record Level

Wall Street Journal: Significant numbers of people are continuing to renounce their U.S. citizenship or end their long-term U.S. residency. There are 776 names on the Treasury Department list published Friday for the third quarter of 2014. That’s the third … Continue reading

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Former CBS reporter’s book reveals how CBS News protected Obama, Spun for Advertisers

Read every last word to learn how CBS systematically inserted political and advertiser bias in its reporting. Buy her book HERE. New York Post: Sharyl Attkisson is an unreasonable woman. Important people have told her so. When the longtime CBS … Continue reading

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NYT: Obama IRS Seizing Cash From Small Businesses. No Charges Filed….

…and letting the small business pay lawyers thousands to sue the government and try to get their money back. There used to be about a hundred of these types of seizures per year, The Obama Administration did 639 just in … Continue reading

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Bill Whittle: Second Amendment Affirmed By English Language Experts (video)

So simple, even someone as ignorant as a progressive college professor can understand it.

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Obamacare ‘bronze’ plan premiums going up 14% in 2015

The plans are already expensive and have outrageous deductibles. Too many doctors and hospitals will not accept the insurance. Now this. Washington Times: Obamacare “bronze” plan owners may be in for a shock next year. Investors predict the cheapest healthcare … Continue reading

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Obamacare: 222,000 Insurance Policies in Colorado to be Cancelled by 2015

Via The Daily Caller: Over 22,000 Coloradoans have had their health insurance canceled by Obamacare in the past month — and 200,000 are slated to be shut down in 2015, the state insurance department announced Friday. The Colorado Division of … Continue reading

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USA Today: More Obamacare Policy Cancelations Coming Again

USA Today: Last fall, millions of Americans breathed a sigh of relief when Obamacare didn’t cancel their health care plans. Now they’re holding their breath once again. Hundreds of thousands of Americans will soon receive cancellation letters affecting their 2015 … Continue reading

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Watch Mark Udall’s Campaign Staff Condone Vote Fraud, Offer Job to Fraud Votes (video)

James O’Keefe strikes again. In this video you will see staffer after staffer condone and advocate for vote fraud. One staffer even offers the Project Veritas reporter a job to engage in vote fraud.

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NAACP, Democrats, & Teacher Unions Team Up to Kill Charter Schools for Inner City Minorities (video)

It is like the teacher unions have said time and time again, the union is not there to help the kids, they are there to support union power. The NAACP, when it was ran by Republicans who founded it, actually … Continue reading

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New York Post: 850 voters in NYC are 164 years old

If voter ID is about vote suppression, it is about keeping the dead from voting. New York Post: A single Bronx voter listed in official records as being 164 years old led Board of Elections officials to review their files … Continue reading

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Chuck Woolery: Hollywood liberals don’t redistribute their millions to stage hands & extras working for free (video)

There are many people in Hollywood who actually work for free in an attempt to make that contact and get a foot in the door. That includes actors, stage hands, artists and tech people. While Maserati Marxists like Ben Affleck … Continue reading

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Jon Oliver Blasts Obama Administration for Failing to Help Military Translators Facing A Death Mark (video)

Jon Oliver describes the nightmare visa application process the Obama Administration and State Department has made it for translators who put their lives and their family’s lives at great risk by helping American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Long story … Continue reading

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Obama’s pick for Ebola Czar a population control freak… (video)

First of all, the fact that President Obama picked such an infamous political fixer such as Ron Klain speaks volumes of how the administration views this problem; namely as a political one, not a medical one. UPDATE: Congressman Trey Gowdy … Continue reading

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