Released Twitter Documents Prove Trump Correct About Democrat/FBI/ Corporate Media/BigTech/Deep State Collusion.

Those in the intelligence community and certain political power brokers who engage in crime at the highest levels pay dozens of lawyers to see to it that smoking gun evidence is not just left laying around. 

What they did not count on was Elon Musk laying down $44 billion to buy Twitter and as a result Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg straight up admitting to Joe Rogan it was the FBI who was behind pressuring Facebook to censor the Hunter Biden Laptop story with all of the evidence of corruption and grifting the Biden crime family has engaged in. 

This led to a lawsuit my multiple state Attorney Generals to sue the federal government for blatant illegal censorship and FEC violations. When the court granted discovery the evidence showed a mass censorship enterprise of the Democratic Party, multiple Biden Administration agencies, tech companies, and corporate press. 

After years of lying about it the truth is coming out.




When Elon Musk bought Twitter corporate press journalists and Democrat activists en-masse predicted that with Musk bringing back those Twitter banned in their censorship efforts, that leftists would be banned for stating their views. Of course that didn’t happen. It seems that when the left gets power they want to use it to impose their will using authoritarian methods, it never occurred to them that center right conservatives would not do the same to them. To the left that is just how power is wielded.

Corporate media is taking different approaches to this story. Some engaged in the old tactics of lying about it over and over and over for as longa s they can, and when the truth becomes too overwhelming the say “Who cares this is an old story anyway.” Others such as MSNBC are sticking with the lie that the laptop story is “Russian disinformation.” Other media outlets are simply going on as if all of this never happened.

Some are calling the reporter, Matt Tiabbi, who is not a Republican at all, all sorts of names for reporting the story accurately.   

The corporate media, when accused by Trump of acting in alliance against him dishonestly, respond by acting in an alliance against him dishonestly.

The FBI/Intelligence Community Have People Imbedded In BigTech Companies. 

It just so happens that James Baker, the general council of Twitter, is the same James Baker who is a disgraced former general council to the FBI. Baker was a key player in the Trump/Russian collusion hoax. He was in large part responsible for the warrant applications, filled with lies, to the FISA Court to spy on the Trump campaign. Baker has such a long history of malfeasance and election interference that became public that he had to resign. He went right to Twitter where he played a key role in censoring the Biden laptop story. 

Just days ago, Baker was caught purging FBI references in internal Twitter documents and was fired by Elon Musk.

There is an old saying. Once IC (Intelligence Community), always IC. There are many references to various forms of that saying in books and films about the IC.

Remember the 51 “Former” intelligence community leaders who signed a public letter saying that the laptop story was Russian disinformation? They knew it was a lie and some even bragged about how effective the lie was at protecting Biden.

Twitter even had a Chinese agent on the payroll.

BigTech, according to documents revealed in a current lawsuit, even gave government actors a direct access portal to censor content themselves:
Tweet from former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Ric Grenell:

Tom Cotton to Kroger CEO: If You Embrace Woke Nonsense Don’t Come to Republicans Begging For Help With Your Merger (video)

Kroger has gone woke. They fired Christian employees for not wearing symbols promoting homosexuality (for which they were sued successfully), they push the phony and divisive DEI agenda on employees. Kroger embraces ESG/Green New Deal economic warfare from the World Economic Forum (WEF), which ironically for a grocery store, seeks to close 50% of the worlds farms and eliminate meat as a food source.

Kroger is in the process of a merger with a competitor which Democrats are skeptical of, so they came to Republicans asking for help. Senator Tom Cotton gave them the response they deserve: