Biden Admin Caught Inventing Fake Pretext on Russia/Ukraine (video)

When called out by the State Department AP reporter the Biden spokesman called all but accused him of being in league with Putin…..

If it is real, in spite of them saying the information has been declassified, the Biden Administration is not releasing anything and demand that we just take their word for it…a word that has no credibility. 

This is just like the plan from the Biden White House to collude with the NSBA  to accuse parents who opposed teaching CRT of domestic terrorism.

The reporter for the Associated Press accused them of Alex Jonesing to their face. Keep in mind that this particular AP reporter matt lee, has been covering the State Department and the diplomatic community for decades. If this were true Lee would likely have already known it. 

And why is it that we should be all concerned about Ukraine’s border integrity while Democrats are doing all they can to eliminate our own?

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