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Twitter Bans Inventor of mRNA Vaccine for “Misinformation” (telling the truth)

Russel Brand “Gob-smacked” to Discover Hillary Clinton Behind Trump/Russia Hoax

In case you didn’t know, the evidence from Inspector Generals reports, released FBI emails and documents as well as FISA Court docs have proven beyond reasonable doubt that the Clinton’s in league with key players at the FBI, DoJ, DNI, CIA and key members of the House Intelligence Committee manufactures the Trump/Russia collusion evidence. 
This web site as well as many others have been posting this evidence and it is not difficult to find online if you wish to explore the subject further.  

Journalist John Solomon is a good place to start

Biden Administration Prosecutors Quietly Dropped All Charges Against Jeffrey Epstein’s Jail Guards

The corruption never ends.  All evidence that could have lead to the exposure of Epstein’s “clients” was kept out of court by the federal prosecutor who also happens to be James Comey’s daughter. James Comey is the disgraced former FBI director who rigged the Hillary Clinton investigation of her illegal computer server containing classified information. Comey was  also a key player in the Russian Collusion scandal hoax. 

The FBI has somehow managed to lose the Epstein DVD’s and other key evidence that would have exposed those Epstein entertained. 


In the middle of Ghislaine Maxwell’s child-sex-trafficking trial, federal prosecutors quietly dropped their case against two jail guards accused of sleeping on the job and falsifying jail records as Jeffrey Epstein killed himself in his cell.

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan signed a nolle prosequi, a document announcing to the judge that they wished to drop the case, on December 13. The document didn’t appear on the court’s public docket until Thursday, one day after Maxwell was convicted on charges that she trafficked girls to Epstein for sex and participated in sexual abuse herself.

Prosecutors first filed charges against the guards, Tova Noel and Michael Thomas, in November 2019. Prosecutors said the guards napped, caught up on the news, and shopped for motorcycles and furniture instead of doing their rounds at the Metropolitan Correctional Center. Epstein was held at the federal jail while awaiting trial on sex-trafficking and sexual-abuse charges.

Epstein was found dead in his cell on the morning of August 10, 2019, and New York City’s head coroner ruled it a suicide. Epstein’s brother, Mark Epstein, hired his own coroner who said the financier’s broken neck bones were more consistent with a homicide.

Tim Pool comments on the cover up:

Polling shows more voters believe 2020 election problems

If your election system is not transparent and auditable by design the reasonable assumption is that it is fraudulent. The burden of proof is on the government to prove it is not fraudulent. 

Resistance to auditability is prima facie proof that it is fraudulent.

Emails Show Fauci/NIH Conspired to Smear Doctors and Science that Bucked Far Left Political Narrative (video)

This is what being ant-science looks like. The same thing was done to climate scientists who published data sets that went against the marxist/alarmist narrative.

Revolver News Reveals Even More Evidence that Jan 6 “Unindicted Co-conspirators Are Federal Assets. Famed Canadian Lawyer Responds (video)

We chose famed Canadian Attorney Viva Frei’s reaction to the new Revolver News revelations about January 6th because as a Canadian he has no dog in this hunt. He is neither a Republican or Democrat. and after looking at the court filings and the released evidence he tweeted this: 


Please See Our Capitol Event Coverage HERE

Please See Our FBI Corruption Coverage HERE.

Please See Our “Insurrection” Coverage HERE.

Sen. John Kennedy’s Most Viral Witness Grillings 2021 (video)

John Kennedy comes off as a hokey old Cajun almost like Columbo. He is smart like a fox and uses his rope-a-dope skills to expose so many nominees for the judiciary and the federal government as either completely ignorant of the position they are nominated for, dishonest, nuts or just plain stupid. 

So many of these nominees cannot answer even basic questions about what they are being empowered to look over. Not to be uncivil but many of these people you would not hire for babysitter if they behaved this way in an interview…..and they are running our government and setting case law. 

Famed Attorney’s Viva & Barnes on Biden Mandates Going to SCOTUS, Maxwell Trial, Facebook Admits “Fact Checks” are Just Opinion, FBI/DoJ Corruption and More (video)

Famed Canadian Attorney Viva Frei and famed trial Lawyer Robert Barnes cover the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, the Potter trial, FBI/DoJ corruption and more. 

