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Meme of the Day: The Democrat Grift Game

How the Democrat grift game works. Ever wonder why they keep getting richer when they do not produce anything? While we get poorer?

Every new Congress there is a massive new infrastructure spending bill.  We would look like Wakanda by now…

Remember when Baltimore received 17 billion in federal funding and they still could not even do garbage collection.

Democrat Party law firm has “special relationship” and “shared work space” with FBI.

Politically motivated lies and dirt become politically motivated FBI investigations of Republicans. This is beyond inappropriate

These are the details as to why and how the Sussman trial was rigged form the start. The Judge is married to a lawyer who represents a major Trump/Russia hoax conspirator, sever al jurors were Clinton donors and one juror even knows Sussman. 

Democrats Advancing Citizen Disarmament Agenda While Opposing Mental Health Reform.

We have been talking about this subject for years

There is very little we could add to the column we wrote after Adam Lanza went on his schizophrenia inspired rampage in 2012. We suggest everyone go read that column now and come back when finished: 


1 – Democrats have been blocking serious mental health reform in Congress and fighting mental illness reform in the states. The ACLU successfully defeated laws in Connecticut and other states that allow forced treatment for the dangerously mentally ill arguing that people have a right to be mentally ill. We refute this dangerous idiocy in our 2012 column

Democrats filibustered legislation in the Senate to add mental health records to the National Instant Back Ground Check Service (NICS) that is used for gun purchases. 

Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made it clear that when it comes to mental health, don’t go there

2 – Democrat prosecutors have all but refused to prosecute federal gun crimes against real criminals.

3 – When the Commission on School Safety recommended that we harden our school buildings, have armed  security protecting our children and crack down on bullying Democrat’s mocked it and called it racist. Why are sporting events, concerts and banks better secured than our schools? 

Would be murdering sociopaths need to understand that going to a school to cause mayhem amounts to a near instant death sentence.  

School boards have no incentive to crack down on bullying as several bullies tend to gang up on a few victims. School administrators find it easier to silence the victim. If there is no victim administrators can say “there is no bullying in my school.” Loudoun County, Virginia Schools after a “trans” boy sexually assaulted two girls in girl’s bathrooms the school board went after the victims and their families

In this case the shooter was bullied until he dropped out of school. 

4 – We must never forget that the Biden Administration which desperately wants you to be helpless and disarmed gave the Taliban $80 billion worth of weapons

5 – Remember that the Biden Administration is using the FBI to target parents for demanding reforms at school board meetings to keep children safe. 

6 – Joe Biden blames the gun lobby. Really? BigTech spent $34 million on lobbying in 2020, BigPharma spent $314 million, the NRA spent $2.2 million.

7 – No matter what the problem is the Democrats have a short list of solutions; restrict 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, raise taxes, and decimate domestic energy, food and lumber production.

Tucker’s May 25th show is a great follow-up to the show above. We suggest you watch the entire episode HERE

Tucker’s May 26th show is here and he covers the lack of police response HERE

Biden Disinformation Czar Out for Spreading Disinformation…

Nina Jankowicz is history. This is what happens when you lie all the time and put those lies on the internet for all to see. 

She was all in the the Trump/Russia Hoax, the Ukraine Hoax, she was all in the the lie that “Hunter Biden’s laptop is from Russia” nonsense and so much more. She also advocated for censorship of those who spoke truth to her lies. 

Here We Go Again: FBI Knew About Self Described “Far Left Eco-Fascist” Buffalo Shooter

The shooter describes himself as a far left authoritarian eco-fascist who hates Fox News

Six Months of Democrat Marketing Research Comes Up With “Ultra-MAGA.” Now Republicans Are Selling Ultra-MAGA T-Shirts.

This is what happens when you exist in an ideological bubble. 

Joe Rogan BLASTS “Woke” Teachers for Child Grooming. The Young Turks Meltdown (video).

Democrats, for some reason, as well as some “woke” corporations, have doubled down in their support for sexualizing of children leading to pedophilia, also known as “grooming.” When they tried normalizing pedophilia a number of years ago Congress and the state legislatures pushed back hard. Today they are trying to get there via incrementalism.

The popular talk show host Joe Rogan is calling the Democrats, woke educators and corporations out for doing exactly what it is, child grooming. The Young Turks (leftist talk show) had a complete melt down. 

Department of Justice Meeting Notes Reveal FBI Systematically Lied About Trump/Russia (video)

Not only was the FBI lying to the FISA Court, they were lying to the Department of Justice as well. 

Later the DoJ figured this out and decided to go in on the hoax, but at first they were mislead by the FBI. 

The Epoch Times produced this great video explaining how it was done. 

