Dems Election Day Freakout: Parental Rights = White Supremacy! McAuliffe Lies About CRT. Stage Fake “White Supremacist” Event /w Dem Operatives!

The polling for Democrats is really bad, not just in today’s Virginia and New Jersey’s Governor’s elections,  but nationwide.  This NBC poll below explains just how dire the situation is. Keep in mind there is no corporate media figure more against Republicans than Chuck Todd who is featured in the video below. 

Democrat reaction to eminent electoral defeat has been a site to see. 

The Virginia Governor candidate is Terry McAuliffe. He is a  former governor, former Clinton money bundler and former Democrat National Committee Chairman. 

McAuliffe is on the record saying that parents should not be directing their child’s education.

McAuliffe is also on the record stating that Critical Race Theory (CRT) is not taught in Virginia Schools but public records show that his state Department of Education was pushing it. McAuliffe has also said repeatedly that there is essentially no such thing and the issue is a red herring invented by Donald Trump. 


In the meantime parents are complaining to Virginia school boards because their six year old children are coming home asking asking if they were born evil because they are white

Loudoun County, Virginia schools have because famous for not only cramming CRT upon students, but covered up two rapes by a boy wearing a skirt in order to protect their new “woke” policy allowing students to use whatever bathroom they want

In fact, McAuliffe used to work for a law firm that specializes in going after student victims and was paid millions by school boards. I know it sounds crazy, but “lawfare” by government entities grows more  common.

Loudoun County School Board then worked with the National School Board Association to lobby the Biden Administration to declare parents protesting all of this as “Domestic Terrorists” who should be prosecuted using the Patriot Act. A rather extreme response to the parent’s rights to free speech.

[Editor’s Note: Critical Race Theory, in short, states that there are only two groups of people; white oppressors and colored victims – with no exceptions. It teaches that any claim of any exceptions to that are only made by white supremacists.] 

Juan Williams, the dean of “liberal” columnists, wrote the most dishonest column we have ever seen, and we have seen some whoppers, trying to make the case that parental involvement in their child’s education is white supremacy. Just as woke CRT pushing leftists are also saying that telling students to get good grades, to behave, or the push for academic excellence itself is white supremacy. 

Just when you thought the crazy could not get any crazier. Democrat’s staged a fake “white supremacy” show of support for Glenn Youngkin, the Republican candidate for Governor of Virginia. What made it even more silly is anyone who has taken the time to learn about Glenn Youngkin is that he should have been put up to play Mr. Rogers in a movie. He is very preacherly and as about as exciting as a ham salad sandwich.

Below are some of the Democrat Party operatives who staged the event:

Former Democratic Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard is explaining how the party has become unhinged, going authoritarian and declaring anyone who disagrees with them as “the enemy” and “domestic terrorists.” Some Democrats have responded to her warnings by accusing her of being a Russian agent

Sometimes extremists go so crazy that they make their satirical critics come true, lately it has been happening to the Babylon Bee and making Alex Jones look right. This satirical video below from Allie Beth Stuckey has come true:

Tucker Carlson and Ainsley Earhardt sum up the meltdown. 

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