Facebook admits in court that it’s “Fact Checks” are just someone’s opinion that they contracted with and that no reasonable person would take as actual fact. 

This is entertaining and also very enlightening with details on current events one will never see in the corporate media.

Scott Adams: Are they trying to persuade you with fear or with data? (video)

This video from Scott Adams is very much worth your time.  Adams is a master of the psychological techniques involved with persuasion and propaganda. He is also the creator of Dilbert Comics. 

Most people respond to fear over data as they are not trained thinkers, but people only respond to fear until they have had enough. Those who use fear as their key persuasion technique attack their opposition personally. They also will then use bogus studies and data to justify or rationalize their fear mongering. 

Most people have no idea how pervasive academic misconduct is and how far too many studies are designed and manipulated with the result predetermined. Money, social and political pressures are used keep people in line. 

When those who want to do a deep dive into the processes that certain “data” is produced are called crackpots and genuine data analysis is pushed aside, that should be a warning sign that someone has an agenda. 

Experts are almost never as expert as they claim. Just a couple of months ago “they” told you that the J&J poke is fine, that didn’t turn out so well did it?

Crime wave in certain cities all have one thing in common: Democrat prosecutors funded by George Soros and BigTech

The prosecutors simply will not prosecute most crimes. Yet if you are a Republican you had better not even get caught J-walking or else.

Darrell Brooks caused Waukesha massacre after a long series of crimes and was released over and over again. 

The reasoning behind this is to cause enough chaos so the blame can be placed on local policing. Their solution is to have a national police force. Those of you who are paying attention know how corrupt and scandal-ridden the FBI has become, even former DoJ careerists such as Mark Levin are calling for the FBI to be abolished. 

Alec Baldwin being protected by corpomedia after creepy ABC interview – UPDATE

Leave it to former Clinton communications hit man George Stephanopoulos to try to rescue Alec Baldwin. 

There are no “ifs” or “buts” anyone who knows guns understands that when a gun is placed in your hand it is your responsibility to ensure safety. Every negligent gun death happens with an “unloaded gun.” 

Below is a video of Will Smith demonstrating this simple truth: 

How would Alec Baldwin have reacted if such an incident happened to an NRA guy like Tom Selleck. We all know the answer. That said it would never happen to an NRA guy because virtually everyone who has firearms training and/or is a part of the gun culture would check any firearm handed to them every time without exception. 

Alec Baldwin is not new to firearms. He knew better and is at fault. 

Jeremy form Geeks & Gamers has more:

Famed Canadian attorney Viva Frei goes over the interview and show’s how Baldwin unintentionally incriminated himself. 

When Alec Baldwin said that he did not have his finger on the trigger he was almost certainly not speaking the truth. If the hammer slipped off his thumb it would go to the half cock position and not fire…….unless he was depressing the trigger.

Disney vandalizes Hawkeye just as they did Loki and Luke Skywalker

So far the writing in the show is not very good and the Kate Bishop character is not just believable. The actress playing Bishop is supposed to be this champion athlete and in the show she can’t even run in a good stride, it is more like a waddle. She can’t show us she is great so the show has to keep telling us that she is.

Disney pulled a bait and switch again as Hawkeye is really the Kate Bishop show with Hawkeye having a guest role.

No one opposes good female characters, but the point is that just like any other character they have to be good, well written and the actress has to be believable. Black Widow, Gamora, and Jessica Jones were done well as was Ripley from Alien, Sarah Connor from Terminator and Princess Leia from Star Wars. 

Three episodes in our take is that Jeremy Renner deserves better.

Nerdrotic has details.

Content Warning: Marjorie Taylor Greene Plays Shocking Death Threats (video)

The elite media gaslights anyone who isn’t a Marxist and then they absolve themselves of any responsibility for people who believe their vile propaganda. 

The man who shot Steve Scalise was a “Bernie Bro” who watched MSNBC and was a Rachael Maddow fan. 

Randall Brooks who drove his SUV into a Christmas Parade killing six in Waukesha Wisconsin had all sorts of BLM propaganda on his social media including his objection to Kyle Rittenhouse being found not guilty. 

