Critical Race Theory “Debated” (video)

You could watch this, and actually I encourage all of you to do so even though it is two hours of your time or we could save you the trouble and  sum it up quickly. This is yet another two hour long example of why leftists usually refuse to debate as it is the same deceptive tactics  most normal people spot easily.

The leftists here are engaging in confession through projection. Aaron brings up how some bad actors in history called their opponents (rather ridiculously) socialists and communists in order to cover their evil while at the same time he calls legit critique of his toxic cultural marxism as antisemitism and racism (again rather ridiculously) to cover his evil. Aaron literally says in the debate that anyone who brings up cultural marxism is really saying they hate the Jews…/eyeroll.

Stupid is as stupid does. Aaron and Sam’s position that 95% of CRT being crammed down kids throats and at the work place is not “really CRT”……but it’s OK since they aren’t doing anything about it other than denying it is CRT in debates while others suffer and are exploited.

Aaron and Sam claim that “real CRT” is in this obscure writing from some guy that no one has ever heard of and isn’t being practiced anywhere. Just like Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Castro and Chavez weren’t “really communism”…..gimme a break.

Aaron keeps bringing up the “Southern Strategy” which is another conspiracy theory that can be debunked in minutes. Dinesh D’Souza wins all of his debates on this subject.

Keeping it short. ALL of the 25 Democrat office holders who formed the “Dixiecrats” (Dixiecrats favored segregation) went back to the Democratic Party. They did not become Republicans as the left so often claims.

Years later two of the former Dixiecrats left the Democrat Party to become Republicans and that was only after they swore off segregation, campaigned on civil rights and hired black Americans to be among their senior staff. Those two were Senator Strom Thurmond and Virginia Governor Mills Goodwin.

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