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Insurance Industry Expert C. Steven Tucker on ObamaCare (video)

Tucker runs the Health Insurance Tips Blog and has the issues in ObamaCare mapped out as well as anyone possibly can. This speech is invaluable education for those wishing to learn.

[Editor’s Note: Yours truly, the editor of this web site, went to Indiana insurance school and has had a state issued licence to be an agent. I have been out of the business for several years and while and I am no longer the expert that Tucker is, I can tell you with certainty that what Tucker says in this video is true and matches my own findings that I wrote about way back on my old college blog.]

Here is C. Steven Tucker on Fox Business Channel:

Newsmax: Romneycare and Obamacare Are Identical

Betsy McCaughey at Newsmax:

Presidential aspirant Mitt Romney may not have intended that the mandatory health insurance law he signed in 2006 would look like the Obama health law. But the Massachusetts law does a lot more than cover the uninsured (a worthy goal). The law broadens the powers of government to dictate treatment decisions and even interferes in where and how patients die. The result will be a breathtaking shift of decision-making from the doctor at bedside to the state.

ROMNEYCARE                                     OBAMACARE
Individual mandate                              Individual mandate
Employer mandate                               Employer mandate
Mandatory electronic records              Mandatory electronic records
Comparative effectiveness                   Comparative effectiveness
End of life program                              End of life program
Medical homes                                     Medical homes

Read more on Newsmax.com: Romneycare and Obamacare Are Identical

Steven Tucker from the Chicago TEA Party comments:

I challenge ANY ONE to find the difference between the two – http://familiesusa2.org/assets/pdfs/Elections-2012/RomneyCare-ObamaCare.pdf

Evidence that Romney Lied about Newt Lobbying Freddie Mac

PROOF that Mitt Romney lied about Newt Gingrich and Freddie Mac (Hat Tip Steven Tucker)

1.) READ this NY Times article from 2008 where Newt was working the House to oppose Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae’s interests: http://nyti.ms/wWcrUy 

2.) WATCH this video from 2008:  http://youtu.be/-uCRKm28cWw 

3.) READ – http://bit.ly/zlQSlr

4.) READ this article in the Washington Post where former Congressman J.C. Watts, who was the head of the Freddie mac watch group in the House, said that Newt never tried to influence on Freddie Mac while Watts was in the House.