Exit Poll and Political Analysis of the 2022 Midterm. What Was GOP Leadership Thinking?

UPDATE Dec 22, 2022 – Blake Masters Confirms much of what PoliticalArena reported below:

What We Learned From Exit Poll Data

Newly registered voters favored Republicans 54% to 46%.  Nevada, New York, Florida. Ohio and Indiana all moved toward the GOP significantly. New York is now a competitive swing state and there are now four more Republican members of Congress from New York State. 

Young voters, often called Gen-Z, went for Democrats for several reasons. The far left indoctrination in the schools is obviously a factor. Many Gen-Z believed thee hyped rhetoric about the “end of democracy” that came from the Democratic Leadership and their corporate media allies. 

While most younger voters are moderately pro-choice on abortion, favoring some limits but not a total ban, the idea of leaving it to the states or referendums of the people was tolerable to them, what was not tolerable was Lindsey Graham’s efforts to have Congress ban abortion nationwide. Democrats really took advantage of that. 

Younger voters also tended to support more gun control efforts. 

The unnecessary COVID lockdowns, the lies from BigPharma, the corruption in the CDC/FDA/NIH were only an issue in states where governor and other state candidates made an issue of it. The same goes for CRT and the Democratic Party’s efforts to sexualize very young children with pornographic materials.

The economy, crime and other kitchen table issues had an impact where state candidates made the case.  State GOP candidates did much better than Congressional candidates across the country. 

In areas where there was not a Kari Lake, Ron DeSantis or a Lee Zeldin at the top of the ticket, Republican’s and Independents did not show up to the polls as much as anticipated.

So why did this happen? 

There was never going to be a “Red Tsunami” in Congress. The Republican’s picked up 14 seats in 2020. Gerrymandering in the states left fewer competitive congressional districts to fight over and errors in the previous census resulted in several seats going to Democrat states that should have went to Republican.

In spite of all this Republican Congressional candidates under performed. 

Republicans Had No Coordinated Nationwide Communications Strategy. 

The Democrats have the presidency and the corporate media. The current Republican leadership at the RNC, Senate (Mitch McConnell) and the House (Kevin McCarthy) had no effective nationwide communications strategy. 

The GOP leadership was all but completely absent from the conversation in this election.  Governor candidates such as Ron DeSantis, Kari Lake and Lee Zeldin were able to take up some of the slack, but they are still just state wide candidates. 

Look at the vote shenanigan’s that have been going on in Arizona, Pennsylvania etc. Do you hear from the RNC, Mitch McConnell or Kevin McCarthy at all? 

To the Average Voter There Was No Donald Trump.

Social media and corporate media have all but locked out Donald Trump.  The average voter had next to no exposure to him. Unless you are a political junkie, watched Newsmax, went to a Trump rally,  or have a Rumble Account you were just not exposed to him except what is reported in corporate news which has been one slander after another. 

Republican Leadership at the RNC, Senate and House Campaign Committee’s Used Your Money To Firm Up Fiefdoms and Settle Scores Instead of Getting Republicans Elected. 

The Congressional Leadership Political Action Committee’s (PACS) ran by Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy, which are huge cash cows, played games with funding challenger candidates. They all but locked out any genuine America First candidate who they saw as a threat to their power, and if they were against all these endless wars, Mitch McConnell simply cut them off. McConnell said that the most important issue in the election was supporting Ukraine. 

McConnell pulled millions from Senate challengers such as Blake Masters and even used Republican funds to help non-Republican incumbents like the corrupt Lisa Murkowski in Alaska to help her defeat a real Republican Kelly Tshibaka. Tshibaka was the chosen candidate of the Alaska Republican Party. That race is now going to a runoff election.

McConnell also spent millions of your Leadership PAC funds against Conservative Congressman Mo Brooks when he ran for Senate in Alabama just to settle a score because Brooks thought current Congressional leadership lost it’s edge. Joe O’Dea, a RINO squish who was the hand picked candidate of Mitch McConnell in the Colorado Senate race was crushed by 300K votes. McConnel spent millions of your GOP donations in that race instead of races that were much closer and more winnable.