Here are some examples of corporate media gaslighting:

Republican Congressman hold presser on bill requiring school lessons on the evils of communism (video)

Communism/Marxism is responsible for the deaths of 120 million people in the last century and the millions who have died in this century are still being tallied. 

The hard left has effective control over most public school systems and they are not teaching about the human catastrophe that communism has wrought most everywhere it has been tried. 

You will notice that there are no Democrats in this presser and there are not very many Republicans form the leadership here either as many are under the influence global mega-corporations and/or the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 

In the video Dan Cranshaw talks about former KGB disinformation officer Yuri Bezmenov who lectured that 85% of the KGB’s budget went to information warfare infiltrating American schools and mass media. 

Steven Crowder and Sarah Silverman on “What if we split the country?” (video)

This is an interesting thought exercise on what if we split the country in two, with leftists getting some states for them and traditionalists getting their states? 

This is worth your time and Crowder makes some very good points for his case. Crowder goes through much of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights demonstrating how leftists/Democrats oppose most of it. 

We have some problems with Crowder’s argument however, he did not mention the 4th Amendment freedom from unreasonable search and seizure. While there are indeed “establishment” anti-populist Republicans who like the surveillance state, most traditional Americans oppose it for obvious reasons. Almost every Democrat who opposes mass public surveillance has been driven out of party leadership. The 4th Amendment is a human right and Crowder should have said so. 

We also very much wish Crowder would stop calling the left “liberals” as there is nothing liberal about them. The Democratic Party has become a cabal of corporatist kleptocrats and neo-Marxian authoritarians. 

Lastly, dividing the country would never work as the left hates freedom and the ideals of Western Civilization. They will not tolerate an American example that would out perform them economically and stand as a beacon of freedom to the world. They would be and are hellbent on destroying that example. We know this because there are several neo-Marxist authoritarian countries they could move to any time they wished, but no they are hellbent on destroying our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  

Sky News: What really Happened in Wuhan? (video)

Author Sharri Markson & Tucker Carlson along with commentary from Global Security expert Jeff Capella below. 

Preliminary report by Jeffrey D. Cappella

A frighteningly honest discussion about why our representatives abase themselves to the Chinese communist party and how that abasement undermines accountability for the Chinese communist party pandemic Wuhan covid-19. 


Dual purpose technology refers to technology that possesses military and civilian applications. (1) For example the ballistic missile technology the nazi regime used to bombard London with V-2 rockets was the same technology (and in some cases the same scientists) used to take man to the moon. This does not mean dual purpose technology is inherently “bad” or “good”. Rather dual purpose technology is an enabler for whatever action a particular actor is looking to pursue. Purpose of a technology rests in the hand of the beholder.


The potential for dual purpose technology to be applied towards military or civilian applications and or a legitimate or illegitimate manner is directly determined by the nature of actor that possesses said dual purpose technology. For instance take a child mannequin. If you see a child mannequin in children’s department store said mannequin is rightfully considered benign and non-threatening. If you find the exact same child mannequin in a convicted child molester’s house that child mannequin takes on an entirely different connotation. National security concerns posed by dual purpose technology enabling potential / actual hostile state or sub state actors is exactly what prompted the United States to form the Bureau of Industry and Security dual use export licenses (2) and directly apply to dual purpose technology like gain of function research.


The risk and rewards presented by biological science are great. Subsequently to ensure United States economic competitiveness research in biological science should be vigorously pursued. That said such vigorous pursuit should not be reckless. The concerns on the impact of dual purpose nature of biological sciences are significant. So much so that the United States government formed the National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NSABB) to oversee as well as try to manage the risk. (2) The National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity concerns where particularly clear when it comes to “gain of function” research. (3) Concerns regarding dual purpose technology like gain of function research become more acute when outsourced to areas populated by hostile regimes like the Chinese communist party.


