Why Leftists in NATO and Biden Encouraged Putin to Invade Ukraine – UPDATED

We take no pleasure in writing this editorial. I told you so’s can bring a certain satisfaction but not when it involves the deaths of innocents brought on by a war that was avoidable. 

These are the lessons learned. 

1 – Energy Policy Matters

While we agree that Ukraine should not be a NATO member, much of Western Europe, especially Germany, has been overly influenced by Putin because they get about half of their oil and fuel from Russia.  Trump was making progress on reversing this. 

They could have bought that oil from the United States but Democrat’s like Biden have always tanked domestic oil production using executive regulatory powers. In a year under Biden we went from a top oil exporter to an oil importer. 

When Biden was shutting down our pipelines, he reversed Trump’s ban on the Russian Nord Stream oil pipeline in exchange for nothing, except maybe the millions the wife of the Moscow mayor sent Hunter Biden.

The Biden administration brings in nearly 600,000 barrels of oil from Russia every day.

Biden’s war on our domestic energy production is paying for Putin’s war with your money

2 – Idiotic NATO Policy is Destabilizing

Putin’s original complaint and threat to invade Ukraine is that he did not want a NATO member state on his border and did not want American strategic weapons on his border.  This is Putin’s only legitimate complaint. 

We threatened WWIII when Russia put missiles in Cuba. Having strategic weapons on your border is destabilizing. 

3 – Top Democrats Using Corruption to Bilk Ukraine

The Unites States backed the 2014 coup in Ukraine and as a result our State Department, ran by Hillary Clinton, used it to line her pockets as did the Biden’s and that is just the tip of the corruption iceberg.  

A well known example of such corruption is Viktor Pinchuk, a wealthy Eastern European oligarch who was given control of a Ukrainian state run energy company . Pinchuk in turn was a top contributor to the Clinton Foundation and was responsible for sending Hunter Biden’s “firm” $86,000 per month for doing nothing.

The video below shows Biden bragging about how he got a special prosecutor fired for investigating the corruption involving his son. 

Pinchuk is also a founder of “The Atlantic Council” which has peppered American politicians with money ever since. 

Polls showing that Trump and the Republicans will be swept into office in the coming 2024 elections means Ukrainian corruption is certain to be revisited. If Putin sweeps away the current Ukrainian government it is likely that the evidence gets swept out with them.

Such corruption allows Putin to make a case against the current government in Ukraine as well as make false allegations that some are willing to believe because “well the government is corrupt anyways.”

4 – Failing to Learn the Lessons of History

Shortly before WWII Hitler wanted a way to bypass the defenses that the Czech’s put on their German border. Hitler sent in thugs to harass ethnic Germans who lived near the border and make the case that the Czech government was harassing Germans.

This created sympathy for his plans to annex Czech border areas known as the “Sudetenland.” A key player in appeasing Hitler’s plans to take so much of Czechoslovakia was British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. 

Putin literally calls the current government in Ukraine a Nazi regime.
When Putin engaged in these tactics there should have been aggressive international condemnation, especially from the Germans.  Putin was able to get away with this because in WWII many Ukrainians sided with the German invaders, which is not a big surprise after Stalin tried to genocide Ukrainians via starvation. Stalin literally confiscated their food. There are still pro-NAZI groups in Ukraine. They are small but get press because controversy sells. 

President Obama sent Ukraine blankets and military food rations when they were invaded the first time to take Crimea province. 

President Trump sent Ukraine Javelin mobile anti-tank missiles and STINGER mobile anti-aircraft missiles. 

After the invasion started Biden offered to evacuate President Zelensky from Ukraine. Zelensky refused saying “We need ammunition, not a ride.” After being globally humiliated the Biden administration has announced that they will be sending more Javelin and STINGER missiles.

Still, the Biden will not stand up to the eco-alarmists in his own party to increase domestic energy production to help our allies get a break from Russian oil. 

5 – Don’t Give Up Your Nukes

Ukraine had nuclear weapons. The international community including Russia signed an agreement stating that if Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons their borders would be respected and they would be protected. All sides of that agreement violated it. Unilateral disarmament rarely works out well. Poland and and Hungary need to nuke up now. (Note: We realize that we are in the minority in this view /shrug.)

6 – Putin Wants Ukraine’s Natural Resources

Ukraine is one of the top agricultural producers in the world. They also have oil, steel, titanium and other resources that have military purposes.

The videos below give more content on what is happening with energy policy, the European Union, the double talkers in both parties, the politicians here who have been encouraging this war and of course Vladimir Putin. We don’t agree with all of it but they provide thoughtful content.

7 – Democrats Bogus Impeachments Against Trump on Russia Hoax and Ukraine Hoax  

When President Zelensky was elected in Ukraine on an anti corruption platform President Trump offered his assistance as there are many ties to American politics in that corruption. Joe Biden, John Kerry, Mitt Romney and Nancy Pelosi all have sons taking money from Ukrainian companies whose owners were donating to the Clinton Foundation . 

Corruption in Ukraine have been so bad that Ukraine has actually gotten poorer in recent years in spite of having great natural resources.

The bogus impeachments over Trump/Russia and Trump/Ukraine prevented the Unites States form doing more to help Ukraine clean up its act. Putin has mentioned this corruption  in his speeches as one of the reasons he is “liberating” the country.

UPDATE IBiolabs.

UPDATE II – Joe Rogan and Dave Smith on why Russia invaded:

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