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26 Republicans Vote Against House Effort To Defund Obama’s Executive Amnesty For Illegal Aliens

This is the influence of pressure groups and the influence of certain interests who want the cheapest labor possible no matter how many Americans go without jobs. Mathew Boyle at Breitbart News: A whopping 26 Republicans joined the Democrats in … Continue reading

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Jenny Beth Martin: A Mandate To Govern

Jenny Beth Martin via The Hill: Ronald Reagan ran for reelection in 1984 with a conservative vision of free-market economic growth and tough foreign policy to confront the Soviet Union. His opponent, Walter Mondale, ran a conventional liberal campaign, going … Continue reading

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Dr. Marcy Zwelling: Obamacare dismantles the very foundation of healthcare (video)

In the video you will see Democrats complaining that the Republican Party hasn’t offered a health care alternative bill, they are lying. Republicans in the House have offered and passed several bills but Democrats in the Senate refused to even … Continue reading

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