The initial positive response to China’s economic reforms of 1979 where tempered by the initial military focus of said “openness”. (4) Hope that China would join the community of responsible nations further harmed by Chinese communist party’s acts of economic belligerency to include violations of the agreements made to include China into global economic organizations like the World Trade Organization (5) and currency manipulation.(6) Of particular concern is the increasing nature of the scope, scale and most importantly focus of Chinese Communist Party acts of industrial and economic espionage and predatory trade practices. (7) Of particular concern to the Chinese communist pandemic Wuhan COVID-19 is the Chinese communist party’s consistent policy of forcing foreign direct investors to transfer technology to the Chinese communist party. (


The United States intelligence community defines threat as capability plus intent. Such broader analysis is then amalgamated with socioeconomic and technological trends to extract operational insight. Such an analytical framework provides guidance in how to think about United States national security concerns posed by the Chinese communist party.

For the past 22 years the Chinese communist party standing doctrine (9) against the United States focused on leveraging “grey zone conflict” and includes asymmetric approaches to counter current United States conventional and strategic military superiority. Some of the key aspect of Chinese communist party strategic doctrine entitled “unrestricted warfare” includes but is not limited to the use of biological weapons, information warfare, financial warfare and law fare.


Since 2006 the United States intelligence communist has with a significant degree of confidence assessed the Chinese communist party maintains a clandestine bioweapon program. Such assessment is underwritten by the Chinese communist party purposeful lack of transparency regarding the offensive bioweapons program the Chinese communist party that existed prior to signing on to the 1984 Biological Weapons Convention. (10) Concerns surrounding Chinese communist party lack of transparency on Chinas offensive bioweapons program are exemplified by the dual purpose nature of the Wuhan national “biosafety” laboratory.

While Wuhan national “biosafety” laboratory does possess civilian applications given the dual purpose of said biological research coupled with the hostile nature that defines the Chinese communist party there is a reasonable probability that the Chinese communist party also uses the Wuhan national biosafety laboratory to conduct bioweapons research as well. Suspicions and or probability of the Chinese communist party using Wuhan national biosafety laboratory to conduct bioweapons research are further reinforced by:

1. The Chinese communist party’s continued hostility towards the United States

2. The Chinese communist party’s continued pursuit of asymmetric counters to United States conventional, strategic military superiority

3. The totalitarian nature of Chinese communist party translating into the lack of any indigenous accountability of Chinese communist party

4. The lack of transparency regarding Chinese communist party biosciences effort or Chinese communist party activities in general. Indeed autocratic regimes possess greater advantages when it comes to strategic deception / denial

5. The Chinese communist party lack of transparency / outright dishonesty regarding the specifics of the Wuhan national biosafety laboratory role Chinese communist party pandemic Wuhan COVID-19

While the above fact pattern constitutes only some of the numerous reasons illustrating why outsourcing dual purpose technology like gain of function research should not be outsourced to geographic regions occupied by hostile actors like the Chinese communist party some key take aways can be gleaned. Some of the more significant key take aways include but are not limited to:

1. Gain of function research presents incredible possibilities as well as unique and serious risks / dangers

2. The dual purpose nature of gain of function research and subsequent risk of gain of function research potentially furthering bio weapons programs was well known since 2015

3. The motives of the Chinese communist party incentivizing foreign direct investment had continues to have a significant military application / context

4. The Chinese communist party has maintained an increasingly hostile view / stance towards the United States and other allied actors for the past 20 plus years

5. The Chinese communist party belligerency possesses no boundaries and actively operates outside traditional conventional / strategic military means

6. A part of Chinese communist party asymmetric strategy against the United States and allies centers on economic espionage and forced technological transfer

7. The United States intelligence communist maintains a there is a significant probability the Chinese communist party maintains a clandestine offensive bioweapons program

8. There is a reasonable possibility the Chinese communist party diverted gain of function research conducted at Wuhan national “biosafety” laboratory to support a clandestine bioweapons program
The above realities constitute only the tip of the iceberg why outsourcing dual purpose technology to geographic regions occupied by hostile actors like the Chinese communist party is both dangerous to United States national security and global stability. The very realities that Dr. Fauci has demonstrated as being either criminally incompetent via a lack of awareness, arrogantly dismissive in support of reckless careerism and or outright dishonest in the hopes of escaping accountability.


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“ISSUE: The United States believes that China continues to maintain some elements of an offensive BW capability. The issue is whether this capability constitutes a violation of the BWC.

10b. Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Weapons and Missiles: Status and Trends Updated February 20, 2008, page 14:
“Biological Weapon Arsenals and Programs No nation publically acknowledges either an offensive biological weapons (BW) program or stockpile. Examination of unclassified sources indicates that several nations are considered, with varying degrees of certainty, to have some BW capability. These are: >>>china<<<, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, Israel, North Korea, Russia, Syria, and Taiwan.

10c. China and Weapons of Mass Destruction: Implications for the United States –

“FINDING Available information indicates China engaged during the reporting period in dual-use biological activities. Available information did not indicate these involved activities prohibited by the BWC. The United States continues to note that the voluntary BWC CBM declarations China has submitted have neither documented the offensive BW program it possessed prior to its accession to the BWC in 1984, nor documented that China has eliminated the program or any remaining biological munitions in accordance with the BWC.”

Is Kyle Rittenhouse a Hero?

Kyle Rittenhouse cleaning graffiti.

Kyle is not heroic for what he did do, he is heroic for what he didn’t do.

Kyle used only the force that was necessary and controlled his fire like a pro. Many would have panicked a sprayed the crowd that was out to kill him. How many police have unloaded their gun at a perp in fear?

Do you know what it takes to not give in to fear? That is what heroes do.

What Kyle is guilty of is not fathoming the type and degree of pure evil he was standing up to. Naive to be sure, but even in that he has the spirit to serve and to stand up and do something, and that spirit puts him ahead of 97% of everyone else when it comes to personal character.

In ten years, if you called a cop or an EMT for help and looked up and it was Kyle, tell me you would not be relieved.

New Democrat Spending Bill: Massive New Energy Tax. $72,500 Tax Cut for Millionaires. 87K New IRS Agents. Amnesty. China Giveaways.

This is the newest iteration of the Democrat “Build Back Better” bill. 

Amnesty for border crossers, a huge new tax on natural gas which is used for healing and electricity generation. Real nice just as winter is coming. 87,000 new IRS agents. There is also a new tax on methane

Also included is a tax cut that allows millionaire and billionaires to write off their state taxes. Well if you are making a million dollars  a year in New Jersey guess what your state tax is, you guessed it $72,500. 

The bill also includes a “global minimum tax” that impacts Western countries but not China. China is thrilled.

Amnesty for illegal border crossers.

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy explains how this bill, just like everything else coming from the Biden White House  is a failed policy. 



Democrat House Speaker Pelosi Stripped Language About China’s Forced Labor From Reconciliation Bill

Democrats talk about slavery all the time while keeping inner city minorities in failing public schools that don’t teach the basics like science, technology, engineering, math, English literature and history well while harping on CRT and other marxist ideology. 
There are still places in the world that have slavery. China, Mexico, North Korea and several African countries.  Someone in Congress wanted to do something to impact that problem. The Democrat Leadership in the House of representatives wanted to protect the CCP and help them get more of our money. 

All bills go to the Rules Committee before they are assigned to the various House committees of jurisdiction or the House floor. The Rules Committee is 100% controlled by the Speaker of the House and that is Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi. 


Below is the original text


None of the funds provided in this title may be used in awarding a
contract, subcontract, grant, or loan to an entity that is listed
pursuant to section 9(b)(3) of the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of
2020 (Public Law 116-145).



In this title–
(1) the terms “Administration” and “Administrator” mean
the Small Business Administration and the Administrator
thereof, respectively; and
(2) the term “small business concern” has the meaning
given under section 3 of the Small Business Act (15 U.S.C.

Subtitle A–Increasing Federal Contracting Opportunities for Small

And linked is the bill coming out of the House Rules Committee with the language removedLINK.

Democrats Double Down: Independents Voted for Black Republicans Because “White Supremacy”, CRT Doesn’t Exist, Russia!

Just because the corporate media repeats Democratic Party nonsense doesn’t mean people believe it. This is what happens when corpomedia “journalists” become your constituency.
This is the problem with a party that has purged most of the the moderates and liberals liberals leaving hard core neo-marxist authoritarians. Objective truth is just not a value to these people. They have embraced the marxist moral relativism, meaning that to them the truth is anything they say it is so long as it advances their power.