🔵 Durham Analysis:

🔵 Meeting Notes:

Click to access gov.uscourts.dcd.235638.123.2_1.pdf

Liz Wheeler: Grooming of Children for Sex or Grooming for Political Reasons is Still Grooming (video)

The militant left always tries to equate run of the mill homosexuality with sexualizing children. Any effort to protect children from grooming they scream “You hate gays.” Most homosexuals are not pedophiles and hate it when the woke mob does this

Governor Ron DeSantis Signing Ceremony for Anti-CRT Bill and Revoking the Disney Special Tax Subsidy (video)

Lt. Governor Jeanette Nuñez, famed journalist Chris Rufo and others also give great commentary. This is very much worth your time. 

Why should Disney get special tax breaks and privileges that local competitors such as Universal Studios Florida does not?

Since these Democrats are disrupting the vote is this not an “insurrection” by their own definition? 

Editor’s Note

The Disney issue is not about protected political speech.

How many Disney employees have been picked up in just the last few years on child sex and porn stings? Too many.

Sexualizing young children, encouraging others to do so “and don’t tell mommy and daddy” is NOT protected speech. Child grooming is predatory behavior. Statutory law and the Supreme Court have always ruled that the state has a compelling interest in protecting children.

That said, Governor DeSantis did not even know that Disney had these special benefits its competitors did not until recently. Disney has had these benefits since 1968. Governor DeSantis said that no corporation should have such permanent carve outs.

Why should Disney get these special benefits and Universal Studios Florida should not? No corporation has a right to a permanent tax subsidy and a corporation does not have a right to have its own police power.

Tax subsidies for corporations are almost always temporary and contingent on the company engaging in certain good behaviors such as hiring from the local community, not using H1b’s etc. Disney’s was permanent and they were not engaging in good behavior. For example, Disney fired hundreds of IT workers in Florida and flew in people from India to replace them.

If anyone can think of a good reason why Disney should get such benefits and their competitors should not please comment below.

Disney has as much free speech today as it had last year. Disney has every right to get on a soapbox and speak but the people of Florida are under no obligation to pay for the soapbox and never were.

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Leaked Phone Call Likely to End Political Career

This is exactly the kind of duplicitous behavior GOP voters have had their fill of. The GOP needs leaders who will advance the ball. They days of the “do nothing party” seem to be coming to an end. 

More and More 2020 Ballot Fraud Evidence Coming Out (video)

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich:

Over 60K Voters on Rolls Are Dead, or Registered Twice in North Carolina. Ballot Harvesting Lawsuit in Wisconsin.

Arizona CBS affiliate attempts smear job against Kari Lake. Cancels interview when she wants to record it (video).

Arizona Governor Candidate Kari Lake

The old selective edit video smear job. 60 minutes does it, ABC did it to Sarah Palin, NBC did it to George Zimmerman, Media Matters and MSNBC do it all too often. 

Piers Morgan did this to Donald Trump but was unaware his Trump’s staff also recorded the interview and Trump was able to put the truth to Morgan’s smear job almost on the spot. 

KTVK CBS 5 tried to smear Arizona Governor Candidate Kari Lake, but she stopped them on the spot. What does CBS 5 have to hide? What does KTVK “political editor” Dennis Welch have to hide? 

Study Shows Heart Issues in Children Detected Months After 2nd Dose (video)

Via the Epoch Times: 

Less than 2% of Liz Cheney’s Contributors from Her Home State

This is the problem with politics in general. Liz Cheney is bought and paid for and has no financial stake in pleasing those who she allegedly represents.

In fact, Liz Cheney take smore money from Northern Virginia (DC Metro Area) than from her home state. She has amassed a huge campaign money chest in spite of having next to no support at home.

The Federalist:

Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney celebrated a major fundraising haul last week when this year’s first-quarter filing eclipsed $10 million raised for the endangered lawmaker in a competitive primary. After Cheney raised more than $2.3 million this year alone, her campaign war chest with $6.8 million in cash on hand four months before the GOP contest headlined the swamp-focused Politico’s Playbook.

“In previous cycles, it was common for Cheney to raise a few hundred thousand dollars in a quarter, mostly from Wyoming residents,” the Playbook authors wrote on Monday last week, adding, “with the national attention her race has received, money has poured in from across the country.”

The newsletter linked to an analysis of Cheney’s campaign finances from OpenSecrets published before 2022’s first-quarter filing on April 15. Money from California and Texas now make up the bulk of the Wyoming lawmaker’s funding.

Cheney’s re-election bid is also being financed by the same Democrat donors who bankrolled the Lincoln Project. Her first-quarter filing for this year showed little difference, with Cheney raking more from her “constituents” in northern Virginia, where she spends much of her time, than the constituents who first sent her to Washington in 2016.

According to a Federalist analysis of Cheney’s campaign finances to date based on public records from the Federal Election Commission (FEC), less than 10 percent of the dollars Cheney raised came from Wyoming residents. Only about 2 percent of Cheney’s total contributors were from her home state.

In contrast, donors in Northern Virginia with fundraisers featuring Utah Sen. Mitt Romney sent more than $880,000 to the campaign, a full six figures higher than the $780,000 raised among Wyomingites. Cheney raised more than $760,000 from California and more than $720,000 from Texas.

