Credible study finds little to no health risks related to eating meat

So, “the science” was wrong.

Actually if you have done the homework, you know that it was manipulated….worse, it was bought. Look up where the big money that went into the American Heart Association came from.

The Blaze:

A new scientific study claims to have found little to no health risks related to eating red meat. The study says previous studies that claimed there was a link between red meat consumption and health issues are based on “weak evidence.”

Researchers at the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) released a study titled: “Health effects associated with consumption of unprocessed red meat: a Burden of Proof study.” The paper was published in Nature journal in October.

The scientists declared, “We found weak evidence of association between unprocessed red meat consumption and colorectal cancer, breast cancer, type 2 diabetes, and ischemic heart disease. Moreover, we found no evidence of an association between unprocessed red meat and ischemic stroke or hemorrhagic stroke.”

The authors of the study noted, “While there is some evidence that eating unprocessed red meat is associated with increased risk of disease incidence and mortality, it is weak and insufficient to make stronger or more conclusive recommendations.”

The scientists developed a star rating system ranging from one star (no correlation to health risks) to five stars (the most dangerous). The study out of IHME determined that none of the numerous studies linking red meat to health risks rated higher than two stars. A two-star rating would mean the behavior is associated with health risks between 0-15%.

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