Democrat columnist calls parents “Racist Karens”

Republican Sweep! Telling parents “Your kids belong to the state and if you don’t like it say hello to the FBI” didn’t work out well.

There is nothing more important to Democrats than advancing marxist ideology, sometimes they will even put that goal ahead of money.

We predict at this point they will do one of two things. They will either keep lying about Critical Race Theory (CRT) and their other schemes to gain power or double down on calling anyone  who opposes them a white supremacist…even if you are black.

Glenn Younkin is the new Governor of Virginia. The Attorney General and Lt. Governor of the state went Republican as well.

Republican Winsome Sears has a very impressive resume:

So many school boards went Republican we cannot even attempt to list them, but we can tell you that there are many in Democrat states such as Minnesota that flipped.

In the meantime…. this didn’t take long. Looks like they already forgot about Virginia’s new Lt. Governor….

Looks like MSNBC has decided to just lie. 

Dems Election Day Freakout: Parental Rights = White Supremacy! McAuliffe Lies About CRT. Stage Fake “White Supremacist” Event /w Dem Operatives!

The polling for Democrats is really bad, not just in today’s Virginia and New Jersey’s Governor’s elections,  but nationwide.  This NBC poll below explains just how dire the situation is. Keep in mind there is no corporate media figure more against Republicans than Chuck Todd who is featured in the video below. 

Democrat reaction to eminent electoral defeat has been a site to see. 

The Virginia Governor candidate is Terry McAuliffe. He is a  former governor, former Clinton money bundler and former Democrat National Committee Chairman. 

McAuliffe is on the record saying that parents should not be directing their child’s education.

McAuliffe is also on the record stating that Critical Race Theory (CRT) is not taught in Virginia Schools but public records show that his state Department of Education was pushing it. McAuliffe has also said repeatedly that there is essentially no such thing and the issue is a red herring invented by Donald Trump. 


In the meantime parents are complaining to Virginia school boards because their six year old children are coming home asking asking if they were born evil because they are white

Loudoun County, Virginia schools have because famous for not only cramming CRT upon students, but covered up two rapes by a boy wearing a skirt in order to protect their new “woke” policy allowing students to use whatever bathroom they want

In fact, McAuliffe used to work for a law firm that specializes in going after student victims and was paid millions by school boards. I know it sounds crazy, but “lawfare” by government entities grows more  common.

Loudoun County School Board then worked with the National School Board Association to lobby the Biden Administration to declare parents protesting all of this as “Domestic Terrorists” who should be prosecuted using the Patriot Act. A rather extreme response to the parent’s rights to free speech.

[Editor’s Note: Critical Race Theory, in short, states that there are only two groups of people; white oppressors and colored victims – with no exceptions. It teaches that any claim of any exceptions to that are only made by white supremacists.] 

Juan Williams, the dean of “liberal” columnists, wrote the most dishonest column we have ever seen, and we have seen some whoppers, trying to make the case that parental involvement in their child’s education is white supremacy. Just as woke CRT pushing leftists are also saying that telling students to get good grades, to behave, or the push for academic excellence itself is white supremacy. 

Just when you thought the crazy could not get any crazier. Democrat’s staged a fake “white supremacy” show of support for Glenn Youngkin, the Republican candidate for Governor of Virginia. What made it even more silly is anyone who has taken the time to learn about Glenn Youngkin is that he should have been put up to play Mr. Rogers in a movie. He is very preacherly and as about as exciting as a ham salad sandwich.

Below are some of the Democrat Party operatives who staged the event:

Former Democratic Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard is explaining how the party has become unhinged, going authoritarian and declaring anyone who disagrees with them as “the enemy” and “domestic terrorists.” Some Democrats have responded to her warnings by accusing her of being a Russian agent

Sometimes extremists go so crazy that they make their satirical critics come true, lately it has been happening to the Babylon Bee and making Alex Jones look right. This satirical video below from Allie Beth Stuckey has come true:

Tucker Carlson and Ainsley Earhardt sum up the meltdown.