Dr. Ben Carson: Public school history curriculum so bad it would make students want to sign up for ISIS (video)

Ben Carson is spot on about this. This type of indoctrination is described by former King’s College President Dinesh D’Souza as “The shaming of American history” where good things mentioned about America are few, but bad things are numerous, repeated, spun, exaggerated and then strung together with a narrative designed to convince children that American values are bad.

UPDATE – for more details on how subversive the new ‘history’ curriculum is read THIS.

According to left wing Common Core proponents own documented goals in Texas:

An emphasis on globalism and a global society, not Americans or Texans.

American “value language” should be eliminated such as American love of liberty etc.

Eliminate how American belief’s and principles identified in our Constitution and Declaration of Independence contribute to our national identity.

Eliminate lessons on federalism and majority rule.

Eliminate patriotic symbols such as Nathan Hale and the Liberty Bell, Christopher Columbus, Christmas, etc.

Eliminate notions of justice and replace with fairness.

Eliminate origins of American military institutions. Mention of Generals such as Patton and Bradley are eliminated.

Focus on imperialism, isolationism and McCarthyism.

Progressive heroes taught to children in grade school before mentions of Washington and Lincoln.

Refocus history from the past to the present.

Eliminate all history before 1565 (adios Western Civ.)

Eliminate teaching of the formation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

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2 Responses to Dr. Ben Carson: Public school history curriculum so bad it would make students want to sign up for ISIS (video)

  1. D.A. Jamison says:

    Chuck, I completely agree with your assessment. There is a deeper scrutiny and wider perception of this entire insidious effort that is needed across America. Thank you for bringing people’s attention to this cancer-like propaganda that has been growing in America. The intent is to cut the American people from their heroes and revered leaders and their roots. Normally, when any living thing is cut off from its roots, it cannot continue to live. I left a link to my article on this from last week. Feel free to link if you like the article.

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