The word we are getting from our party contacts is that McConnell was hoping that the Democrats would keep control of the Senate because he feared new blood would not vote for him as GOP leader.

Kevin McCarthy pulled funds and worked against American First candidates such as Karoline Leavitt in New Hampshire who likely would have won if give proper funding from the Leadership PACS that most people donate to in those “Send us many and help take control of Congress” emails we all get. Leavitt made it very clear in television interviews that McCarthy did not want her to win. The House Republican Leader favored the Democrat.

More analysis after the tweets below:

Blame Trump?

 The “Bushie” establishment Republicans who want more endless wars and to go along to get along as they have since Newt Gingrich left office are telling the same story as the establishment Democrat’s and the corporate media. These are the same people who have been lying to you about hoax after hoax for years to keep you distracted. 

The establishment narrative is almost always wrong. 

Remember Trump has had almost no vehicle to defend himself for almost two years. The Republican Leadership was obligated to take up a national bully pulpit to combat the Democrat’s fear mongering and hoax’s and they just plain sat on their hands.

Trump endorsed candidates as of November 9th is 174 wins to 9 losses. Does he get credit for the 174 wins National Review or are we just ignoring that for the purpose of the narrative today?

Trump is largely responsible for turning the Republican Party from a “Bushie” country club party into a multi-ethnic working class party. There would have bene no Ron DeSantis, Kari Lake, or Lee Zeldin. If not for Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the primary reason the Republican Party isn’t all but extinct. 

Why is it that only Trump endorsed candidates who lost are talked about, what about the numerous House candidates handpicked by Kevin McCarthy lost races the consultant class had expected to win, including Yesli Vega, Rhode Island Republican Alan Fung, and Cassy Garcia? There were 25 House races that were decided by less than 5% of the vote, several that could have been won if your GOP resources were used to actually win seats.

What About 2024?

It is WAY too early to even be having this discussion as the 2022 votes are still being “counted,” but since everyone else is doing it we might as well have our say. 

A Word of Warning:

If you don’t think whoever a likely 2024 Republican nominee is wont be demonized, investigated, accused of raping six girls, and likely raided by the FBI is fooling themselves. 

These are the same people who made Mitt Romney out to be a “Harvey Weinstein” serial rapist because he had actual women in his binder of people he was considering for cabinet positions for his administration should hen have won.

The Republican candidate will be illegally spied upon, his/her lawyers will be spied upon if not raided by the FBI themselves. His associates will be fraudulently accused of crimes. 

Every Republican President will be impeached by Democrat’s in Congress if they have the power. This is the “new normal” Democrats have created and too many Republicans have not yet figured out.

As we all can see, the establishment is trying to create a Trump vs DeSantis narrative.  While the establishment does not know if it can control Ron DeSantis, they know very well they cannot control Donald Trump. If DeSantis proves to be honest and steadfast the establishment will not hesitate to accuse him of crimes, pay six women to say he “touched” them, completely gaslight and controversialize him. 

Election Integrity

You keep hearing this from establishment types, “It’s the election denial that cost us the election.”

Ron DeSantis said that there were major problems in 2020, He said that the process was convoluted and not transparent which invites problems. Broward County Florida is famous for election fraud not just since the “hanging chads” scandal in Bush v. Gore. There are books written about vote fraud in Broward County going back decades. DeSantis made election integrity a major part of his agenda and reformed how elections are done in Florida. DeSantis won by 19 points.

By and large Republican candidates who said that elections need to be transparent and auditable with reasonable checks such as voter ID and signature verification, even if just just to eliminate any confusion, did well. Just because some lost does not mean this was the issue they lost on. Georgia also passed election integrity reform and Republicans in state wide office did well.

Those pushing such a narrative are effectively telling us that the same people who committed the list of hoaxes we pictured above, used the FBI to meddle in elections, labeled parents terrorists, engaged in a mass illegal censorship enterprise with BigTech, and accuse Republican voters of being actual “n@zi’s, would never dream of messing with an election.

Look at the states that do not have mass mail in voting (which creates an environment conducive to illegal ballot harvesting) they moved right, the states with mass mail in balloting largely did not….in some cases bordering states, but we are confident that is just a total coincidence.


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