Continue Reading HERE.

Hillary Clinton intervenes to try to stop Special Prosecutor John Durham UPDATE – CIA Director Pompeo Knew

UPDATE– See the update at the bottom of this post about how CIA Director Mike Pompeo knew that the CIA and FBI knew that the evidence against Trump was manufactured and fraudulent and did nothing.

Remember when we said that the Clinton’s do most of their criminal activities through multiple layers of proxies which include law firms willing to do their criminal bidding so that way they can claim attorney-client privilege? 

Durham was able to penetrate Hillary’s attorney-client privilege with law firm Perkins Coie by showing the court that it was being used to hide criminal activity. 

Hillary For America has filed a motion with the court to prevent Durham from using evidence from Fusion GPS, a DNC political opposition research firm that was used to manufacture the  phony “Trump/Russia Dossier,” claiming that the work Fusion GPS was doing for HFA was “legal advice.” Previously HFA claimed it was for opposition research.

We do not believe that the judge is going to fall for this, but in case the judge does all it will accomplish id a delay as Durham penetrates the privilege with the court just as he did before.

Do not be surprised if the Clinton’s try to find a way to pressure the judge and/or get a change to a judge they have in their pocket.

One thing is for certain, there can be no claim that “Hillary didn’t know.”

Come on, lie to us again….

HUGE UPDATE – House Intelligence Committee investigator Kash Patel reveals that Trump CIA Director Mike Pompeo knew that the CIA and FBI had the evidence that Trump/Russia was rigged and manufactured and did nothing, letting it go on. Listen to the podcast in the link below:

More details from Kash Patel HERE


Helen Raleigh: How CCP Influence Operations Work


Hunter Biden’s Laptop Scandal Exposes How Communist Influence Operations Work

by HELEN RALEIGH at The Federalist:

Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop revealed much information, including Hunter’s shady business dealings in Ukraine and China, raising questions about the extent to which President Biden was involved in his son’s business activities. This ongoing scandal lifted the curtain of foreign governments’ covert influence campaigns in the United States. No government has conducted such influence campaigns more effectively than Communist China.

To understand China’s influence campaigns on foreign soil, one has to get familiar with a secretive Chinese government agency, the United Front Work Department (UFWD), or United Front. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) established UFWD in the 1930s, aiming to recruit famous intellectuals, writers, teachers, students, publishers, and business leaders who were not necessarily Communists.

These recruits promoted the CCP’s agenda, influenced public opinion in favor of the CCP in territory ruled by the Nationalist Party, and helped the CCP secure the weapons, medicine, and other resources to overthrow the Nationalist-led government. Then-CCP leader Mao Zedong called the United Front a “magic weapon” for the CCP.

When Xi Jinping came to power in late 2012, he greatly expanded the UFWD and elevated the UFWD’s status by having a politburo member, Ms. Sun Chunlan, head the UFWD. Today, the UFWD’s headquarters in Beijing is located in an unmarked but heavily guarded building next to the CCP’s leadership compound. This location says the highest power in the nation directly endorses its mission and strategy.

UFWD workers are assigned to many government branches inside and outside China, including almost all Chinese embassies, which now include staff formally working with United Front. The UFWD is tasked with helping the CCP aggressively and yet covertly dictate its messages and narratives about China. UFWD’s goal is to gather information and either win over or co-opt support for the CCP. It is to attack and neutralize potential dissent and opposition inside and outside China.

The UFWD’s overseas influence campaigns rely on various methods, including establishing Confucius Institutes and controlling Chinese Students and Scholars Associations on college campuses in the west. But one of its most effective methods is to cultivate politicians, prominent business people, and well-known intellectuals in the west as “friends of China.”

These “friends” then influence policies and public opinion in their home countries to favor China, while trying to minimize harm to China and silence any criticism of the CCP. This approach is called “influencing the influencers.”

The UFWD’s process of cultivating “friends” usually involves several tactics. UFWD knows how to make them feel important through excessive flattery, lavish trips to China, and access to high-level Chinese government officials. For foreign business elites and families of prominent foreign politicians, the UFWD has made sure they were rewarded financially either through bribes or preferential business terms.

Continue reading HERE.

Pay special attention to this section of the piece:

The Chinese government has also been cultivating relationships with family members of other prominent U.S. politicians. For example, Chinese companies, including some large state-owned enterprises such as the Bank of China (BOC), funded 80 percent of the Bohai Harvest RST (BHR) investment fund, which was partly owned and directed by Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz, the stepson of former Secretary of State John Kerry, through their private equity fund, Rosemont Seneca Partners.

The Chinese government authorities approved the deal to establish the fund after Hunter Biden traveled to China with then-Vice President Joe Biden in 2013. China’s apparent motive was to buy influence in the United States through the children of two of the most prominent officials in the Obama administration.